Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Horror Story!!! My child fell sick, and what I discovered changed my life forever [Photos]...Do you have the guts to see this?

Sometimes, life will just come and give you big ela. This is an example.

1. You know when you're just at home chilling with your wife and four kids.

Because you cannot come and kill yourself.

2. And next thing one of your children starts to develop a strange fever.

God, my village people have caught up with me.

3. It gets so bad that you rush the child to the hospital.

Oh Lord epp my solution.

4. And you start to believe your village people have finally caught up with you.

Somebody cannor play with you people again.

5. Your wife is crying uncontrollably beside you.

My child shall not diiiieeeee!

6. The doctor then comes.


If one pint of my blood can save up to three lives, then it can save my child.

7. And then somehow, just like in Nollywood movies.

*Nollywood Gheun music*

8. After waiting for hours.

Oh somebody answer me.

9. Somehow, they discover that the DNA doesn’t match between father and son.

Wait a minute, not my child?

10. So you decide to do paternity test (like in Nollywood) for all your four kids.

This is the day that the Lord has made.

11. You do for the second child, it says "not your child".

Signs and Wonderment.

12. Third one, not your child.


I'm finished!

13. Fourth, same thing.


Kuku kill me!

14. Your wife says it was just a mistake.

One mistake. Four results. Naizwan.

15. You do the maths.


What a mistake(s)!

16. And here you are, wondering what your next line of action would be out of the one million things flooding your mind.

What will you do if you were in this position?

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