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20 Oct 2018

UNVEILED: Musiliu Obanikoro And The 16 Witnesses Who Will Testify Against Fayose

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has listed 22 witnesses who will testify in the trial of the former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose.
According to the charge sheet seen by SaharaReporters, Musiliu Obanikoro, a former Minister, is one of those listed as witnesses.

Five other operatives of the EFCC would also testify about their findings during the investigation.

Here are 17 of the witnesses listed:

1. AYOTUNDE OWOPE – He was an accounts officer of Governor Ayodele Fayose. who opened an account with the bank and he will give evidence on how funds were trnasfered from one account to another account. he will give evidence and tendered documents relating to the account of Govenor Ayodele Fayose

2. SENATOR MUSILIU OBANIKORO – He was a minister in 2014 in the Ministry of Defence during and before the Ekiti Governorship election in 2014 around June 2014. Mr. Ayodele Fayose who was then the candidate of PDP in Ekiti State called and asked if the NSA (Col. Sambo Dasuki RTD) has reached him (Obanikoro) with any information or message. Senator Obanikoro answered in the negative but promised to call the NSA and revert back to him. He spoke to the then NSA who informed him that he had a message which will be transmitted through him to Ayodele Fayose and further requested for an account in which the said message will be transferred or delivered for onward transfer or delivery to Ayodele Fayose. Senator Obanikoro then called Fayose and confirmed to him that a message will be delivered to him any moment from that time as confirmed by the NSA. He sourced for an account Slyvan Mcnamara Limited and forwarded same to the NSA, Sambo Ibrahim Dasuki. On 5th June, the first transaction of N200 million entered into the account and on 16th June, 2014, the sum of N2 Billion was transferred into the account, making it a total sum of N2.2 Billion paid into Mcnamara with Diamond Bank domiciled in Lagos.

He acknowledge the receipt of the funds to the NSA who instructed that the funds be given to Ayodele Fayose, the funds came from the office of the National Security Adviser and SAS imprest main account respectively. Ayodele Fayose called Senantor Obanikoro several times before the money eventually came and on his last call, he confirmed the transfer of the money into the account and the instruction of NSA. Ayodele Fayose said N1.2 billion of the money should be made available in cash while the balance should be converted into Dollars. These instructions were carried out by him (Obanikoro). The sum of about N1 billion was given to various Bureau De Change for conversion into dollars. The dollars that were available about $4 million plus was personally handed, delivered to Fayose Ayodele, then candidate of PDP at the time by him in Ado Ekiti at Spotless Hotel, while the balance of $1 million was later collected by his SAA late Justin Erukea who brought it to him in Ekiti which he also handled over to Mr. Ayodele Fayose.

He was not privy to the discussion between Fayose and the NSA. The balance of N1.2 billion was left and later withdrawn cash from the account in Lagos and airlifted to (Ado Ekiti) Akure where he handed over to Fayose’s associates Mr. Biodun Agbele. On arrival in Akure, he called Mr. Fayose to reconfirm, the instruction to hand over the money to Mr. Agbele who received him on arrival in Akure and reconfirmed the instructions.

He handed over the money to Mr. Biodun Agbele and instructed his ADC (Lt. Commander Adewale) to escort him (Agbele) to the bank since he indicated that he wanted to take the money to the bank. On arrival, he saw bullion vans packed to convey the money to the bank. The bullion vans were provided by the bank (Zenith bank). The bank manager was also present.

He can’t recollect the bank managers and his team since it was only Biodun Agbele that Fayose introduced to him.

3. SALISU SHUAIBU - He is the Director of Finance in the office of National Security Adviser. He was given instruction by the then NSA, Col. Sambo Dasuki to remit the total sum of N2.2 Billion in two tranches in favour of Sylvan Mcmanara Nigeria Limited between 5th June and 16th June, 2014. There was no contract executed by Sylvan Mcmanara Nigeria Limited to deserve any payment from the office of National Security Adviser. He merely carry out the instruction of his boss.

4. ALEX OTTI – He was the Group managing Director of Diamond Bank Plc. he recalled that sometimes in 2014, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, the then Minister of State for Defence came to his office in Lagos to explain that he was expecting certain sums of money from Central Bank of Nigeria into the account of Sylvan Mcmanara Limited. He called the Head of Operation who confirmed the receipt of the funds and the credit of same into the account domiciled at Apapa as specified by the transfer instrument. Senator Musiliu Obanikoro requested he needed the money or most of it in Ekiti. The bank offered to transfer the funds electronically into Ekiti but Senator Obanikoro preferred that the money be delivered cash in Ekiti. The bank then charged a fee of 5% and then made arrangement to transfer the cash to Ekiti the next day. However, Senator Obanikoro called later that his partner rejected the fee on the ground that it was too high and they would rather take delivery of the money in Lagos and fly it to Ekiti. An arrangement was made by the bank and cash were made available and the cash was taking away from Lagos.

5. JAMILU UBA – He is the Proprietor and Director of Kofar Naisa Investment Nigeria Limited and a Bureau De Change operator. He was involved in a number of transaction with De Privateer Limited. Abiodun Agbele paid money into the account of his company and the dollar equivalent were paid to him in exchange. He will also give evidence on how he remitted money into Still Earth Limited account in the name of various persons such as Abba Uba Ahmad. He will also give evidence that it was Abiodun Agbele that instruct him to deposit N47m, N40m and N14m into the account of Still Earth Limited. He will also give evidence on how Abiodun Agbele sold $1 at the rate N208 at the material time and how Abiodun Agbele received the Naira equivalent from him

6. IMISI ILESANMI JOHN – He is a staff of the Zenith Bank Plc and a Relationship Officer. He will give evidence on how Samchase Nigeria Limited who is a contractor to Ekiti State Government issued an instruction on 30th January, 2015 to transfer the sum of N132.5million of First Bank account to Still Earth Limited

7. ADEKUNLE ADETIMEHIN – He is the Chief Administrator of Noga Hotel Limited, the owner of property known as 100 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. He will give evidence on how chalet 3, 4, 6 and 9 were purchased forced by Still Earth Limited and later by JJ Technical Services Limited through one Barrister Kolapo Kolade

8. JOSEPH MECHLEB – He is a Lebanese and employee of Samchase Nigeria Limited who worked as a mechanic. He, along with his brother in-law Joseph Ghossen incorporated a company known as JJ Technical Services Limited in 2007 for maintenance of machines and other technical services. He claimed that he gave the particulars of JJ Technical to his brother, Mechleb Maroun who promised to help them secure jobs or contracts. He never heard of any property purchased by JJ Technical Services Limited, the company has never done any job or any project in Ekiti.

9. JOSEPH GHOSSEN – He is also a Lebanese and the co-director and General Manager of JJ Technical Services Limited. No contract or business has been done with the company. He also confirmed that they gave particulars of JJ Technical Services Limited to engineer Mechleb Maroun over two to three years ago to help them get job or contract without any success. He did not use JJ Technical Service Limited to buy any property in Nigeria. He did not know how the property was paid for.

10. MECHLEB MAROUN – He is a Lebanese who incorporated Samchase Nigeria Limited and a contractor to some states government including Ekiti State. He carried out some construction and rehabilitation of some Roads in Ekiti State. He claimed that Abiodun Agbele contacted him if he was interested in a property in Lagos State. He admitted that he discussions with Abiodun Agbele on behaf of Governor Ayodele Fayose on the percentage to be paid as appreciation for the contract awarded by Ekiti State to his company. He agreed to payment of ten percent as appreciation. He said he will give evidence that the N132.5million paid by Samchase Nigeria Limited was part of the ten percent in appreciation to Governor Fayose. He also admitted that he gave the particulars of JJ Technical Services Limited to Abiodun Agbele to buy property in Lagos on behalf of the Governor. He claimed that he did not have personal discussion of ten percent directly with Governor Ayodele Fayose. Although, he paid N132.5million the agreement which he saw bear N40 million for the property. He admitted that he merely used the company and that the owner of JJ Technical Services Limited were not aware of any transactions involving the company. He was the one who gave the company’s particulars to Abiodun Agbele.

11. PATRICK NIMIDAM – He will give evidence as to the purchase of the property at 1504, Yedsema Street, Maitama, Abuja from one Rabi Kundili. He claimed that one Mohammed who happened to be an agent of Ayodele Fayose called to see the site of his cousin’s property situate at Plot 1504 Yedsema Street, Maitama, Abuja and that they are interested in buying the land. He met with Mohammed Sanni and the special assistant to Ayodele Fayose at the site. They spoke on the price of the land and agreed with them that they would meet Ayodele Fayose at Maitama on Gana Street at a guest house. The party agreed to the price of N27o million for the property and the money was paid and the agreement was prepared by Governor Fayose’s lawyer and was signed by Hajiya Rabi Binchan.

12. ADEYEMI OYINDAMOLA – He set up a construction and real estate company called Still Earth Company Limited with the head office in Lagos. He will give evidence on how the company received from his first bank account, various sums of money from De Privateers Limited and cash lodgement by Taofeek, Abba, Uba, Ahmed and other payment from Samchase Nigeria Limited, Huff Concept Nigeria limited and Calibre consulting. He acknowledged that his company had received over N1.3 billion from Abiodun Agbele & Associates. He will give evidence that ne Abiodun Agbele offered to buy four chalets from the company at plot 100 Tiamiyu Savage Victoria Island, Lagos where the consideration for the chalets 3 and 4 is N579, 848, 000 and that of chalets 6 and 9 is N575, 863, 573.00. Abiodun Agbele also instructed the company to transfer the sum of N200 Million through their sister company called Signachor Integrated Limited to Skye bank for the purchase of a property in 44, Osun Crescent, Maitama, Abuja which was purchased in Abuja. The property was also bought in the name of JJ Technical Services Limited and the name of the company was forwarded to the company by Abiodun Agbele.

13. FALAYI OLUGBOYEGA – He is a banker and an employee of Skye Bank Plc. he will give evidence on how the bank sold Plot 1241, No. 44 Osun Crescent, Maitama, Abuja

14. TAIWO OLUMIDE OGUNDEMI – He is a Relationship Manager with the First Bank. He supplied the investigator with the account particulars of Still Earth Limited and how various sums were paid into the account by 3rd parties such as De Privateer Limited.

15. OLUKAYODE SHOKUNBI – He is a staff of Still Earth Nigeria Limited. He will also give evidence on how chalets 3 and 4, 6 and 9 located at plot 100 Tiamiyu Savage, Victoria Island was purchased by Abiodun Agbele through JJ Technical Limited.

16. Representative of Diamond Bank Plc – To give evidence on the account of Mcnamara Limited operated in Lagos and how various cash were withdrawn on 16th and 17th June, 2014.

17. Representative of Zenith Bank – To give evidence of the account operated by Governor Ayodele Fayose, Spotless Nigeria Limited, De Privateer Limited and Abiodun Agbele and the various transactions that occurred in those accounts.


Nigerian senator under fresh pressure as IPOB leader Kanu resurfaces

The senator representing Abia South, Enyinnaya Abaribe came under fresh pressure yesterday to produce the leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, following the public appearance of the latter in Jerusalem, Israel.

Kanu, who was widely rumoured to have been killed during the September 2017 invasion of his Afaraukwu Umuahia residence by soldiers, was pictured praying at the Wailing Wall.

Photographs and video of the Jerusalem appearance of Kanu who professes to be Jew, were shared on the internet by his supporters.

Deputy leader of IPOB, Alphonsus Uche Okafor Mefor, said: “fellow Biafrans, friends of Biafra, men and women of goodwill and of good conscience, warm greetings to all.

“We wish to reliably inform you that the Supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, would within an hour be praying in Jerusalem live on Facebook. All are enjoined to hook on. Chukwu Okike is in charge.”
Spokesman for IPOB, Emma Powerful, who had persistently accused the federal government and the military of killing Kanu and his father, Isaac Okwuonu Kanu, during the September 2017 incident, confirmed the authenticity of the pictures yesterday.

Speaking on the phone, he said: “I can boldly confirm to you that the person in the video is my brother, Kanu. He was praying in the video that we saw.

“We are happy that he is still alive and we will try to establish communication with him.

“Everybody in my family and the entire community is celebrating and thanking God since we received the news.”

He said that the Deputy Director of the organisation, Uche Ejiofor, also confirmed the online video report when the family spoke with him on the cell phone.

But amid the euphoria of Kanu’s reappearance yesterday, a federal prosecutor, Shuiabu Labaran, who is prosecuting Kanu, said the IPOB leader’s surety, Abaribe, is expected to produce him in court when the case comes up again on November 14.

Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court in Abuja had adjourned until November 14 for Abaribe to show reason why he should not forfeit the bail bond or be jailed for failing to produce Kanu.

Abaribe, through his counsel, is praying the court to discharge him as a surety.

The charge was amended following Kanu’s disappearance to enable the trial of his co-accused continue in his absence.

But with Kanu reportedly sighted in Israel, Labaran told our correspondent last night that it was the surety’s responsibility to produce him.

The prosecutor said since Kanu did not escape from custody but was granted bail, it was left for the court to decide what to do should the surety fail to produce him.

He said the prosecution would have been responsible for his appearance had he not been granted bail.

Kanu’s lawyer Ifeanyi Ejiofor could not be reached for comments yesterday as he did not pick the calls made to his phone.

Several calls and text message sent to Abaribe’s phone last night also went unresponded to.

Kanu, along with others, was charged before Justice Nyako on charges bordering on treasonable felony.

He went missing after soldiers in an Operation Python Dance to quell pro-Biafra protests in the Southeast invaded his home in Abia State last September.

Emma Powerful, in a statement shortly after the September 2017 incident claimed that “soldiers and police in Nigerian uniforms came to kill our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in his compound at Afaraukwu Umuahia and started shooting sporadically and killed five people and up to 30 people with bullets wounds. After attacking our people, they went off. They came in five Hilux vans.”

The police and the army denied killing either Kanu or his father.

The military authorities said at the time that soldiers were merely deployed to the South East for ‘Operation Python Dance II’ for the purpose of keeping the peace in that part of the country.

Only recently, former Abia State governor, Orji Uzor Kalu, said he knew where Kanu was.

Earlier in the year, online newspaper The Cable, reported that Kanu was spotted in Ghana alongside his wife, Uchechi.

He reportedly lived on an estate called “Arabella” in Accra, Ghanaian capital, and was regularly seen at Kenzo Bar and IBG saloon in Accra, disguising in a fez cap.

Kanu disappeared from Nigeria while on bail in respect of a treason charge against him.

His surety, Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe, was arrested in June over his inability to produce him in court for continuation of his trial.

The apex Igbo socio-political organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, also joined the fray in blaming the federal authorities for Kanu’s disappearance.

“The onus lies on the security forces to disclose his (Kanu’s) whereabouts,” the group said in a June 2018 statement while reacting to the arrest of Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe, one of Kanu’s sureties.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo accused the judiciary of towing “the line of the executive by throwing the law overboard in matters that affect the South-East.”

President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, John Nnia Nwodo, who signed the statement, said the circumstances at the time of the disappearance of Kanu were beyond the “contemplation of the law that a surety can guarantee the production of an accused person.”

“The army in the name of ‘Operation Python Dance’ invaded Nnamdi’s home and destabilised normalcy there.

“It is only the security agency that can disclose Nnamdi’s whereabouts. Senator Abaribe has no capacity nor has any surety in the circumstances to know the whereabouts of Nnamdi Kanu. What happened in Umahia was an invasion, a war of a kind.

“Nnamdi may have been killed or captured in the imbroglio or even escaped into hiding.

“The onus lies on the security forces to disclose his whereabouts. The judiciary is beginning to toe the line of the executive by throwing the law overboard in matters that affect the South-East.

“We are all equal before the law. Senator Abaribe must be released forthwith.”

In August, 114 women embarked on a protest in Owerri, Imo State, over alleged abduction and detention of Kanu by the federal government. The protesters demanded his “immediate release.”

The police arrested them and charged them to court for alleged illegal assembly and unlawful protest.

They were however released on bail by a magistrate court in Owerri.

IPOB leader’s reappearance divides MASSOB, Ohanaeze youths

Prominent Igbo groups, the Ohanaeze Youth Council and Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) yesterday expressed divergent views over what should be the next line of action for Nnamdi Kanu who was sighted yesterday in Jerusalem.

While the OYC sought amnesty for Kanu, MASSOB ruled out going into dialogue with the government, insisting on using non-violence to make Biafra a reality.

President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide, Mazi Okechukwu, expressed joy that the IPOB leader is alive.

He advised Kalu to reconcile with South East governors and Igbo leaders in general.

He said: “We are glad to hear that Mazi Nnamdi Kalu is alive. It is cheering news and I would want to use this opportunity to ask the Federal Government to dialogue with him on the issue of restructuring and other demands the group is making.

“The Federal Government should also consider giving him amnesty and also release his followers who are in detention.

“We also want to use this opportunity to appeal to his followers to be calm. This should not be an opportunity to take to the street.

“I will also advise Kanu to make amends where necessary.”

On his part, the leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Uche Madu, expressed happiness that Kanu was not dead as speculated in some quarters.

Madu said: “We have been vindicated. The statement that Kanu was murdered was not a propaganda because the military invaded his house and did the unimaginable and suddenly Kanu disappeared. We have been celebrating since we heard that he is in Israel.

“We would not beg the Federal Government for dialogue. Even if we are going to dialogue with the Federal Government, we would still insist on getting Biafra because we have suffered so much for it.

“We are not interested in the position of president or vice president in Nigeria. We want Biafra and nothing more.

Group seeks presidential pardon for Kanu, IPOB

The leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide urged pardon for Kanu and IPOB.

Deputy President General of the group, Comrade Obinna Achionye, in a statement in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, asked the federal government to grant Kanu pardon to enable him return home.

The group said that if government could release and pardon some Boko Haram members, it should not find it difficult to extend a similar gesture to Kanu.

The group also urged IPOB followers to resist taking to the streets in jubilation to avoid causing tension.

Ngige on new minimum wage: Employees can’t fix salaries for their employers

Chris Ngige, minister of labour, says employees cannot fix salary for their employers.

The minister said this in reaction to the demand of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) that the government should increase the minimum wage from N18,000 to N30,000.

The state government had proposed N20,000 while the federal government recommended N24,000 but labour stood its ground.

According to Samuel Olowookere, director of press in the labour ministry, Ngige said a figure that the employers can afford should be arrived at mutually.

The minister was quoted as saying it is important for labour to accept a new minimum wage based on the ability of both the government and the private sector to pay.

“We need to arrive at a figure which the employers can afford to pay as an employee cannot fix a figure for the employer. Rather, it must be based on mutual agreement by the tripartite partners,” the statement read.
“It is not a function of moving motions or voting at the National Tripartite Negotiation Committee that the figure must be as the organised labour appears to make it look.

“There is absolutely therefore no need to heat up the polity. The government’s proposed new minimum wage figure is clearly based on critical facts and indices incapable of causing disequilibrium in the economy.”

Fani-Kayode reveals what Nnamdi Kanu told him about Buhari, 2019 elections

Former Aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode on Saturday revealed that he spoke with the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

Fani-Kayode, in a post on his Twitter page, said Kanu who suddenly reappeared in Jerusalem, promised to work with him to vote out President Buhari in 2019.

He tweeted: “I just received a call from my brother Nnamdi Kanu.

“I am delighted that he is alive and well. I commend his strength and courage even as I marvel at the loyalty, resilience, and commitment of his lawyer Ifeanyi Ejiofor and IPOB.

“We have agreed to work together to VOTE Buhari out.”

Meanwhile, the pro-Biafra leader is set to speak for the first time since he resurfaced in Jerusalem on Friday.

A statement sent to DAILY POST by Emma Powerful, the Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB, disclosed that Kanu will address Biafrans on Sunday, October 21, at 6pm.

Experts fault usage of Ayefele’s partially demolished building

The Building Collapse Prevention Guild, Oyo State Chapter, has raised the alarm over the continued use of the partially demolished building of Yinka Ayefele’s Music House in Ibadan.

The group said it had observed that despite the partial demolition of the building and the danger it posed, people had continue to use it.

“This demolition has had and is still having significant implications on the safety of the building structure as well as those of the occupants, the environment and the environs,” the guild said in a statement signed by its Chairperson, Mr Oye Sobowale, and Secretary, Kunle Olaoye, on Friday .

It noted that in line with international best practices, immediate and appropriate Health, Safety and Environment evaluation and other measures should be carried out following the demolition to avert any “collateral untoward development.”

The BCPG said, “It has been noticed, however, that in spite of the inherent dangers of insidious structural defects and progressive deterioration, which may culminate in total failure, the building is still being inhabited and utilised in its present condition, thereby constituting a clear and present danger to all concerned.
Yinka Ayefele's N800m Music House demolished by the Oyo State Government on Sunday morning
“The continued usage of the structure in its present state and in the absence of appropriate checks and measures to give it a clean bill of structural health is viewed as unhealthy and unethical in these times.”

The BCPG recommended that to mitigate any undesirable scenario that the usage of the partially demolished building for whatever function should be discontinued forthwith with immediate evacuation of users.

It stated that appropriate approvals should be secured for a comprehensive structural integrity test to be carried out on the existing structure and its elements by qualified personnel to ascertain the current status as well as give recommendations for proper and effective renovation works.

It added, “In the same vein as above, appropriate tests should be carried out on all existing electrical, telecommunications and ICT cables to ascertain the current status as well as give recommendations for proper and effective renovation works.”

Boko Haram kills 12 farmers in Borno

Boko Haram jihadists on Saturday hacked 12 farmers to death as they worked on their fields in the volatile Borno State, civilian militia told AFP.

They came in two trucks and attacked the farmers with machetes outside Kalle, a remote village 17 kilometres outside the state capital Maiduguri, the birthplace of the Boko Haram movement.

“They used machetes to kill their victims who were working on their farms,” militia leader Babakura Kolo said. “So far, we have recovered 12 dead bodies from the fields and nearby bush.”

Three people were injured in the raids.

The militants had guns but did not use them so as not to attract the attention of troops in nearby Molai village, said another militia leader Ibrahim Liman.

“When the farmers saw them pulling over close to their crop fields they all ran in different directions but the terrorists pursued them,” Liman said.
It was not clear which of the two Boko Haram factions was behind the attack.

The jihadist faction loyal to Abubakar Shekau is notorious for deadly attacks on civilian targets.

The IS-affiliated faction –Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) — focus on the military and high profile targets including Western interests, although they have recently been involved in attacks on civilians.

Boko Haram has stepped up attacks on farmers and loggers in recent years, accusing them of passing information on the group to the military.


‘Buhari is God’s answer to outcry of Nigerians against corruption’

Founder Solid Rock Kingdom Church in Mkpat Enin local government area of Akwa Ibom state, Apostle John Okoriko has said that President Muhammadu Buhari is God’s answer to outcries of Nigerians against the evil of corruption.

At a press briefing marking his 70th birthday, Okoriko said on Friday that God brought Buhari to power in 2015 to rid the country of corruption which had ravaged the socio-economic and political lives of Nigerians.

According to the cleric, the President’s integrity, passion and commitment to the fight against corruption earned him overwhelming victory in the 2015 presidential election.

He contended that a people deserve the kind of government they yearn for, adding that “I have a lesson that I teach my church that every people deserve the government that rules them beginning from the villages.

“If there is a particular village that is corrupt, God will put a corrupt leader there, unless they want change. There are people who want change and God will give them a person that will bring the desired change.

“I believe that President Muhammadu Buhari may not be the best, may not be the holiest but just because there was so much cry about corruption; that is why he picked corruption as his major campaign thrust.
“He promised he was going to tackle corruption; that is what gave him overwhelming votes because corruption in the country was too much and embarrassing. God just gave Buhari for that purpose.

“The integrity that he has gave him the votes when the issue of corruption was so bad. That is my belief. If we are free from corruption and we look for something else that is not found in Buhari, God will put another person because He is involved in human governance”, he said.

Okoriko urged Nigerians to get their permanent voter card(PVC)  to enable them make the right choices of leaders in next year’s general elections so that the country can continue on the path of sanity and socio-economic progress.

He advised religious leaders to play positive roles in providing sound admonition and values to guide political leaders in the country.

On the proliferation of churches, he said, “You will not expect me to say that we should have more drinking joints, more hotels, and more brothels than churches”.

Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer says IPOB leader will expose Nigerian Army

Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the lawyer to Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, (IPOB), has confirmed that his client who was allegedly assaulted by the Nigerian Army, was alive.

In a statement obtained by newsmen Saturday afternoon, Ejiofor revealed that he spoke with Kanu in the morning after watching video clip of him praying in Jerusalem.

He also ascertained that his client will make a live broadcast on Sunday morning, to tell the world what actually happened to him on the 14th day of September 2017.

Read his statement below:

“I woke up yesterday to scintillating news making round the social and online media to the effect that my client (Nnamdi Kanu) was sighted in Jerusalem during a prayer session.

Initially, I wanted to disbelieve it but for the source, struggling at the same time to come to reality that God has kept to His Promises after the murderous invasion of his home on the 14th day of September 2017, by rampaging Nigerian Soldiers, that saw the horrific blood carnage witnessed in his home on this black day.
But the God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob has put enemies to shame, by the development of yesterday.

I cannot forget in a haste the anxiety that had enveloped me for this past 13 months.

The anxiety over the uncertainty of his safety after my last contact with him on the 14th day of September 2017. A day I can never forget for the rest of my life.

On the face of this cheerful news staring on my face, I immediately intensified effort to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the video clip.

Only, this morning, I received a direct confirmation from my client, hearing once from him after 13 months in captivity.

I am very delighted therefore, to use this singular opportunity to announce to the world that my client is the very person seen in the pictures /video. That I can confirm authoritatively.

Furthermore, the shocking tale of how he made it alive once again will be made public in his scheduled world press broadcast to be beamed live within the next 24 hours.

The general public and indeed the world is advised to keep a date with this broadcast. The world will now hear from the horse’s mouth, the gory accounts of what happened in my client’s home on the 14th day of September 2017, only tommorow.

Thank you all for your prayers which had sustained him throughout the period of 13 months in captivity. To His most Mighty name shall all the glory be ascribed unto.

It’s not yet over for the Nigerian Soldiers, because they are still under a compelling duty to offer explanation to the court why they moved their Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) into the home of my client on the 14th day of September 2017 and the genocidal massacre of over 50 (fifty) members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in my client’s home.

Thank you all. Bar. Ifeanyi Ejiofor (Nnamdi Kanu’s Attorney)”

BREAKING NEWS: Senator Shehu Sani dumps APC

Following controversies that trailed the primaries of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kaduna State, Senator Shehu Sani (Kaduna Central) has resigned from the party, The Cable reports.

Sani has been at loggerheads with the Kaduna Governor, Nasir El-Rufai.

The lawmaker sent his resignation letter to the chairman of the APC in ward 6, Tudun wada north, Kaduna.

“I present to you my highest compliments and wish by this communication to formally offer to you my resignation from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“l had joined the APC and remained with it against all odds in the belief that it will constitute a veritable platform for the realization of those democratic ideals which I hold very dear, that honor and integrity will be the ultimate ethos of the patty and, most importantly, that internal party democracy will always be the norm. However, only posterity can affirm the extent to which the APC has committed to and reflected these values.

“As I exit the APC at this point in time. I wish to formally thank the party for availing me the platform upon which I am currently serving this country in the honoured capacity of Senator of the Federal Republic.

“I wish the party well in all her future endeavors and ask sir, that you please accept the assurance of my highest considerations,” the letter read.

Man Loses Teeth As APC, PDP Youths Clash

Several supporters of the All Progressives Congress ( APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) were yesterday left injured in the aftermath of a clash between both sides at Gyado Villa,Makurdi,the  Benue state capital .

There was an exchange of words which resulted in a fight with one of the APC boys losing two teeth.

But for the timely intervention of personnel of the Nigeria  Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) , the incident would have probably claimed lives.

APC Youth leader in the state, Tersoo Baki ,accused PDP supporters of provoking the fight by mounting a bill board of Governor Samuel Ortom on the same spot APC youths had erected one for their party.

Tersoo Baki urged youths in the area to eschew violence and bitterness in politics.

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