10 Nov 2017

What Does She Expect from Traveling Together?

This article is first written for couples, but if you are alone this problem will help to solve the girlfriends finder.

Do you always fight with your soul mate before any vacation? Don’t worry. You are not an exception and there are similar situations in most families.

According to numerous studies, men and women have absolutely different ideas about a perfect vacation. Relaxation, alcohol, and sex in the evenings – this is how most men see their perfect rest. Women give their preference to shopping, rest on the beach, and nightclubs. This explains the disputes that arise between partners in choosing the way to conduct a joint vacation. Where to go, for how many days, to the south or to the north – for sure you think that the solution of these simple issues is a big problem only for your couple... But no! Almost everyone is faced with this.

The fact is that men prefer resorts, the road to which doesn’t take more than four hours. 

Representatives of the stronger sex not only don’t like long flights, they also constantly think that they can be suddenly recalled from a vacation, asked to urgently come to the office and so on. 

Therefore, if a resting place is not on the other end of the globe, this task will be coped easier.

Women are ready to fly 12 hours or more just to see something unusual that can amaze imagination. Their main goal is to take home a lot of new impressions and, of course, colorful photos.
Men prefer to rest for no more than two weeks in a row, but at the same time relax, drink soft drinks by the sea or by the pool. Women have exactly opposite thoughts. They are ready to rest as long as possible, but at the same time, spend on excursions almost every day. They see great opportunities for travel and dating. After all, they need to have time to see and capture on the camera absolutely all the sights!

Of course, every woman has her own idea of what a perfect holiday should be like. But there are some things that unite all of them. So, you have to be ready to:

·         Constant kisses
You should do it anytime and anywhere. And, if you don’t kiss, then hold her hand on the way to the dining hall, during walks on the beach, even in a dream.

·         Buying everything that she wants
Especially if you heard her shout: “Oh, what a nice little scarf! I'll just look!” Of course, maybe she will only take a look.  But most likely, she will disappointedly say: “Oh, what a pity. It costs so much.” But you, as a loving man, should buy the favorite thing (it is perfect if you buy it secretly). 

·         Taking photos
When you travel together, you have to take photos of her everywhere, in different positions, and without additional reminding like: “Well, take a photo me. What are you waiting for?”

·         Having sex
You must have it in five times more. A languid look and a limping gait are the true signs of a woman of a real man. And this is how she should go down for breakfast to envy other holidaymakers.
So, a vacation is a carefree time, but how quickly it flies. That’s why every woman wants to see as much as possible in these two or three weeks. But when you travel with your girlfriend, don’t get too involved in excursions, trying to visit a few places in one day. Otherwise, you may face a stressful vacation.  You will always run somewhere, not to mention the fact that you will “die” from fatigue on the third day of such a rest.

And most importantly – forget about any kind of control. Don’t track the time except for those days when you need to go to the airport or railway station. Take off your watches and put it in your bag – leave them there for the rest of your vacation. If you are used to watching how much and what to eat, stop counting calories – you are on a trip together and this should affect everyone!



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