27 Sep 2016

8 things to do to prevent yourself from Cholera, number 2 is a MUST

The Lagos State Government last week disclosed that 45 cases of cholera disease was recorded in Isolo Local Council Development Area, LCDA, of the state, with six deaths recorded.
However, there was good news over the weekend when the Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris assured that the cholera outbreak has been successfully curtailed.
Dr. Idris noted that no new case or death had been recorded, adding that several of those earlier admitted to hospitals for treatment, have been discharged. He, however, noted that four patients were still responding to treatment.
Findings revealed that suspected cases recorded were contracted from food sources such as the African food salad popularly called ‘Abacha’ and other infected foods from food sellers, and other unhygienic habits.
Cholera is an acute contagious bacterial diarrhoeal disease that is characterized by severe form of sudden onset of profuse painless watery stools, nausea and profuse vomiting and can kill in hours.
The disease can be acquired through the ingestion of contaminated food or water and could be transmitted through many mechanisms like direct or indirect contamination of water or food by faeces of infected individuals.
Cholera should be suspected in any person who develops diarrhoea with or without vomiting, weakness, restlessness, irritability, dry mucous membrane, low blood pressure, leg cramps, excessive loss of body fluids (dehydration) or dies from frequent stooling.
Despite the good news that the cholera outbreak has been curtailed in Lagos, WuzupNaija brings to you 8 ways you could prevent yourself from Cholera now or in the future:
1. It is advisable for one to take the new oral vaccine available at most general hospital and private hospital or clinic. While it does not guarantee that you will not get cholera, if you do it can help you recover faster and you may experience milder symptoms.
2. You should wash your hands using a disinfectant soap and very hot, or boiled, water, throughout the day and especially after using the bathroom and before eating.
3. To avoid cholera during its outbreak one needs to boil or purify water. The water needs to boil for at least ten minutes in order to make it safe for consumption. If you use bottled water make sure it is a well purified bottled water.
4. It is also advisable to use boiled water to brush your teeth. Even the smallest amount of infected water accidentally swallowed can make you ill.
5. Prepare your own food. Any vegetables and fruits should be washed, by you, in boiled water only.
6. Avoid salads that you are not sure of its preparation. Raw foods, especially leafy greens such as lettuce, are among the worst ‘culprits’ for carrying cholera-infected water.
7. When dining out avoid seafood. Make sure all cooked meals are served and eaten hot.
8. Avoid swimming if you can during this period. Unless it’s in the sparkling, regularly chlorinated swimming pool.



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