17 Nov 2016

Osasu, Your Exhortation is Misplaced (A Rejoiner to Osasu Igbinedion's Piece on Hillary Clinton's Defeat)

When I read through what Osasu Igbinedion wrote... What Hillary Clinton's Defeat Means for Girls All Over the World admonishing all the young women and girls, using the concession of Mrs. Hillary Clinton in the last USA Presidential election to the President-elect, Mr. Donald Trump as the case study, I could not do, but try as much as possible, in my own brief way, to pen a "mind-purging" message to her (and others already thinking like her) in order to correct some of her beliefs or, let me say, opinions.

First of all, I will say that, Osasu, if you wanted to advise, or admonish, or exhort your fellow female individuals, you should have looked for a better scenario to do that. Using the case of Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump is like using a lit kerosene lantern to search for your missing pen in a petrol-flooded area. I hope the act will not result into so many other things missing at the end of the search. Why? Because as far as I know, Donald Trump did not just defeat only Hillary, but he super-defeated her with her mighty strategic mercenaries.

Before I begin, let me clearly state this, based on the way I saw it, that Hillary Clinton did not lose the election just because she is a woman. She lost out because the American people never wanted her (Well! many of them loved to have her in the White House and they used everything within their power to try to win Trump BUT unfortunately, they are not many enough to enthrone her). Some other shortcomings of hers, Osasu have mentioned in her article.  Hillary Clinton was full of energy, but used it wrongly; conserved it when she was required to use it and eventually wasted it, acting where she was not required to act.

Donald Trump had no political experience, yet he defeated a woman who had been in the Government for so long. You think it is ordinary? No! Everyone knows what they wanted and whenever opportunity presents itself for them to get what they wanted, whatever you do or say to change their minds will not work on them. Remember your own Nigeria (Nigerians) and Buhari right? The same thing played out there in the US. No matter how people feel satisfied and happy with what a man-in-power will do to/for them as his citizens, there must be a time they will clamour for “change”. Now, do you kill Trump because he was found to possess “those traits” only a Messiah can possess? Or you think those who voted him are all men – no women? Haba! If those women could reason it out in their own minds and saw it better to vote him as their President, rather than Hillary, then what are we talking about? Or you think they took the decision to approve being bullied and/or raped?

The Presidential race is a race for so many people who feel they are qualified enough to run it – I will also run if I am qualified. Also, in this game lie so many strategies adopted and master-plans designed by each runner, all with the hope of winning. Hillary chose hers and so also Trump adopted his own method and it really paid him well. If he tried to use “that” kind of method you people are now crucifying him for, and won, to me, I think the major problem to be addressed (if there was any at all) is the way the brains of those who voted for him were working before they willingly voted for him – Hillary had 61,782,016 popular votes and 232 electoral votes, Trump had 60,834,437 popular votes and 290 electoral votes ( Were those 60,526,852 popular and 290 electoral votes from ghosts, trees, stones or they were actually from Americans? If Trump was actually a man they detested to have as their President, how come he garnered not just one, two, ten, thirty but sixty million votes – or you think to get such close figure with the “most favoured” Hillary is beans? So where is that clear impression that this man was actually taken (in their hearts) to be what their mouths called him to be?

….OR if I may still ask because from what I got from the net, 42% of Trump voters were female and 54% of Clinton voters were female. So, for Trump to have that figure, in my opinion, there must have been something they knew about him – that made him their better choice than the most favoured Hillary. I always refer to the scenario as "a situation where Americans had an opportunity to choose one out of the two devils (or few devils) that were presented to them and they chose the one that they know is better (or best) for them" – As Osasu pointed out in the Paragraph 4 and the last few words in the Paragraph 10 of her article (None of them is completely good or completely evil but the Americans chose the better of them).

Now, another point I want us to critically check is those girls and women who voted for Trump…

If they are teenagers, don’t we think they cherish their future? Don’t we think they would also love to grow up, become useful, as women, in their various fields in life? Don’t we think they would love not to be bullied, relegated to become sex objects only - whose usefulness is in the “other room” (just like Osasu mentioned it in the last part of her article)? Do we think they would, under normal condition, vote for a President who they think (or know) will make unfavourable laws and promote chauvinism against them (as females) in their own country?

If they are actually 18 years or more, that means they are no longer babies and of course, these people have right over their lives, to take decisions and be responsible for the decisions they took. Now, do we think they would vote for a man that cannot make their country grow? Do we think, as parents, they would ever vote for a man that has no better plan for their children and children’s children’s future? Do we think they would vote for a man who will end up building more brothels for their daughters and granddaughters to end up in?

If your answers to all these inquiries above are NO, then, Osasu have no right, I mean no right to paint Trump the way she did in her article.

On another serious note, if Trump eventually failed after he was elected as President, don’t we currently have the same scenario playing out in our dear country Nigeria? Are women not succeeding in Nigeria anymore because the present-day government is not achieving so much? Tell me now and I will mention Osasu as one of those who is making it right away.

What have I been saying since today? It is a simple thing to fathom and that thing is – Osasu should advise and encourage her fellow women in another way. Do not use Trump to justify the failure of those who are born to fail naturally - It was a competition which must produce just a winner - If Trump hadn't won, it could have been anybody else. Does it mean if Clinton had won the election, there would no longer be obstacles, hurdles and challenges to be faced by women in the world anymore? Life itself is a challenge and it doesn't favour any weakling. Men face challenges the same way women face it.

With or without Trump, with or without Hillary, with or without Buhari, those who have been destined to fail will fail and those who have been destined to succeed will succeed.

Once again, try to let every woman realise that to be in the other room may not necessarily be the basic thing, but it is OPTIONALLY COMPULSORY!

- Written by Akinlosoye, A. Adekunle

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