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15 Dec 2018

Ogun APC governorship candidate Dapo Abiodun in certificate scandal, risks disqualification

Dapo Abiodun, governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ogun state, is enmeshed in allegations of perjury over his post-secondary school qualifications, TheCable can report.

According to documents seen by TheCable, Abiodun declared only his West African School Certificate (1978) in the Form CF001 that he submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on October 23, 2018, ahead of the 2019 general election.

However, when he ran as the APC senatorial candidate (Ogun east) in 2015, he claimed to have attended the University of Ife, Ile-Ife (graduating in 1986) and Kennesaw State University, Atlanta Georgia, US (1989) in his INEC form CF001, backed by an affidavit he swore to at the high court, Abeokuta, Ogun state.

Curiously, while he listed B.B.A. (hons) accounting as the degree he got in 1986 as at then, he was silent on what he studied at Kennesaw State University.

However, in his official curriculum vitae, he claimed to possess another degree, B.Eng (hons) in civil engineering, presumably received in 1989 from the American university.

Also, on the website of Heyden Petroleum Limited where Abiodun is MD/CEO, underneath his name were listed B.Sc civil engineering and BBA accounting.

If he proceeded immediately to Kennesaw after graduating from Ife in 1986, he would not have finished before 1990 as civil engineering is a four-year course at the university.

There are strong suspicions that he did not do the compulsory national youth service, even though he finished his first degree in 1986 — going by the INEC form CF001 that he filled ahead of the 2015 election, supported by an affidavit.

Abiodun was born on May 29, 1960 and was 26 in 1986 when he claimed to have finished his first degree. The age limit for national service is 30.

Apart from the possibility of having committed perjury either in 2014 or 2018, there is also the possibility that he skipped the compulsory national service, which is punishable under the law.

(1)Any person (b) who refuses to make himself available for service in the service corps continuously for the period specified in subsection (2) of this section, is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of N2,000 or to imprisonment for a term of twelve months or to both such fine and imprisonment.
A criminal conviction will also mean the offender is barred from holding public office.

182. (1) No person shall be qualified for election to the office of Governor of a State if – (e) within a period of less than ten years before the date of election to the office of Governor of a State he has been convicted and sentenced for an offence involving dishonesty or he has been found guilty of the contravention of the code of Conduct.
Earlier this year, he was appointed chairman of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) by President Muhammadu Buhari.

In 2012, he was appointed chairman of the Depot and Petroleum Product Marketers Association (DAPPMA), a position he still holds.

Abiodun has been having a running battle with Ibikunle Amosun, governor of the state, and the state working committee of the APC over his endorsement by the national body of the party for the 2019 governorship election, instead of Adekunle Akinlade, the governor’s choice.

The APC candidate had accused Amosun of plotting to upturn the decision of national working committee (NWC) of the ruling party to recognise him as the guber candidate of the state, while accusing the governor of being “desperate to install” Akinlade at all cost.

All calls and SMS to his phone by TheCable went unreplied and unreturned.

Atiku is the only candidate that can take Nigeria out of poverty, says Dogara

Yakubu Dogara, speaker of the house of representatives, says whatever one keeps in care of Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), never dies.

Dogara said this on Saturday while speaking at the wedding reception of Hassan Ishaya Hassan, his nephew, and Mafeng, his wife, in Abuja.
The speaker said Abubakar is the candidate that would take the country out of poverty.

He asked Nigerians to turn to a person “who by training, by wisdom, has the required dexterity to fix it and I tell you, you will not find anyone better in the field than the Wazirin Adamawa.”

“If you look at Wazirin Adamawa as a leader in this country, and if you were to make summation of the people he has grown across Nigeria, I am not talking about Adamawa but across the country, you will labour for days, for months without coming to an end as to the number of people he has grown,” he said.

“The secret is that whatever you put in his hands, in the hands of Waziri doesn’t die. If you put education in his hands, it graduates to a university. One of the best universities in this country, obviously, he founded. If you put money in his hands, it doesn’t die. Those who are envious because of the fact that anything they hold in their hands die will always insinuate many things about him but hardly does anything you put in his hands die.

“So if we are smart in this country, we have so many things that are dying, so many things that are dying in this land or in this country, as smart as we are as Nigerians, we will look for the person in whose hands nothing dies to bring all those things into life. I can tell you that if you put the economy in his hands, forget about it, go and sleep, you will see what will happen.

“If you give him the meagre resources we are getting from oil, he will multiply them. So, I am telling us here, this is not a venue for political campaign but I am telling us, as smart people, we’ve got to be smart this time around.

“So if you take Nigeria, her economy and lack of jobs, everything and put it in the hands of people who will kill it, then you have yourself to blame but for us, God has shown us a man who has done exceptionally well, a man who has grown so many people, a man who will grow Nigeria, grow our economy, take us out of poverty, end lack of education; a situation where we have over 13 million children out of school in Nigeria, the man who will end it is here.”

Nnamdi Kanu suspends live broadcast reveals next action as Jubril of Sudan drama continue

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has suspended his live broadcast earlier slated for Saturday.

The suspension of the broadcast was made known in a terse statement by his deputy, Alphonsus Okafor-Mefor, via his Facebook page.

Recall that Kanu since his reappearance in Israel penultimate month has been consistent in making weekly exposé on the alleged impersonation of ‘dead’ President Muhammadu Buhari by a Sudanese stage play actor, Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani.

However, Okafor-Mefor informed that instead of a fresh broadcast this weekend, a repeat edition would be played back after which the IPOB leader would host an interactive session on Radio Biafra.

“There won’t be a live broadcast from our leader (Nnamdi Kanu) on Saturday. In place of it, we shall do a repeat and interactive session will follow,” Okafor-Mefor said.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had last Wednesday alleged that the so-called Jubril Al-Sudani had confirmed his claim that he was an impostor.

Kanu made the claim in reference to a picture of the President responding to cheers from his supporters by raising his fist.

The IPOB leader had earlier said during a previous broadcast that “the president” would no longer wave his supporters because he had different palm print from the “real Muhammadu Buhari”

Former military President, Ibrahim Babangida showers encomium on Buhari on his 76th birthday

Former military President Ibrahim Babangida has heaped praises on President Muhammadu Buhari ahead of his 76th birthday on Monday.

In a statement he personally signed, Babangida said Buhari has remained focused and shown “tremendous energy and vibrancy” in running the affairs of Nigeria since 2015.

He also acknowledged Buhari’s patriotism and commitment to serve the nation diligently with honesty and sincerity of purpose.

“You have been an excellent role model to many young aspiring politicians and even to the not-so-young, because of the way and manner you have managed to sustain the survival of our country as an indivisible one nation albeit in the face of many daunting diversions,” he said.
“You achieved great success in the fight against corruption, terrorism and other forms of insecurity in addition to getting our country out of economic recession.

“I wish to congratulate you for all the achievements you have recorded in your lifetime and particularly for your humility, deep sense of honesty and faith you have shown in the various aspects of governance, politics and democracy as our President.

” As we get over our mid-seventies, we can say with all sense of modesty that we should celebrate every birthday anniversary with prayers in order for us to thank Allah for all the blessings and the bounties He showered upon us.

“It is only fair that we pause and reflect in our own different ways on all the life’s challenges we face day by day and the positive strides we have been blessed to attain.”

“A typical day in the life of a Nigerian President requires faith, poise, patience, tenacity, experience, strategic thinking and quality character for one to get through it.

“I join the first lady, Aisha and all your children and grandchildren in wishing you many happy returns of your birthday.

“Aisha’s loyalty and support, as the home front commander, is invigorating since by our age we require much comfort, care and affection at home. Welcome to our club of the over 75.”

News In Pictures: Belinda Effah And Her Surprise Wedding Hits The Web

Multiple award winning actress and entrepreneur Belinda Effah hit the limelight in 2011 after she starred inTales of Eve and ever since she has never looked back. In this interview with RITA OKOYE, the CEO of Favour Right Foods speaks on career and her dreams.

When did you tell yourself that you wanted to be an actress?

I was a child when I made that decision. I was very young. I used to write poetry and short stories. I also mimicked people a lot and I used to love to be part of the drama department wherever I was. I love this; this is my life.

When did you get your first acting opportunity?

I did some drama in church growing up but the first professional work was The Room. I played a significant role in the movie and it was shown on DSTV for a long time. It’s actually an Efik language movie.

How did you make it into the industry?

Once I knew that this was what I was born to do I made sure I had my ears to the ground always so I could know where and when something was happening. Back in the day nobody gave you an opportunity as a green horn. If you’re not a known face, nobody will gamble their lead role on you. However, for The Room, I got the lead role through referral. It had already been shot but Mnet didn’t like the production so they got another director who had worked with me to re-produce the movie. I also had a bit of an edge because I could speak the language so, they called and auditioned me and I got the lead role.

And was that how other roles started coming in?

No, other roles didn’t follow automatically. I was in the industry for a long time just attending auditions and things weren’t really happening. At that time I was in school at the University of Calabar. I’d come to Lagos to try my hands in this and that and also attend auditions but it just wasn’t just working out. I did Next Movie Star Reality TV show in 2006 and I was one of the last men standing but I didn’t win. But with that experience, I tried to launch myself into the industry but it still didn’t work. You know how Big Brother makes housemates stars overnight. My own didn’t work like that. I had to work and push until it started working in 2011. It was after I did Tales of Eves that I got my break and things started turning around.

You won the AAMA award for the Most Promising Act a few years ago…

Yes, I won a lot of awards with Kokoma which was produced by Uduak Oguamanam, Emem Isong’s sister. Kokoma was an indigenous language based movie and it earned me almost all the awards you can think of ranging from AAMA, BON and NEA; I won almost all the relevant awards available at that time.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard about yourself?

There’s a recent one on my IG page. I recently got a nomination for an award from Ivory Coast for Best Actress. Someone reacted thus: “That Belinda, she over acts”. I was just like ‘Is this the congrats I am supposed to get?’ If even she hates me so much, this is an achievement, an international body recognising me and you come on my page to show your hate. It didn’t make sense. We are just trying in our different ways. Even if you don’t like me, appreciate the fact that I’m affecting lives. A lot of people were saying nice things about me but that was the only comment that really got to me. People just hate people outrightly. And one thing my directors used to say is that ‘I’d rather have an actor that overacts than the one that under acts’ and I just consoled myself with that.

Are you in a relationship right now?

I’d be delving into my private life if I answered this question. People know me for my movies. I don’t want to expose my private life to the world. You know, once your private life is out there, it’s exposed to destruction. Let’s face it, a lot of people don’t wish you well. Some people want to feel that they have control over your private life. This is the aspect I don’t want. I’d rather not say anything about it. However, a lot of my colleagues have been flashing us with their weddings (laughter), maybe my own will come as a surprise.

Some say you are always cheerful and hardly get sad, is that who you are or just the face you show people?

That’s my natural self. There’s no negative energy here. A lot of people see more of negativity than the positive things God is doing in their lives but for me, I prefer to magnify the positivity in my life. There will always be challenges when you want to go to the next level of your life. For me I find solution to the challenge and I just move on.

How has fame impacted your career?

I think it’s been more positive. Once you choose this career, you should be sure that your privacy will be compromised. Whatever you do is seen by all. You are no longer seen as a human but a super human. They don’t expect you to be broke and they don’t expect you to buy food on the streets like roasted corn or roasted plantain either. I’m a down to earth person and I love my local food. I love to visit amala joints to eat; I’m a peoples’ person. Part of my dream is to help people. If I raise myself too much, how will I help the common man on the street? People expect me to live this larger-than-life lifestyle but I’m just trying not to change who I am.

What new project are you working on?

I just finished my first feature movie entitled Miracle. It’s my first movie and I did it in honour of God. I want to use it to give back to society. The proceeds from the movie goes to charity. I want to give back to people that made me.

Is being featured in Hollywood also part of your dream?

Every actress has a yard stick and Hollywood is that yardstick. If I’m called to feature in Hollywood, I’d be over the moon. Nollywood is my core; I’ll never give up on it.


The vice-presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Peter Obi, caught red-handed for reeling out fake and outlandish figures on Friday night went further low early Saturday: he deleted one of the misleading tweets.

Obi had claimed during the live TV debate on Friday in Abuja that Nigeria attracted $41 billion Foreign Direct Investment in its economy in 2015 and that the value of the FDI fell to to $12.5 billion under the Buhari administration, to justify why Buhari must leave looters alone and mind the economy.

Obi, who told many lies during the debate, was fact-checked and his figure for 2015 was found to be wide off the mark. Apparently embarrassed, he deleted the tweet and replaced it with another. Here were his original tweet and the correction he got:

*Obi’s deleted tweet

The fact checking that showed that Obi lied Obi’s new tweet skirted 2015 and now quoted a figure for 2014.

Peter Obi @PeterObi · 20h Replying to @PeterObi Currently, we have a government that is doing what it is not suppose to do. The job of Government is supervision and to create an enabling environment for investments to thrive. #2019debate

Peter Obi @PeterObi In 2014, we generated $21bn in FDI, in 2017, Nigeria attracted only $12bn. Unemployment & underemployment was 24% in 2014. In 2017 it is now 40%. Even our stock market has lost over N2Trillion in one year. You can’t shut down your shop and be chasing criminals. #2019Debate

1,344 6:36 AM – Dec 15, 2018 Twitter Ads info and privacy 732 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy Even that figure was false.

ProShare , an investment company dealing with equities said $2.7billion was what came in in 2014 and it fell to $720m in 2015, rising again to $1.4b in 2016, falling again in 2017 to $980million.

Trading said Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria averaged 1279.72 USD Million from 2007 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 3084.90 USD Million in the fourth quarter of 2012 and a record low of 435.64 USD Million in the second quarter of 2018.

IndexMundi, quoting IMF figures also gave FDI for Nigeria as $5,562,874,000 in 2013, $4,655,849,000 in 2014(far lower than the $24billion quoted by Obi), $3,128,592,000 in 2015 and $4,434,648,000 in 2016. It fell to $3.4billion in 2017, according to World Bank data.

And here is a CBN report on Direct Investments inflow to Nigeria’s economy. The CBN said it increased by 0.7 per cent to US$438.84 million when compared with the preceding quarter of 2018. It however, indicated a decline of 45.0 per cent when compared to the corresponding period of 2017.

“Portfolio Investments inflow to the economy decreased significantly to US$1,790.83 million in Q3 2018 from US$4,233.38 million and US$3,320.84 million in the preceding quarter and the corresponding period of 2017, respectively . However, other investment liabilities increased slightly to US$4,281.48 million when compared with US$3,226.58 million recorded in the preceding quarter”.

Other lies of Obi:

*Peter Obi lied when he said SMEs get only 0.5% of total bank loans of N19trillion to the private sector in Nigeria. According to CBN, the actual figure is N22.44 trillion and only 0.1% goes to the SMEs, as at March 2018.

*Peter Obi said Nigeria’s unemployment is 42%. But NBS statistics said it was 14.2%.

APC begs Buhari not to attend presidential debate, tells him what to do

The All Progressives Congress, APC, in the United Kingdom has urged President Muhammadu Buhari not to attend the debate organised for candidates vying for the highest office in the land in 2019.
The party made the appeal yesterday in a post by its leader, Ade Omole, on the party’s verified Twitter handle.

Recall that the Nigeria Election Debate Group, NEDG, had fixed January 19, 2019 for a debate among five selected presidential candidates including President Buhari.

However, the APC UK branch said the President should consider a townhall session with the people rather than a debate in view of the outcome of last night’s debate among vice-presidential candidates.

The tweet reads: “Dear President Muhammadu Buhari, we appeal to you NOT to attend the presidential debate in view of the lecturing witnessed tonight (Friday).

“Please, consider a townhall session. Despite the antics, Prof. Osinbajo tutored the opposition candidates on nation-building. Thank you.”

Barcelona bans Ousmane Dembele from switching off his phone

Barcelona banned Ousmane Dembele from switching off his phone, as they are determined to deal with his off-pitch problems.
Ousmane Dembele
The French wonderkid has been in trouble with Barcelona chiefs recently for his antics, but they are now giving him strict instructions as they look to get the best out of him.

Dembele’s struggles have been well documented; last week he was fined £90,000 for turning up two hours’ late to training and had previously arrived late for a match, skipped a team meeting and missed a training session.

But despite the disciplinary problems, the France attacker is in fine form and has the full-backing of his team-mates.

According to Marca, the club are on a mission to crack down on Dembele and want to curb his late night video-game sessions and his binge-watching of television shows.

The first step to ensuring his antics don’t interfere with his job is to ban him from turning his phone off, or putting it on silent, so that he cannot sleep through his alarm after a late night.

Barca are keen to keep the 21-year-old in the fold, rather than isolate him from the squad as he has scored eight times from 13 appearances.

His team-mates are also hoping to do all they can to help guide the young winger, as Lionel Messi even stating “we need Dembele.”

Charly Boy to have Catholic wedding after 39 Years with wife

Nigerian entertainer and activist, Charly Boy is set to have a catholic wedding today with Lady Diane after they have been together for 39 years.
Charly Boy and Wife
The wedding will take place at the chapel of the Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer, Catholic Church, in Gwarimpa Estate, where he resides.

The ceremony will be officiated by the outspoken Catholic clergy, Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah.

According to reports, it is going to be a lowkey wedding, which will have in attendance family members and close associates of the couple.

According to him, he hopes to convince his wife to ride with him in a tricycle to and from the church to underscore the low-key nature of the ceremony.

Mr Oputa was first married to Stella at a Catholic Church in Onitsha in 1974. The relationship produced one child.

Charly Boy who is 62 years has nine children from different women insists that “Lady Diane is now the mother of all my children. We have 16 grandchildren.”

See Face of Notorious Armed Robbers Nabbed By The Nigeria Police

Two notorious cultists and armed robbers have been arrested by the Bayelsa State Police Command, firearms were also recovered from the suspects.

Spokesperson for the command, DSP Asinim Butswat, who confirmed the arrest on Friday, said the suspects were nabbed during a Stop and Search Operations embarked on by operatives in Yenagoa metropolis.

Policemen on Friday afternoon, arrested a notorious Icelanders cultist, Ayibamiebi David, 20, AKA Desperado in a tricycle along Ekeki Road, Yenagoa.

The suspect, a native of Opuama Community, Southern Ijaw LGA, he was arrested in possession of a locally made pistol.

In a similar development, on Thursday, 13 December 13, at about 1Pm, the Surveillance team of the Command Monitoring unit, acted on a tip-off and arrested one James Oweifa, 22, AKA Grade, a native of Agbere Community, Sagbama LGA.

The suspect, also a notorious Icelanders cultist was arrested in possession of a locally made revolver pistol with five rounds of 9mm live ammunition. Investigation is ongoing to arrest his cohorts.
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