6 Oct 2016

Real Talk: How Will You Act If Your Girl Cheats On You...With A Girl???

Cheating is one thing that has crashed many relationships and marriages. But what is most common that everyone talks about is the guy cheating on his woman with another...or others. No one really talks about girls cheating; why is that? Is it that girls don't cheat or what? Hmm, maybe that will be the topic for next week sef.

Anyway, back to the talk for today, what do you do when your girl cheats on you with another girl? Is there a stipulated reaction to give in this case? What's the first thought that comes to your head. To make this topic as factual as possible I did a little poll among my friends, and guys ehn some of the replies I get go make una tear pant.
One nigga said he would be turned on. I'm like "guy na you o!" As if that one no do am, he con talk say he will like her to do it again but this time he will love to watch. I look am, just laugh and talk "issorait".
The second reply I will share is that of the guy who said at first he will start to doubt his masculinity. I mean, you've been making love to a babe for a while, and she has had other partners before you. But she taste you for like 5 months and decides to switch from lollypop to cookie. "After all the anger and fascination I go doubt myself small o", na so he talk am.
I sha got different replies, some said they can't leave that kind of babe, another said after she tell him like this na to start to dey plan for threesome, some said they can't stand cheating girls....even as dem sef dey carry Sade, Halima and Chinanza at the same time o. God dey.
For today sha, I'm throwing this question out to you my lovely audience, Guys if your babe cheats on you with another girl, how will you react???

Culled From Brokenaijaboy

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