25 Nov 2016

See what happened when crazy man dropped two giant pythons on his girlfriend (VIDEO)

In a video clip that has left internet users in shock, a man dropped two large pythons on his sleeping girlfriend as some kind of joke. In the video, we can see the prankster waking his girl up by throwing two large snakes on top of her.
His girlfriend was innocently asleep before prank began A Youtube user, Derek Deso planned and carried out the stunt as his friends filmed it. He dropped the snakes from a cardboard box and they began to slither all over the sleeping girl’s legs.

To wake her up, Derek then said,  “Baby, don’t move. There’s two ginormous snakes on your butt!”

She begins screaming and ordering them to remove the snakes, unable to move as they slither over her body.

Terrified, she screamed for help as she realises the snakes were on her “Get them off me!” she screams, louder and louder in distress as everyone laughs at her.

The obviously terrified young woman screamed even louder and the others kept on laughing. She kept on screaming even after the snakes had been taken off her, her terror very evident.

The video has been viewed nearly 3m times on Youtube and most believe the prank was more than a little cruel.

What do you think?

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