Tuesday, 4 October 2016

See the then great African leaders OBJ and Ghaddafi in session(photo)

Talking of two great african leaders, one must certainly not forget the late Muhamma Ghadaffi and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

While the former is a great military dictator who ruled Libya for so long and exacted huge impact, the latter is so iconic being a former  dictator and a democratic ruler.

History will never forget both rulers for their meaningful engagement while in government.

Ghaddafi despite being ousted from power and killed in cold blood still continue to generate mixed feelings in the heart of Libyans causing them to reflect on his rule and whether revolting against him was the best for the country, judging from the crisis still rocking the nation.

Obasanjo on the other hand is a living political sage who after ruling in uniforms conducted an election and handed over power to a civilian government before the military rose up again and overtook power..despite this setback, the man did not rest on his hoax and continued to fight for democracy, imprisoned on this cause, yet, he rose again and became the second democratic elected president and also the first to hand over power from a civilian government to another civilian government..

Till today, OBJ as he is fondly called remains a political idol and can be called the father of democracy in Nigeria after laying the foundation for the democracy Nigeria enjoys as a country today.

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