18 Jul 2017

Don’t want to die young? Watch over your manh00d!

The male reproductive part is well known for its erection and functionality, which in one way or the other increase the chance of childbirth for women.

• If you are unable to get and sustain erection, you have a 70 percent increased risk for premature death, a new study from The University of Mississippi finds.

• If you have erectile dysfunction, the probability is that you have poor cardiovascular health, says Dr. Tobias Köhler, an associate professor of urology at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

• So, if you’re unable to get hard, it’s often an early sign that your heart is in trouble.

• Many men whose erectile dysfunction is caused by poor cardiovascular health end up having life-threatening heart problems such as a heart attack within the next five years, says Dr. Köhler.

• The vessels that carry blood to your penis are tiny, only one to two millimetres across, so they get clogged easily, says Dr. Köhler.

• If plaque starts to build up in your vessels because of poor diet, a lack of exercise, smoking, age, or genetics, the bloodflow to your penis is the first thing that will get blocked off, Dr. Köhler says. That can make it impossible to get an erection.

• If the plaque continues to build, it will start affecting larger arteries, such as the ones that carry blood to and from your heart. This can cause a heart attack or sudden death, Köhler says.

• If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is very necessary to see a doctor—instead of using Viagra or any such medication.

• If you heed the early warning sign, you may be able to fix your cardiovascular problems before they become fatal.

• If you’ve been consistently unable to get or sustain erection for three months, make an appointment with your doctor, says Dr. Köhler.

• Tell your doctor about your erection problems — and make it the first thing you bring up, so your doctor has time to thoroughly check you out, he says.

• If blocked arteries are the problems, an improved diet and exercise regimen may reverse the damage and get your penis back in working order, he says.

• Your physician may also give you an erectile drug like Viagra to help your sex life in the meantime.

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