19 Oct 2017

Chronicles Of A Distressed Omobutty: My NYSC Diary (2)

Mmmmm, 7 months till passing out parade and it still doesn't feel like the service has started. I remember the first day I got to my PPA, mahn! Let's just add to my list of days I will never forget.
Straight from Camp in Sagamu to my LG of posting, Ogijo.
Cramped in a rickety bus with boxes, buckets and other fully kitted corps members, we made our way across Ogun State. Millions of bumps and potholes later, we arrived at the NCCF house where we would stay till we got all our postings sorted out.

Tired to the bone with only food on my mind, I and some other corpers went to go find a decent canteen. Walking along the road we responded to different shouts of "corper wee o" corpershun!" even a woman telling her son to obey her so he can one day be like us, needless to say, the uncomfortable Khaki started to feel a little more comfortable for some of us after the walk.

That night I slept fitfully, kept wondering," what if it's a local school?"" what if the boss is problematic?"" what if the accommodation provided is crappy?" what if there's no accommodation?" and so on, my mind kept going in circles.

Once it was daybreak I was up and ready to go face my fate. After getting directions to where I could begin my journey, I and another corps member posted to the same area left. On getting to where we were to take another vehicle we were informed that for where we are going, busses and cars don't go there only "okada".

The look on my face made the man talking to us to quickly add "but cars can go there too sha" but it sounded more like he was trying to convince himself than us. We sha got a bike who agreed to carry us both there for 300 naira. My people, na so journey start o. Like we so left civilization behind, it got to an extent I started thinking we were being kidnapped.

The population of houses were thinning and the vegetation was getting thicker, but before I could ask the bike man to turn around, we turned a bend and voila! A settlement. Uncompleted buildings, goats, chickens, sheep, pathways, old people and toddlers. It was a settlement away from town. Little MTN coverage, shaky airtel and zero glo network, no water and no electricity. Like they don't even have the electric cables, there are poles with no cables on them. I didn't know whether to cry or to laugh, but I remembered something someone said to me about God not taking me somewhere he knows I won't function.

The girl with me was already planning how to get her redeployment process started, I still wanted to meet the principal of my PPA before I made any decision.

After some walking, we found my school. Can I just say for a settlement just as that there were too many schools...??? Hian, with very tush names for that matter. I sha found my school. Met the principal, she showed me around then took me to the corpers lodge...that's where I made my decision to run away.

How many people remember Sugar Girl?? You know that house in the forest were she found the old witch? That's what best describes the place I was taken to. Grasses as tall as half the bungalow they surrounded at the front and two sides while the back was a thick forest with a stream as the fence between the house and the forest.

Worst thing, I was told I will stay there alone. I don't know if that was to make me feel better but it didn't. In the age of baddo cultists killing at will, wild animals, snakes and the likes I should stay in a lonely house surrounded by bush with no light, little network and extremely difficult access to civilization... For 10 months?? I damned near started crying.

Getting back to the school premises, I asked the principal to please kindly reject me, I brought up every excuse I could think of but this woman was adamant, I even started begging. Ahn ahn, we are supposed to find husband in NYSC not become sixth wife to Baba Sekinatu.

This woman no sha gree sha o. Still talking to her I got a call from my CLO, I didn't pick but he kept calling so she said I could step out and take the call. Only 4 me to come back in and see that this woman had taken my form from my bag, stamped signed and accepted me to serve in the school.

Ah, man, I lost it. Wasn't rude o, I was raised well but I just picked my bag and form, told her for someone who looked like a Christian she was pretty deceitful and walked out. I had to trek for almost 20 minutes before I got to where I could wait for bike to take me back.

Getting to the secretariat, the LI kept saying there's nothing I can do to change it since I had already been accepted. In my frustration and anger I heard what that person in camp said to me again and decided to make the best out of it....but first that woman will hate me, I solemnly swore to myself. 😂

Making plans already, I decided to get an apartment closer to town where there's network light and water. Can I just say it's only in Ogun you will find a self con with kitchen, good light and running water for 36k per annum??

I thought it was a scam for real...even now after being here for 3 months I keep waiting for the landlord to tell me to come and balance him. If I thought this was where this woman's (principal) weyrey will end how very little I knew about life...

Written By: Shalz Ekelaka (Content Writer, 247NNU)
Facebook: Shalz Ekelaka
Instagram: @mzshalzekelaka

Chronicles Of A Distressed Omobutty is a compendium of the life experiences of an omobutty in the city of Lagos.



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