12 Oct 2016

The Number 1 Reason Why Women Cheat – A Must Read For All Nigerian Men

If you are a man and you have a wife or you are in a serious relationship, then I want you to invest the next 5-10 minutes of your time to read this article right now.

And here’s why…

According to a study conducted by condom manufacturer Durex in which 29,000 people in 36 countries were interviewed, Nigerian Women were considered to be the most unfaithful in the world!
As a Nigerian man, you might dismiss this survey study as untrue because we are a religious country with lots of morals.
However, Durex may not be far from the truth actually.
In a recent interview with The Nation Newspaper, A a Lagos based DNA expert, Mr Ayodele Adeniyi gave a shocking statistics that…
“3 Out Of 10 Nigerian Men Are Not Biological Fathers Of Their Children”
It means that, a lot of Nigerian women are now having extra marital affairs and cheating on their partners and spouses.
Not only that, women are better at hiding their infidelity and they are more likely to lie about it and less likely to get caught.
This should concern you, especially if you are married or in a strong relationship with your spouse right now.
What this means is that…
It is possible for your woman to engage in infidelity and cheat on you if care is not taken due to some reasons.
So, What Could Make Your Woman Cheat On You Under Your Nose Without You Finding Out?
There are various reasons why a woman will cheat on her man such as…
  1. Being in a distant relationship with their partner
  2. Lack of Money to make the relationship better
  3. Lack Of Excitement or emotional connection
  4. Revenge on the mans infidelity
  5. Boredom and peer pressure etc
But there is one other major #1 reason why women cheat…
And even though it’s very obvious, most Nigerian Men don’t know it.
And strange enough, many women are very secretive and won’t tell you the REAL truth, because they don’t want to hurt you.
So What Exactly Is The #1 Reason Why Women Cheat?
The #1 unquestionable reason why so many women cheat on their partner is….
They Are Not Well Satisfied In Bed!
To give you an understand of what I mean, I want you to read these comment left by a woman on Linda Ikeji’s Gossip Blog Recently:
And here’s another one by a woman who is not getting satisfaction from her husband at home….
If you are a man, and you are unable to give your woman a deeply intense and soul piercing reaction in bed, like the picture below…
Then your woman will Be unsatisfied, and she will long for pleasure because she is not getting it from you.
If you do not satisfy your woman in bed because of a poor sex life, you might force her to cheating and someone else will do the work for you without your knowledge.
if you are unable to satisfy your woman, here’s the major causes of why you are unable to…
Number 1: Very Weak Or Soft Erection
If your erection suddenly get weak after few thrust, and you are unable to get erection strong enough to penetrate deep inside her.
Number 2: Low Energy And Low Stamina
That is when you find yourself getting extremely tired like a very old man halfway into love making with your woman and you are unable to continue.
Number 3: Decrease In Libido Or Sexual Desire
That is when your sex drive is VERY low and your urge to have sex with your woman is ZERO despite how attractive she is.
Number 4: Lack The Knowledge Of How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed
That is when you don’t even know how to “finger her brain” or have the skills to make her enjoy her time with you in bed.

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