5 Sep 2017

Sleeping With A Younger Man Is Making Me Go Crazy - Wife Confesses

A woman has confessed after having a passionate sexual encounter with another man while the husband was away.
I am having secret sex with a guy who is much younger than me. I have a wonderful husband I could never leave but this younger man is on my mind all the time. I am 41 and my husband is 43. We have two fabulous children, aged 15 and 13. My husband and I have had some ups and downs but I thought we were in a really good place now.

I got talking to a guy who works at our local pub a few weeks ago. He’s nearly half my age at 22. We got chatting on WhatsApp and sent pictures. Soon we were messaging all the time.

We eventually met up and had sex in the back of his car. It was so exciting, like the sex I had when I was a teenager.

We’ve carried on messaging and arranging to meet. Sometimes he comes round to our house when I know the coast is clear. He parks his car round the corner so the neighbours don’t spot it.

He says all the right things to keep me smiling but in the last day or so he’s gone a bit cold on me. He’s sending fewer messages and they are not as involved as they were at the beginning.

I feel a bit played and I’m gutted he has gone like this. I know I need to forget about him but it’s hard. I feel as though I’m becoming a bit obsessed. I can’t help myself and I want more. This guy is on my mind non-stop.

I keep checking my phone for messages. I could never give up my marriage for him, as he’s so young — plus he is a serial cheat and he has a reputation for breaking up couples. I don’t know if I feel this way because I am lonely.

I have no friends and my husband works away a lot. The attention I got from this guy made my heart skip a beat. I truly love my husband and I do feel bad. I just can’t help myself.

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