17 Jul 2017

7 Best Tips To Keep Your Car Away From Theft

The amount of car stolen in the society is caused by carelessness, many people believe their car is there one place to keep valuables when in a sensitive place of location.

Report shows that cars are stolen for other crime to occur.

According to 'ezinearticles', Sometimes, a car is stolen so that other crimes can be committed. This happens when someone steals a car to get away from the scene of a crime that just happened, like a robbery. However it can also be done to get to a different crime, like a burglary or drug crime. Most of the time the stolen vehicle is abandoned when the crime is finished, but a lot of the time it is damaged or wrecked in the process. These cars are often stolen in places where there is a lot of crime.

Below are the best way to keep your car away from robbery or theft:

1. Have an Alarm Sticker/LED

How it'll protect your ride3: Just like the "Protected by Brinks" signs in front of houses deter burglars, so do visual signs of a tougher job for a car thief. In a row of cars, the one with the blinking LED indicating an alarm is probably less likely to get stolen, regardless of whether the alarm actually exists or not.

2.  Don't Leave Valuables in Sight

Make sure there nothing in your car worth taking, or if there is. look for a secure place in your car to keep it away from theft's sight.

How it'll protect your ride: Here's a scenario: you see Car One with a box of tissues on the floor. In front of that car is Car Two in which an iPod, navigation system, and a watch are strewn about the passenger's seat. Are you more tempted to break into Car One or Car Two? Pretty simple really - make it seem like there's nothing in your car worth taking.

3.  Park in a Safe Area

How it'll protect your ride: If you park your car an area with a high crime rate, and presumably a high concentration of criminals, it's more likely to be taken than when it's parked in a statistically safer area with good lighting and a neighborhood watch.

4. Hidden Kill Switches

How it'll protect your ride: Usually the greatest challenge for a car thief is getting your car started without the key. To the thief's advantage, however, is the fact that he knows he's working with your ignition. But if he also needs to be looking for a connector hidden under the passenger's seat, he's that much less likely to get it started. This one doesn't come cheap, but it may be well worth the investment someday.

5. Lock the Doors

Do not complete the first step for a thief, make sure all doors are closed.

How it'll protect your ride: This one seems so simple, and yet is so often ignored. A thief looking for a car to steal is more likely to go for the vehicle whose owner was kind enough to complete his first step for him, and has given him open access to everything inside.

6. If Possible, Take Your Steering Wheel With You

How it'll protect your ride: How well do you think you can drive a car without a steering wheel? Exactly. Even if your potential carjacker can get inside and get it started, if you've got a quick-release hub and have taken your steering wheel with you, you should be fine. That thief is probably not going anywhere without a way to drive.

7.  Matter of Choice, but safe - Drive a Manual

How it'll protect your ride: This one's been documented again and again and again. Most people find it difficult to drive shift cars (manual cars), if they can't drive it they can't take it.

If you experience any car theft or activities quickly reach any nearest police station of authoritir to lay down you complain.

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