27 Sep 2016

Serious Drama as Angry Man Storms His Ex-Wife's Home to Demand for a Refund of His Dowry

A seriously enraged man has set all hell loose after storming the family home of his ex-wife.
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The man invaded his former father-in-law’s home in Suswa, Narok County, Kenya and emphatically demanded a dowry refund.
Identified as Solomon Birgen, the 35-year-old man stormed the compound and launched into a lengthy tirade, reading the old man and his family the riot act for taking eternity to refund his bride price.
According to SDE, Birgen, in a dramatic incident that got neigbours milling the home, Birgen complained that he had had enough with the family for taking him in circles over what he felt was rightfully his.
Prior to the termination of their marriage, Birgen had been married to a certain Emily from the home. However, as fate would have it, the marriage came to an end almost two years later over what was described as irreconcilable differences.
Angry at the turn of events, Birgen invoked a provision in his culture, which allows dowry refund in the event a marriage collapses.
Everything had been amicably agreed upon, with Birgen set to receive his refund of money and cows in installment at specified periods. Unfortunately, the woman’s family reneged on their promise, claiming there was no way they were going to refund everything because he had ‘used’ their daughter and wasted her time.
“What is wrong with you people, do you think I have nothing else to do?" Birgen said "I need the cows and the money I paid for your daughter now! Your daughter is already back, so why are you still holding on to what is no longer yours?”
He is said to have hissed, much to the shock of the family. The ensuing shouting match attracted curious neighbours who milled around the home to get a glimpse of the drama.
Attempts by brothers to his former wife to calm him down proved futile, as an irate Birgen became even angrier, cursing the family and telling them off for raising their daughter poorly, whom he called a lazy bum.

SDE reports that the matter came to a climax when Birgen, in a thinly veiled statement, castigated his former father-in-law, describing him as a man who wants to reap where he did not sow, much to the chagrin of his two elderly sons who would not take the insults lying down.
The vicious outburst quickly generated into a fight, with the angered brothers telling Birgen they would not tolerate his belittling attitude and disdain for their family.
Elderly neighbours had to intervene and the fight before pleading with the warring former in-laws to solve their differences amicably.
It was agreed that the old men from either families should convene a meeting and strike a deal on how the dowry will be paid back, seeing as the family had claimed they couldn’t afford to pay the whole of it once.
Birgen was later unceremoniously walked out of the home, even as he shouted that he had gotten a better wife and he needed the refund so that he pays it to his new in-laws.
“I will be back with my people and you better have everything to the last coin we gave you,” he was quoted to have sneered as he left. 

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