20 Aug 2017

Would Nigerians have celebrated GEJ like they did Buhari if he had led us into recession & spent 103 days on medical leave?

I may be wrong but with what I have seen today and the way folks are celebrating Buhari’s return, the reason why we sent Gej packing in 2015 was not solely about his incompetence and failures rather because he is an Ijaw man and the part of the country where he comes from.

A president went on medical leave, spent 103 days and 30 million dollars was allegedly spent on his treatment and Nigerians I share the same country with are celebrating his return.

This is painful to watch!
After spending 103 days without telling us what is wrong with him, the man came back today with aplomb and pageantry and his supporters singing Baba Oyoyo with thousands coming out to receive him.

In an ironic twist of fate, most of his supporters singing Baba Oyoyo cannot afford to travel abroad, even to treat ordinary malaria by buying common Lumapil malaria drug which is 600 Naira to treat themselves na big issue but they celebrate a man who made them poorer that they can’t afford to buy common garri and who used their money to go and treat himself abroad.

Now the question is this; would we have tolerated this if it were to be Goodluck Jonathan?
Would we have celebrated and welcomed Gej with red carpet if he was to be the one that travelled aboard after leading us to a recession and then spent 103 days with over 30 millions dollars allegedly spent on his treatment?

Apparently if you are from the North, a Muslim and then popular with the poor masses there, you get away with murder and one of them is what Buhari has done.

We are not yet a country rather an amalgamation of tribal bigots masquerading as patriots who are using our tribal narrative to push for national cause.

This is more reason why Buhari would win again in 2019, not because he has been a terrible president and the worst we have seen so far but because he is from the right part of the country.
It is well with us!

Article written by Chukwudi Iwuchukwu

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