30 Sep 2016

Wait And Smell Those Condoms: Why Condoms Were Made

I know say una don change face again as you see this topic, but sincerely it's am actual subject to be discussed. Suddenly suddenly in the world condoms became a household "equipment" lol! Every guy with a wallet had a small compartment where they kept at least 2 condoms.

The tiny pocket on jeans suddenly began to have a use. Even girls were not left out, in short sef people start to dey use am pull levels. But how many people know how Condoms came to be. We all be feeling like we invented it but hey, it's been in existence since like 150AD. Yeah I said it, 150AD. So all of you that were feeling like say na your papa invent am you can calm down now. 

By the 15th century, I'm talking about the 1400's o, different forms of condoms were all over Asia and Europe. Most Europeans used the intestines of animals like lambs as a sheath over the penis while in Japan they used animal horns, ouch! Wonder how the women always felt in Japan. 

Modern condom didn't start existing till syphilis wiped out over a quarter of the world's population in the 16th century. Originating from France, the disease spread to China and even killed more people in there than in where it started from. As syphilis just dey kill people go dem start to dey reason how them goo stop this disease because to have sex don dey scare people. One French guy named Fallopio created the condom that looks like the ones of today. He used linen soaked in chemicals and tied at the base of the penis with a string which once dried protected his test subjects from the disease....the man ran 1100 tests....watching people screw 1110 times, live! Chai. 

People always thought condoms came in because of disease control, but no, as far back in Roman times and during the Islamic civilization, different forms of male contraception apart from pulling out method and anal sex have been used to reduce the rate at which women dey carry belle. 

With the onset of HIV/AIDS however, condoms became part of the everyday life of the world. Female contraceptives work, but the most common form of protection is still the phallus covering sheath created by oga Fallopio in 1545. 

But now sef scientists have created the one that will cover only the tip of the penis...I wonder how that one no go dey fall inside the babe. Anyhow sha, how I wan sabi the process of using it. As a broke naija boy now, na to stick with gold circle....if economy affect am, nylon ma si se e.

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