28 Nov 2016

All Hell Break Lose as Prostitutes Beat Up Their Own Colleague... You Won't Believe Why

A s*x worker has been given the beating of her life recently by her own colleagues.

The woman was allegedly beaten up because of "breached of principles and ideals that govern the business"

According to SDE, the incident occurred in Naivasha, Nakuru County, Kenya.

Angry at her continued disregard for the trade’s rules, regulation and ethics by, among others, offering rates way below market price and offering services on credit, her colleagues expressed their displeasure rather robustly.

They unleashed terror on her with kicks and blows in a bid to teach her a lesson never to undercut them by charging ridiculously low prices for her services. They attacked, accusing her of being uncooperative and messing up the market.

So furious were her colleagues that, at some point, they threatened to circumcise her using broken beer bottles ili iwe funzo (to serve as a lesson) to her kind who are hell bent on shortchanging other industry players.

It took the intervention of night watchmen who saved her from the furious lynch mob.

It all began late last month when the curvy and s*xy looking woman of the night moved into the street to the displeasure of colleagues who immediately viewed her as a threat.

According to Peter, a motorcycle operator who witnessed the incident, the unidentified woman of the night became a darling of many clients due to her attractive looks, light skin and ample backside.

What’s more, unlike her colleagues, she not only offered cheaper rates but also offered services on credit.

“Normally the price of a shot among the harlots on the street is approximately Sh500, depending on the customer. But the new girl was offering one as cheap as Sh100 when clients bargained,” said Peter.

With her negotiable terms of services, her client base expanded rapidly, much to the chagrin of jealous colleagues who schemed to teach her a lesson and get rid of her. The plot was executed when her colleagues cornered her in the dark, attacking her viciously.

“How do you expect us to survive if you continue selling the services that cheap?” one of the women was overheard shouting in Kiswahili.

Her screams attracted watchmen who dashed to the scene only to find her pleading for mercy from her enraged colleagues. Their attempts to rescue her were met with hostility and resistance. They were told off and asked to stay away because it was none of their business.

“I can’t let them kill her, she normally offers me services on credit when I’m broke,” said one of the guards as he charged into the melee. Other motor bike riders joined in, rescued the badly bruised woman and rushed her to a nearby private hospital.

It emerged that among prostitutes in the town, there is a cartel of seasoned ones who determine the prices and terms of service.

Peter told this writer that the regulators have to be paid some fee by rookies joining the trade and strictly follow laid down rules and regulations of face dire consequences.

Meanwhile, the girl is believed to be recovering, even as her clients wait impatiently for her return.



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