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13 Nov 2018

3 Lessons My Arrest, Imprisonment Taught Me, Dammy Krane Breaks Silence

Dammy Krane said his arrest and imprisonment for credit card theft and fraud in United States in 2017 was an eye-opener.

‘‘I learnt three very important things after that experience; to appreciate God, family and my fans. Meanwhile, there are a llot of friends turned family,’’ the singer told Vanguard.

Speaking with the paper further: ‘‘I have something I always do when it comes to social media; I concentrate more on the positive comments than the negative ones. That someone has taken out his time to write something nice is something to appreciate.’’

EXCLUSIVE: Saraki's Anointed Candidate For Kwara Governorship Implicates Self Over NYSC Certificate Forgery

The Peoples Democratic Party governorship candidate in Kwara State, Razak Atunwa, has formally admitted that he has two university degrees, but failed to present himself for national service in a blatant violation of the Nigerian Constitution.

PREMIUM TIMES first reported last month that Mr Atunwa did not participate in the national youth scheme as required by law, but instead procured a forged certificate of the National Youth Service Corps.

Mr Atunwa, a serving federal lawmaker and chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Justice, tendered the document to the PDP in his nomination filings for the party in late September, and even went further to swear an affidavit notarized at the Kwara State High Court in Ilorin, the state capital.

Mr Atunwa denied wrongdoing at the time, telling PREMIUM TIMES he had complied with the law in filing his election paperwork with his party.

But when the politician submitted his nomination form to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), he confirmed he had two university degrees as reported by PREMIUM TIMES, but conspicuously removed the claim he made about taking part in the youth service.

Although our report has prompted Mr Atunwa to dubiously remove his forged NYSC certificate from the credentials he submitted to INEC, the lawmaker has implicated himself by confirming to INEC that he obtained both undergraduate and master’s degrees from two universities.

The NYSC law requires every Nigerian who attended university or polytechnic to participate in the national youth scheme for one year after graduation, provided the person finished before age 30.

Failure to serve would prohibit such individual from gainful employment in Nigeria, and making false claims about serving could attract long jail term. Also, anyone who graduated before 30 but deliberately declined to serve has committed an offence that could attract 12-month imprisonment, even if the person did not forge NYSC documents.

Only a person who obtained a degree after 30 or served in the military or won national honours medal would qualify for exemption certificate under the NYSC law.

Mr Atunwa, born on October 17, 1969, studied law at the University of East London, graduating in 1992 at age 23. He proceeded to the University of London for his master’s degree, graduating in November 1993, PREMIUM TIMES can confirm.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree at 23, Mr Atunwa, going by Section 2 of the NYSC Act, should have participated in the yearlong national service. He will not be qualified for exemption under the law.

Digging deeper
With his INEC filing, Mr Atunwa appears to have dug himself deeper into potential legal trouble, an act which the PDP appears to be complicit by continuing to keep him as its governorship candidate notwithstanding the demands from Nigerians or legal implications.

By submitting university degrees without his NYSC certificate, Mr Atunwa has admitted he failed to present himself for national service, an act considered criminal by and punishable under the National Youth Service Corps Act.

Section 13 (1)(b) of the NYSC Act prescribed a jail term of 12 months for Mr Atunwa’s failure to make himself available for national service.

Any university or higher national diploma (HND) holder “who refuses to make himself available for service in the service corps continuously for the period specified in subsection (2) of this section, is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of N2,000 or to imprisonment for a term of twelve months or to both such fine and imprisonment,” it said.

By being in possession of a forged NYSC certificate, Mr Atunwa has rendered himself susceptible to a jail term of up to three years.

Anyone who “makes, or has in his possession any document so closely resembling any certificate so issued as to be calculated to deceive, is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of N5,000 or to imprisonment for a term of three years or to both such fine and imprisonment,” the section said.

Section 12 of the NYSC Act said a graduate who failed to present self for national service shall not be eligible for employment in Nigeria.

“For the purposes of employment anywhere in the federation and before employment, it shall be the duty of every prospective employer to demand and obtained from any person who claims to have obtained his first degree at the end of the academic year 1973-74 or, as the case may be, at the end of any subsequent academic year the following:-

“a. a copy of the Certificate of National Service of such person issued pursuant to section 11 of this Decree

“b. a copy of any exemption certificate issued to such person pursuant to section 17 of this Decree c. such other particulars relevant there to as may be prescribed by or under this Decree,” it said.

A watertight legislation
Multiple sources close to Mr Atunwa said the candidate has insisted that the NYSC certificate was not amongst requirements set by INEC.

“He also said the Constitution set minimum requirement for an aspirant to primary six certificate or anyone who could barely speak, read and write English language and the NYSC is a law and not equal to the Constitution,” the source said on Monday evening.

But while federal laws are considered subject to the Constitution, the NYSC Act is incorporated in the Constitution itself.

It is one of the four laws under the Transitional Provisions and Savings component of the Constitution whose elements cannot be amended by the National Assembly, unlike most other laws.

In fact, it takes exactly the same process required to amend the Constitution to amend the NYSC Act, the National Security Agencies Act, the Public Complaints Commission Act and the Land Use Act.

Section 315 (5) states as follows:

“Nothing in this Constitution shall invalidate the following enactments, that is to say –

“(a) the National Youth Service Corps Decree 1993;

“(b) the Public Complaints Commission Act;

“(c) the National Security Agencies Act;

“(d) the Land Use Act,

“and the provisions of those enactments shall continue to apply and have full effect in accordance with their tenor and to the like extent as any other provisions forming part of this Constitution and shall not be altered or repealed except in accordance with the provisions of section 9 (2) of this Constitution.

Subsection 6 clarified emphasised that: “Without prejudice to subsection (5) of this section, the enactments mentioned in the said subsection shall hereafter continue to have effect as Federal enactments and as if they related to matters included in the Exclusive Legislative List set out in Part I of the Second Schedule to this Constitution.”

“What Razak Atunwa is trying to do in Kwara is to give the All Progressives Congress an easy ride to power,” said political analyst Femi Adebakin. “There is no way any court in Nigeria will not remove him and order his immediate prosecution, that is assuming he refuses to step down and manages to find himself office.”

Mr Atunwa has the backing of Senate President Bukola Saraki, who is widely considered as the preeminent political heavyweight in Kwara.

Mr Adebakin said it is particularly unfortunate that law enforcement authorities could not arrest Mr Atunwa.

“You wonder whether this country has any hope at all when a man who has no immunity has been caught red-handed forging national document like NYSC certificate,” Mr Adebakin said. “He has not been arrested, and he is not on the run, but agencies are too timid to immediately swing into action and do their own part of a job PREMIUM TIMES has virtually completed for them.”

“Instead, he is running for office in the same country whose laws he so brazenly violated,” he added. “Kemi Adeosun fled the country to avoid prosecution, but this PDP politician is grandstanding like he is above the law.”

Mr Atunwa remained defiant of the same NYSC certificate forgery that already consumed a serving finance minister. Kemi Adeosun stepped down from office in September, about two months after PREMIUM TIMES found she graduated from the same University of London at 22 but failed to present herself for national service, forging an exemption certificate instead.

Similarly, the ruling APC disqualified Adebayo Shittu, Nigeria’s incumbent communications minister, from the governorship race in Oyo State for failing to present himself for national service. The disqualification followed a PREMIUM TIMES’ report which detailed how the minister had sidestepped NYSC after graduating from Obafemi Awolowo University in 1978.

Mr Shittu did not forge his NYSC certificate, but the APC found he had already committed an illegality by failing to present himself after obtaining a law degree at 25.

Top Actress Revealed How Some Rich Men Asked To Sleep With Her Over Her Movie Sponsorship [Photos]

A Nollywood actress, Judy Austin, who recently released her movie titled, 'Native Girl', has narrated her encounter with some rich men who she approached to sponsor her latest film.

While speaking in an interview with Inside Nollywood, Nollywood actress, Muoghalu Uchechukwu Judith, popularly known as Judy Austin, said that she will never be caught in the act of sleeping around for fame, adding that she is armed to the teeth to achieve her goals.

The beautiful actress who shared her ordeal in the hands of sponsors who wanted her body in bed, in exchange for funds, said: “I started acting in the year 2013. You know in the industry, most times people don’t get to act a very challenging role that would really showcase their talents.

“Most times, roles are being given to the same group of artistes, and am not saying it’s wrong but it limits the chances of others in showcasing their own characters too.

“So, I thought to myself, the best way for me show the world the stuff I’m made of was to produce my own film, by so doing take on the most challenging role in it. I also got inspiration from my college Ruth Kadiri and Chioma Okoye, and I felt it’s time to be my absolute best.

"That’s how the thought of producing Native Girl, came along, even when I had no money for it. I had to start sorting for funds. It wasn't easy at all. I mean some wanted to go to the other room with me. While some thought the investment is too small for them.

"Finally an old friend supported me with what he had and I completed the budget with all my savings,” she revealed.

The Anambra state born actress maintained that her new movie, "Native Girl", was mainly to promote the Igbo language which is rapidly going into extinction.

“Native Girl came to light with the help of my director His Excellency Yul Edochie. In this present time, it’s like we somehow don’t appreciate our native languages again..People teach their children how to speak English but not their native tongue.

"People travel and come back and all of a sudden they don’t speak their language again. The most painful part is that they’re irritated by those that speak their language. I just wanted a touch of the Igbo language.”

Trump attacks Macron, says French president ‘suffers from a very low approval rating’

American President Donald Trump has said that his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, suffers from “a very low approval rating.”

He advised the French president to “make France great again.”

Taking to his verified Twitter handle @realDonaldTrump on Tuesday, Trump, in a series of tweets, discussed what he considered to be the problem with Macron, lending him an advice.

Trump had tweeted, “The problem is that Emmanuel suffers from a very low Approval Rating in France, 26%, and an unemployment rate of almost 10%.

“He was just trying to get onto another subject. By the way, there is no country more Nationalist than France, very proud people-and rightfully so!……..

“On Trade, France makes excellent wine, but so does the U.S.

“The problem is that France makes it very hard for the U.S. to sell its wines into France, and charges big Tariffs, whereas the U.S. makes it easy for French wines, and charges very small Tariffs. Not fair, must change!

“Emmanuel Macron suggests building its own army to protect Europe against the U.S., China and Russia. But it was Germany in World Wars One & Two – How did that work out for France?

“They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along. Pay for NATO or not!”

Meanwhile, the office of the French President has said that it would not comment on a flurry of angry tweets from US President Donald Trump about his French counterpart.

“We are not making any comment,” the presidency told the AFP, following the tweets that criticised Macron’s comments on defence and attacked his low approval ratings as well as tariffs on US wine.

See the tweets:

Ex-Beauty Queen Marriage Crumbles

The marriage of a former beauty queen in Nigeria, Anita Uwagbale-Iseghohi, has come to an abrupt end, the woman has confirmed. Anita is married to the former Group Managing Director of Transcorp Plc, Tom Iseghohi and the union has produced three children.

In a post some hours ago, the Edo State-born 33-year-old Anita said she has separated from her husband without stating the main reason for her action.

In 2004, while a student of Madonna University studying Accountancy, Anita was crowned the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) and halfway through her reign, she met Tom Iseghohi and had a registry ceremony in America before a society wedding in Lagos in 2008.

“Following our almost 15-year relationship as well as a lot of recent thought and careful consideration, I have made a difficult decision to separate from my husband.

“We are still a family and will always be loving, dedicated parents to our three lovely children.

“I won’t be commenting beyond this and I thank you all in advance for respecting the privacy of our young children and of our family. Love and respect from us to all of you,” she posted.

A post shared by Queen Anita I. Uwagbale. (@queenanita_u) on

PDP in serious difficulties on funding Atiku’s presidential campaign —APC reveals

The ruling All Progressives Congress and the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, on Tuesday disagreed over the funding of the former vice-president’s campaigns.

While the APC claimed that Atiku and his party faced serious difficulties raising funds for his campaigns, the PDP candidate said the forthcoming election would not be won through money or by intimidation.

APC’s Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Yekini Nabena, in a statement made available to journalists in Abuja alleged that due to the stringent measures put in place by the present administration, the PDP is in a dilemma on how to source funds to run the Atiku Presidential Campaign.

Nabena claimed that information available to him showed that the PDP’s hope of sourcing campaign funds from public coffers has been dashed.

He said, “The presidential candidate (Atiku) expects the party to provide funds for his campaign. This is the Buhari era, an era of strict accountability and transparency in the use and application of public funds and not the Jonathan era in 2015 when the national treasury was open to PDP leaders to prosecute the presidential campaign.

“The party leaders are therefore in serious difficulties and dilemma on how to source funds to run the Atiku Presidential Campaign.

“Some financiers of the party expect that the candidate, having bought the ticket with millions of dollars, should have the financial capacity to run his campaign.

“With the candidate’s expectation that it is the party that will fund his campaign, it is now clear that they are at a crossroads and the chickens have come home to roost.”

Nabena advised the nation’s anti-corruption agencies to ensure that all sources of campaign fund by the political parties are closely monitored.

While calling for the recovery of the funds looted during the Jonathan era, he said such recovered funds should be applied for the benefits of the poor masses who he claimed were denied democracy benefits during the 16 years that the PDP was in power.

He said Nigerians have a better alternative by sticking to President Muhammadu Buhari who he claimed has done so much to ensure better future for them.

But Atiku’s spokesman, Paul Ibe, dismissed Nabena’s claim.

Ibe said the forthcoming election would not be about money but the supreme will of Nigerians.

He said, “Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. Nothing can stop the zeal of Nigerians to elect the President of their choice.

“This election will not be won by money or lies or propaganda or intimidation but by the supreme will of the Nigerian people as expressed in their vote.

“Atiku Abubakar will be elected as President by Nigerians in February 2019, notwithstanding the machinations of the APC-led administration.”

Kunle Afolayan Speaks on His Brother’s Controversial Video

Veteran actor and filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan has responded to comments stirred up by a video posted by his brother, Aremu Afolayan. The actor shared a post on Instagram denying assumptions that he was the one in the video.

His brother, Aremu Afolayan took to his Instagram page on Sunday, November 11, 2018, to share a video, decrying the corruption suffered by Nigerians, and blaming the government and the airport authorities. This was after his experience at the airport and after witnessing the poor treatment being meted on a young Nigerian.

In response to the controversy, Kunle posted on Instagram, saying;

”Good morning all,

I have been receiving a lot of calls and comments from people who are mistaking me for Aremu Afolayan in regards to this video.

”I would like to officially state that this is not Kunle Afolayan, he is my brother, not me.

There is frustration in the land but hey! Thank you.


His initial response however raised criticisms and questions of allegiance to his brother. However, Kunle Afolayan edited his post, later on, saying;

” For clarity purpose. I think it is imperative I clear the air.

Aremu Afolayan is the one in this video and not Kunle Afolayan.

People have been responding to the video and tagging my handles as I have also received some calls.

Oloun a so’lu dero.


BREAKING NEWS: Minister in sex tape scandal resigns

South African Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba resigned on Tuesday, the presidency announced, two weeks after a public standards watchdog said he had violated the constitution by lying under oath in court.

A statement from President Cyril Ramaphosa’s office announced Gigaba said he had resigned “to relieve the President from undue pressure” and to allow Ramaphosa to focus on saving the country from “economic meltdown”.

Details soon.

Facebook goes down for users around the world

Facebook users reported they were unable to log into their accounts on Monday morning across the US and Brazil, after the social network suffered a widespread outage when a routine test went wrong.

A spokesman said: "Earlier today, a routine test caused users to have trouble accessing or posting to all Facebook services including WhatsApp and Instagram.

"We quickly investigated and restored access for everyone. We’re sorry for the inconvenience."

Hundreds took to Twitter in mock panic to share screen grabs they took of the error messages that appeared when trying to log in.

The error message read "Sorry, something went wrong" as users tried to log in. Some claimed they were struggling to log into the Messenger and Facebook app.

Website received more than 700 outage reports, most of which were on the east coast of the US and in Mexico, Brazil and Chile in South America.

In Kansas, Overland Park Police Department sent out a tweet out asking residents not to call 911 over the half-hour down time.

It read: "Do not contact your local PD advising your Facebook is down. Thank you."

Corruption allegations: Goodluck Jonathan attacks Osinbajo, says VP has ‘leprous’ fingers

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to claims by Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo that he left Nigeria with debt and ruined the economy due to the alleged corruption under his watch.

The Vice President had during a lecture entitled, “Restructuring and the Nigerian federation,” delivered as part of activities marking the 40th anniversary of Association of Friends in Lagos yesterday, accused the immediate past government of President Goodluck Jonathan, of throwing Nigeria into untold hardship, recession and debt.

 But reacting in a statement made available to DAILY POST by Reno Omokri (for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan), the former President wondered why Osinbajo, who, according to him, was recently indicted by the House of Representatives for an alleged worse corruption in Nigeria, should point accusing fingers at him(Jonathan).

The statement continues, “My attention has been drawn to regurgitated and discredited allegations by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo blaming former President Jonathan of saddling Nigeria with debt and ruining the economy by the alleged corruption of his administration.

“How can Vice President Osinbajo, a man who had just been indicted by the House of Representatives in one of the biggest corruption scams ever in Nigeria’s history, have the gall to point accusing fingers on Dr. Jonathan, a man that is celebrated internationally for his efforts at achieving Nigeria’s best rating in Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perception Rating when Nigeria improved 8 paces from 144 to 136 in 2014?

“Having read through the sordid details of Professor Osinbajo’s corruption as revealed in the indictment by Nigeria’s House of Representatives, it is easy to understand why Nigeria made her worst ever retrogression in Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perception under him this year, moving 11 paces backwards from 136 to 148.

“On the issue of debt, the fact remains that in the entire 16 years that the Peoples Democratic Party governed Nigeria, the total amount of money borrowed was ₦8.06 trillion Naira. These are facts sourced directly from the budget office controlled by the Buhari administration.

“However, in only 3 years, the All Progressives Congress-led administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has borrowed a total of ₦10 trillion Naira. With this fact in hand, where does Vice President Osinbajo have the moral authority to point leprous fingers at former President Jonathan?

“The claim by Vice President Osinbajo that former President Jonathan left $$63 billion in debt is also a false claim. The Jonathan administration inherited $42.23 billion in debt in 2011 which were debts borrowed by the states and the Federal Government.

“Throughout the five years that he was President, former President Jonathan incurred the wrath of several state governments because his administration refused to guarantee their foreign loans.

“The reason that Nigeria’s debt has ballooned under this administration is because the Federal Government lacks the discipline that Jonathan had and are thus unable to curb borrowing by both the Federal Government and the states.

“For example, on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, the Debt Management Office revealed that in just 2017 alone, the Buhari administration borrowed ₦2.4 trillion to fund their budget deficit. This is besides other loans that they took in 2017 alone. That money is more than the funds borrowed by the Jonathan administration in 5 years!

“To show to Nigerians the profligacy and ineptitude of the current administration, I draw their attention to the fact that between July and August 2018, the Buhari administration claimed it had shared $322 million Abacha funds recovered by the Jonathan administration to the poor. Then a week after it made that announcement, the Buhari government borrowed $328 million from China.

“The question is this, why would you share out $322 million one week only to borrow the same amount next week? Why not use the Abacha funds to fund government activities instead of adding to the already strained debt burden?

“These are questions that Vice President Osinbajo should answer rather than making false allegations against former President Jonathan.”
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