11 Nov 2016

The Disturbances: New Documentary Shares the Story of 30,000 People Killed in 3 Days in Nigeria

A new documentary called "The Disturbances,'' tells the story of the mass killing of 30,000 people in over three days in Nigeria in 1966.
The documentary is produced by the Baptist Center for Ethics, it features interviews with U.S. missionaries who were working in Jos, Nigeria at the time, including Bill and Audrey Cowley of Vestavia Hills.

The documentary tells the story of unrest in Nigeria after the 1966 coup. Promoting the documentary, wrote, ''Nigeria achieved independence from Great Britain in 1960. The nation of 50 million people had 250 tribes. The Igbo tribe from the south achieved a high level of education from Christian missionaries and Igbo began to move north and take jobs in areas that were dominated by other tribes. That led to resentment, which boiled over after a January 1996 coup against the Nigerian government led by Igbo members of the military.

''In retaliation for the coup, Hausa-Fulani soldiers and civilians targeted Igbo living in northern Nigeria. While the Hausa and Fulani tended to be Muslim and the Igbo were Christians, religion was not a major factor in the killings, according to the film. Tribal displacement, differences in education and resentment were contributing factors.

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