12 Nov 2016

The Lessons to be Learned From a Trump Win

Following the shocking outcome of the United States' Presidential election, Nigerian writer, Calvin Ebun-Amu highlights the lesson to be learned from the election.

Another presidential election, another mountain of promises. Another presidential candidate but this time it is not just another politician. In actuality, many would find it mad to call Donald Trump a politician. Rather, he is a man on a mission.

The Thirst For Power

Rooted in his desire to win and “win big” is an unquenchable thirst to grow from strength to strength in power and status, and to dominate like no other – this is Trump, but one could even say that this is the embodiment of what made America great. It is for this reason he is a hero to many but also a villain to many. It is for this reason that in the midst of rising debts, poor infrastructure, and an unimaginable state of political chaos, the people yearn for a figure with a raw desire to give them what they want.

This raw desire and passion have been justifiably condemned by many groups. Some blame linguistics and others blame the upbringing of a spoiled youth. Whatever the reason, Trump has revealed more about the nature of the current political realm.

Today’s Politics

Recent activities preceding the presidential elections point towards the true state of politics of this day and age. We have progressed but not significantly. The world took steps forward and steps backwards. No matter who wins, it is everyone’s duty, whether American or non-American, to reflect on not only the American presidential elections but also on the present state of the global political systems.

Trump’s touch of “madness”, while bringing a lot of discourse, divide, and mistrust in the political systems, has presented people with a great opportunity to reshape their understanding of the underlying factors influencing the interconnectedness between politics and the economy.

This touch of “madness” is better described as a touch of randomness. Like a controlled forest fire, this may give rise to new beginnings.This, however, is unlikely to be reassuring for global stock markets, whose many investors are undoubtedly biting their nails.

A Telling Vote

No matter which side of the fence one sits on, the ability to be formless is what may determine the success of world economies, corporations and individuals if Donald Trump wins the US presidential elections. The winds of change may blow in his favour. That is fine. The winds of change may blow in Hilary Clinton’s favour. That is also fine. No matter the outcome, the viability of economies will depend on the collective partnership of entities and their responses to the new president.

Platitudes and rhetoric have grown stale, even in the mouths of the most revered political figures. What is of greater importance for institutions affected by the presidency is preparation for unexpected events that may occur. Mexico’s financial authorities, for example, ordered the country’s banks to conduct stress tests to assess the potential impact of Donald Trump winning the US presidential election. Preparation, however, is not enough. What may be the missing link in the responses to the unique nature of the US presidential election is a deep-rooted desire to work with the unknown.

Moving Forward

People’s hesitance to utilise what seems foreign to their benefit due to differences has caused accentuated stress factors which may have been utilised for a greater good. Instead of resistance to opposing views or unconventional forms of communication, a greater affinity for abstract thought and nonlinearity may drive people to consider the deeper elements of each event and action that take place in the global economy and optical realm. In doing so, one may find new conclusions and unprecedented trends that enable the global economy to advance in a sustainable manner.

-Writen by Calvin Ebun-Amu



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