8 Nov 2016

7 crazy reasons women scream during s*x

The moans and screams women let out in the bedroom can be a source of joy and motivation to their lovers, because to them it means they must be doing a really good job in pleasing her.

However, contrary to what a man would like to believe, these supposed intimate sounds do not always depict pleasure; sometimes it is a way of communication, while other times it is even the exact opposite of pleasure. Here are some good, bad and crazy reasons a woman may scream during sex:

1. To Stroke His Ego 
As funny as this may sound, a woman could moan and even scream in bed just to make her lover feel good about his bedroom skills; especially when she thinks he deserves an A for all his efforts. But do men really want sympathy screams from their lovers? I doubt they do. You can make her scream for real if you follow the right steps, click here for more.

2. To Guide Him 
There is no particular rule on how to please a woman in bed that can work for every single woman on earth; most of the time what one woman likes will differ greatly from what others are into, your best bet may be to experiment and listen for approval by studying her reaction. You see those moves that make her scream your name? Well, those are the ones you should do more. And as for those ones that make her wince in pain or discomfort, bros, just forget how to do them and stop being a waste of sex.

3. To Hasten Things Up 
This one is rather sad, but true. Sometimes a woman would start to scream and moan because she wants the sex to end faster. The thing is, screaming a man’s name during sex would arouse him more, and the more aroused he is, the faster he would ejaculate – and women know this; so when the sex is boring or uncomfortable and she just wants it to end fast, she could resolve to fake screams of pleasure and even fake an orgasm, just to speed it up and go watch Telemundo.

4. To Encourage Him
Have you ever wondered why certain sports come with cheerleaders? Of course it is because people tend to do well and perform better when they have people cheering for them. It is almost the same thing with sex, when a woman wants her man to do better and keep going strong, she turns into a bedroom cheerleader by singing you bedroom hymns. We bet you never thought about it this way.

5. She Learned It Somewhere 
As funny as this may sound, most women scream in bed just because they think it is what is expected from them during sex, either because they saw it in a movie, read it in a book, online or even heard it from a friend. These ones do not even feel the urge to scream, but because they consider it a part of sex, they just follow their mates and do it…who wants to be left out of trends na? Everybody wants to be able to make love like a porn star. Click here to get the secrets of making her crazy desires come true.

6. To Spice Things Up
There is nothing more demoralizing than finding a partner who is a complete ‘wood’ in the bedroom. It is like watching a good movie on mute…what is the point? Nobody wants to have sex with a log of wood, it becomes hard to know whether your partner is even feeling anything you are doing, or whether she even likes the sex. But when a woman moans and screams during sex, it just spices things up and add more life to the beautiful art of love making. Especially when she giving you those screams of approval…you would want to find a way to go multiple rounds and last longer just so you can meet up.

7. Natural Response To Pleasure 
This is the best reason a woman would scream in bed – when you are doing it so right that she cannot contain the excitement and pleasure and she just has to verbally express herself. While this may not be something that happens all the time, you should know that if you have never, ever, experienced this with a woman, you may be doing something very wrong.



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