23 Nov 2016

I Found Out My Husband Has Been Having Sleeping With My Elder Sister

A woman has narrated a shocking story of betrayal after she found out her husband has been having a sexual affair with her elder sister.

The woman who feels cheated, betrayed and used has begged for help.  The story shared by Cynthia Valerian Raphaels has left many people in tears.


Madam how can I handle this? I found out early this month and it has been eating me up. My sister and her husband has a company here but her husband is a doctor staying abroad. My sister manages the company alone. I met my husband in my in-law's company and we courted for 7 months and married each other. I am crying as I type in my office, Madam Cynthia. My marriage is 5 years now and what I just discovered has shattered my dreams.

My own eldest sister sleeping with my husband. My husband was with me in the bedroom, I was watching film and he was chatting, so his father called him to come and repark his car so he can drive out and he rushed off. The reason he was at home was that he traveled for office work to another state, spent 3 weeks.

Their company is into hotel furniture and the rest. So when he came back, they gave him three days off. So when he rushed off to repark and, he forgot to switch off his phone as he normally does. I have been curious to know what keeps him busy on his phone, so I hurriedly picked the phone, because we live upstairs, by the time he will repark and come up, I was done. So, I went straight to his whatsapp and saw he was even on a chat with a woman, I clicked to see the lady's picture, it was my eldest sister. I couldn't believe it, I went to the number it was my sisters number. I rushed to see what the chat is all about, and it was filled with their pictures, where they were in the room, my sister was in a bra and pant. My husband was on his boxers. I hurriedly rushed through their chats and I couldn't believe my eyes, where she was on the bed with him, where she was telling him how horny she is feeling and all those rubbish. I came across a video, when I played it , I was shocked, it was a video my husband recorded, where both of us were having s*x, that he sent to my sister. She was even asking her me and her who he enjoys the most and he said its her.

There was a place she told him to be careful of his phone for her baby sister not to see it. I saw bank alert screen grab of 500 thousand she sent to him and the rest. Where she told him the days to touch me and the days he shouldn't. Even early morning chats where she will tell him, today is for me because he won't leave her unsatisfied. I quickly switched on my Bluetooth, took two of their pictures where they are together on the bed. I got irritated and switched the phone off and dropped it. I have been bearing it, I didn't even know I can be able to control my anger to this moment.

My sister came to my house yesterday with her children, all I did was to stare at the air. I was speechless till she left. She ask me why am I quiet but I told her I have got headache. My husband on his part felt my quietness but I told him an good. I am still in shock. I have 2boys (twins), so my husband said we should let them grow first before taking in again. They are 4 years 7months old.

Madam Cynthia I am still in shock because, my sister is my husbands eldest with 13 years; it's still strange to me that she allowed such rubbish to be going on. Even if they were lovers before we met, can't she use because of me her blood sister and stop? Why did she support us at the first place and now turn around and stab me at the back? Honestly I feel like paying them back in their own coin. They deceived me. I feel betrayed. My husband is 40years and my sister is 53 years old. I am 38years old.

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