3 Nov 2016

9 Little-Known Facts About Men’s Nipples Everyone Should Know

Nipples. We’ve all got them, but for men they are largely a vestigial appendage.
However, now there’s a new Japanese magazine that not only recognizes one of the least cared about parts of the male body, but places it on a pedestal to be honored and adored. Thank you, Japan!
What’re more, we’ve got another 9 things that you didn’t know about men’s nipples. You’re welcome.

Ladies, we actually like it when you touch our n1pples.

That’s right! You’re not the only ones with sensitive n1pples. We just hide behind our masculinity and pretend like we’re insensitive to give off a debonair-like confident approach.
We also like it when you touch our butts—I’m just saying—so fondle away, chicas!

Guys care what their b00bs look like, too.

What!? Did you think you were the only ones looking in the mirror for minutes on end at your boobies?
Sure, we’d love to trade places with you (because we like to see boobs) but guys worry about what their chests look like, too!
If a guy hasn’t worked out in a while and has been eating too many cheeseburgers, man-boobies can be a major problem.

N1pples bother many men who jog or run.

This is pretty much the worst type of chaffing known to man. It’s even worse than the inner thigh type.
This is why you see so many shirtless marathon runners because let’s face it, bleeding n1pples are no fun… ugghhhhhh!

In some rare cases, men can lactate, too!

Apparently men can produce milk, too! Who would have thought? I’m crossing my fingers, hoping that it’ll never happen to me.

Hairy-ola Areola?

The n1pple itself does not grow hair on it, but the areola sure does! I definitely have hairy areolas that need regular plucking. TMI?

It really hurts to get them waxed.

Sure, a lot of guys out there are huge crybabies when it comes to this. They fear getting their chests waxed and scream like little girls (just like Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin).
The n1pples are very sensitive, and this part of the procedure hurts the most, but our pride will not allow us to cry out in agony or shed a tear. That means that all you cosmetologists out there need to be gentle!

Just because they are erect doesn’t mean we’re ready to rock.

Nipples can become hard due to sexual stimulation, but they can also harden due to cold temperatures. This means that we don’t have to be horny to have erect n1pples!

Take care of your n1pples, dudes!

N1pples can be subject to all kinds of bad things. If you have a persistent itch, pain, or just aren’t comfortable with your n1pples, consult your doctor immediately! Don’t be afraid or ashamed! Your n1pples need you!

Never underestimate the power of a man’s nipples!

Ladies, understand that you may be captivated and entertained by nipples, but they are powerful and all-knowing beings that must be respected.
Men, please understand that with the great power of your nipples comes great n1pple responsibilities.

Use your n1pples wisely!

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