31 Jul 2017

Does your wife have these bad habits?

By: Elizabeth Badejo

In many African cultures, girls are raised to take up more responsibilities in the home than their male siblings; it’s not surprising that some girls grow up into adulthood still saddled with these childhood experiences as values play a big role in every woman’s life.

Here are some of the most common bad habits associated with most married women today:


Many women are burdened with more responsibilities than ever before which can make them emotional and responsive. If your wife is in this kind of situation, she is more likely to become intolerant and highly opinionated too. Unfortunately, this bad habit has the tendencies to break down communication in your marriage because your wife will only be interested in stating her own opinion rather than seeing things your own way.


Women nag for something and only a few women nag for nothing. Most women nag their spouse to get the much needed attention especially when they are constantly been marginalised. If your wife nags you constantly, you are not alone and perhaps it has become irritating and disturbing too.


Women are more emotional than men. For this reason, most women have the capacity to hold trust in high esteem in their marriages. Unfortunately sometimes, when disappointment sets into the marriage, it could become very difficult to restore the relationship.

Perhaps your wife finds it difficult to forgive your excesses every time you fall short of her expectations, this can be a bad habit in its own gratification if your marital values are set on love, trust and nothing else.


Every woman has an obsession although some are more obsessed than others but some certain obsessions can become a bad habit in a woman’s life too.  One of the most common obsessions in most women is shopping; they never have enough and a new occasion may demand a new set of outfit sometimes. Perhaps your wife is a shopaholic who is obsessed with buying at every given occasion; this obsession can be as exciting as well as a bad habit too.


Every woman desires a great marital relationship but nothing good comes easy considering the many sacrifices involved in building a strong marriage. Insecurity is a common bad habit among women who lack certain self-confidence and always comparing their husbands to other men they admire.


Marriage is the union of two different people coming together as one but love is not proud either. Pride is a bad habit in marriage and a proud wife will find it extremely difficult to submit to her husband. Today, many women have been consumed with pride which has halted their ability to grow their marriages into greatness.

Perhaps your wife is obsessed with pride due to her financial contributions towards the family upkeep or simply a personal character and this has become a bad habit and a consuming one too.

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