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17 Nov 2017

Horror: 3 Dead as Helicopter and Light Aircraft Collide in Mid Air Over a Palatial Mansion (Photos)

A helicopter and a light aircraft have collided in mid aid over a palatial estate, a development which has left as many three dead.

Three people are feared dead after a light aircraft and a helicopter crashed in mid-air over Buckinghamshire this afternoon.

Wreckage from both aircraft fell from the sky after locals living near the historic and palatial Waddesdon estate heard a loud bang shortly after midday.

The pilot of the helicopter and its single passenger, as well as the pilot of the plane, are all feared to have died in the crash, which happened at around 1,000ft.

Pictures from the scene show splinters of metal from the helicopter littering the floor of the woodland along with parts of rotor-blades and fragments of the cockpit.

A local resident told MailOnline: 'My father heard a loud bang. He ran up to the scene. It was clear pretty quickly that no one has survived.'

The local added: 'My mother said a man, who I think was someone who had been out walking nearby, went running up to the manor to say there had been a crash. Everyone is now helping the emergency services.'

Both aircraft involved had taken off from Wycombe Air Park, which is 16 miles to the south east of the estate, and were flying at low altitude.

At least seven fire engines, including three search and rescue vehicles, rushed to the scene at around 12.06pm.

Police vehicles have now arrived at the crash site and officers have put up evidence tents in the woodland.

Rescuer workers had launched the fire brigade drone over the fallen wreckage to help in the search for survivors.

The helicopter involved in the collision was part of the fleet belonging to Heli Air, a company which provides helicopter training, flight experiences and can be chartered for private flights.

One of its bases is at Wycombe Air Park just a few miles away from the scene of the crash.

The company's Managing Director Richard Packe is due to give a statement later today.

Flight data shows a two-seater helicopter was flying at 1,025ft in the area at the time, but suddenly went of radar shortly after 12 noon.

Staff from the Waddesdon Estate, which is managed by a foundation set up by the eminent Rothschild family, helped direct emergency vehicles to the scene of the tragedy as police threw up a massive cordon around the area to preserve the scene.

The grand country manor house, which was used in the filming of The Crown and The Queen starring Helen Mirren, is understood to have been hosting a Christmas Market at the time of the crash.

Staff from the Air Accident Investigation Branch were also drafted into the area to begin an inquiry into what led to the mid-air collision.

Sources said that it was believed there were multiple casualties, believed to be fatalities.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: 'Officers are currently at the scene of an air accident near the village of Waddesdon near Aylesbury.

'The force is coordinating the response to the incident which was reported at 12.06pm today.

'The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has been informed and staff are en-route to the scene. Fire and ambulance services are also in attendance and preservation of life is first priority.

'In consequence of this incident it is expected that there will be some disruption to the road network around Waddesdon for the rest of the day.'

The spokesman later added: 'We're aware of a number of casualties following an incident this afternoon in Waddesdon, Aylesbury.

'There were a number of road closures following the incident, which have now been lifted. We will provide further updates when available.'

A spokesman for the AAIB said: 'The Air Accidents Investigation Branch is sending a team to investigate a mid-air collision involving an aircraft and a helicopter near Aylesbury.'

RAF Halton, which is around 10 miles away, said no military aircraft had been involved.

A spokesman said: 'We can confirm that neither of the aircraft concerned has a connection with either our air force nor the military, and this is as much as we know at this time.'

Via Daily Mail UK

Ronaldo 'Confident' of Winning Ballon D'Or

Real Madrid forward is set to clinch another massive sporting award as he looks forward to another fruitful season with Spanish giant, Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo said on Friday that he was “confident as always” of winning the upcoming Ballon D’Or for best player in the world. Ronaldo is the overwhelming favourite to collect the award on December 7, after a year in which he led Real Madrid to titles in Spain and Europe.

“Last season was exceptional. We won the league and the Champions League, where I was again the top scorer,” the Portuguese star told the French sports daily L’Equipe in an interview published on Friday.

“If I win the Ballon d’Or, it’s perfect, otherwise I’ll still be the same person.” If Ronaldo wins the award, he will tie Lionel Messi on five victories.

The Argentine, who is 30, won the award in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015. Ronaldo, who is 32, won in 2008, 2013, 2014 and last year.

After the triumphant end to their last campaign, Ronaldo and Real Madrid have made a slow start to this season. “CR7” has only scored once in La Liga and Real are already eight points behind Messi’s Barcelona.

“Nothing is ever perfect, no one can be 100 percent for an entire season,” Ronaldo said. “There are times when you are better than others. A season is never a straight line. We are in a difficult period and we know it. We have to acknowledge it but that doesn’t mean we accept it. Things will change again.”

Ronaldo was clearly delighted over the birth of his fourth child, announced on Sunday. “There’s a little more chaos at home and also a little more noise, but I love that. I am truly happy surrounded by these children. I wanted them.

“Four is not enough, I want more,” Ronaldo said, adding: “I want seven children and seven Ballons D’Or.” “As long as I play, I will be ambitious to win all I can win. Now my dream is a fifth Ballon D’Or. Then next year there will be another to pursue.”

5 Tips For Having A Fun Trip With Your Significant Other

When travelling with your partner, it may be difficult to keep your cool when you are running to catch a flight or your stomach is rumbling with hunger pangs and you do not know where to satisfy it. Between painstaking travel plans and the stress of being in a strange environment, even the happiest lovers can lose it under the weight of travelling together. Notwithstanding the period you have been lovers, these tips will ensure your time on the road leaves a good lasting impression.

Figure out the purpose of the vacation

Resolve whether the purpose of your trip is to explore or sort out the friction in your relationship. Once the trip goals are identified, it will make for a more agreeable planning of your daily agendas.

Prepare a list of who will bring what

Once you have decided you are travelling together, determine who's bringing what. No one wants to spend their first night in a new place searching for forgotten toiletries or devices charger. Make a list with your partner and check it several times.

Discard your phone when you can

Even when you are not travelling, mobile phones are a major cause of distraction. Try to resist the temptation of checking your phone every minute when you are with your lover. If this is the case, you won't achieve the purpose of your trip no matter what it may be.

Decide on a budget and who will pay for what

Money is hard for some people, but it's worth it to ensure that one partner doesn't feel like they're constantly paying for everything. So, endeavour to plan a budget, conclude on who will pay for what and stick to your decisions.

Schedule a few events or reservations in advance

Nothing is worse than rolling into a new city and not being able to decide what to do, see, or eat. Plan at least one meal and one activity a day to ease up on scrambling for last-minute options.

7 Popular Swallows Eaten By Nigerians

A popular traditional food in Nigeria is Swallow. It is so described because rather than chewing it, you have to swallow. So, Swallow is a Nigerian food eaten with different kinds of soup. To truly enjoy swallow, you should use your hands to eat it. Jumia Food, Nigeria’s No.1 food ordering platform, highlight 7 popular swallows eaten by Nigerians.


Garri which is used to make Eba is made from grated cassava. Eba is rich in carbohydrates and it comes in two colours-yellow and white. While the yellow one is popular among the Igbos, the white one is eaten by everyone even though it is indigenous to the Yorubas. It can be eaten with any soup of your choice.


Àmàlà is a made out of yam or cassava flour. Yams are peeled, sliced, cleaned, dried and then blended into a flour, also called elubo. This elubo is used to make Amala. It healthy because it contains fewer carbohydrates and more proteins.

Pounded yam

Pounded yam also know as Iyan is made by boiling several yams and pounding it. This has discouraged many Nigerians from preparing the cuisine. Luckily, there is now a machine for pounding yam.

Akpu (fufu)

Fufu is very rich in carbohydrate. It has very low cholesterol content and it is made from cassava.

Tuwo Shinkafa

It mostly eaten in Northern Nigeria and made from rice flour and usually served with Miyan Kuka soup.


As the name implies, Wheat is made from whole grain wheat. It is proteinous and rich in fibres.


If you do not want to prepare Eba, then the best alternative is Semolina. Semolina is produced by milling semolina grains into powder and this powder or flour is used to prepare the Semolina fufu which is eaten with the various Nigerian soup recipes.

I Enjoyed Robbing, I Will Do It Again If Given Chance – Suspect Says

One out of the two armed robbery suspects arrested by policemen in Niger State said he would perform the crime again if given another chance.

Shehu Illiyasu, told The Nation that he feel no remorse in committing the crime, adding he would do it again if given another chance.

Illiyasu, 29, and Ibrahim Aliyu, 18 were trailed and arrested by policemen after robbing one Adamu Mohammed of his motorcycle.

According to Illiyasu, he went into armed robbery due to economic hardship in the country.

“However, I feel no remorse, if given the opportunity again I will commit the crime because the situation is bad. Nothing works in this country, people are suffering a lot.”

The spokesman of Niger State Police Command, Abigail Unaeze, said the suspects were arrested after distress calls were placed to police by people in the area.

How a Pastor Sold Me to Cartel in Oman for $300,000 - Young Nigerian Lady Narrates Shocking Story

The new face of human traffickers is organ harvesting; while their new destinations is now the middle east, especially an Arab country called Oman.
File photo
Human traffickers these days lure unsuspecting Nigerians overseas, where they often drugged and their organs harvested. Some victims wake up to discover they had lost an organ, others are not so lucky, they die.

Busayo, who is among 35 ladies that just returned from Oman on Friday is looking for ways to leave the nightmares that had become her life.

According to Busayo, one really needs to be cautious and careful when planning to leave a madam or master, in order to avoid being killed.

She said: “I had to lie to my madam, Sherifat, that my child in Nigeria was sick. I told her that I needed to travel to Nigeria to check my child. Our madams are usually in possession of our visas and passports. If they don’t hand those items to you, you wouldn’t be able to travel. Once you landed in Oman, those items are forcibly collected from you.

“I cried for days to make Sherifat believe my story. I didn’t eat for three days. Normally, if you want to leave, you must not eat or your Oman boss could poison you. A Nigerian lady died on a plane to Nigeria."

When she was leaving, her madam gave her a pizza. She died in the plane before it got to Nigeria. The lives of Nigerians are not worth much to citizens of Oman. Many of our ladies are dying in Oman and many are stark raving mad.”

Another shocking revelation from Busayo is that she was tricked and trafficked by a pastor. She said that in her wildest imagination, she wouldn’t have believed that a man of God could trick and sell her. Men of God are symbols of piety and trust.

Although she doesn’t know the pastor’s full name and the name of his church, she, however, said that she could locate the church at Ikotun Egbe, Lagos State. She also said that the cleric is popularly called ‘Pastor Solomon.’

The Executive Director Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center (WARDC), Dr. Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, a lawyer, who has taken Busayo under her wings and presenting trying to rehabilitate her, vowed to leave no stone unturned in hunting down Pastor Solomon with police, in order to make him pay for his crimes.

Recollecting how she came to meet Pastor Solomon, Busayo, a hairstylist, said that she had been saving for years in order to travel to Dubai.

Her heart latched onto Dubai after a friend, Kehinde, also a stylist, went to work in Dubai for a year.

Kehinde appeared successful after she returned. Busayo believed that she too could do better.

She recounted: “I asked Kehinde how the country was; she said it was a good country. No, I didn’t ask her why she came back.”

Busayo started making plans to travel; it was in that process a friend heard about her plans and linked her to Pastor Solomon.

The friend told her that the pastor was known for preparing travelling documents for people going overseas.

Busayo said: “I told the pastor that I wanted to go to Dubai to work. He asked why Dubai. He said that there were several other countries where I could work and receive a good salary.

"He said he could help me to get Oman Visa. He said I would go there to work as a house help and that the salary was 350, dollars. I felt the salary was fine, so I accepted. He told me that to prepare the documents and get visa, amongst other things would cost me N250, 000. But at the end of the day, I paid more than that.

"While I paid Pastor Solomon here, I didn’t know that he had sold me to a cartel in Oman for 300,000 dollars. When I realised I had been played by Pastor Solomon, I called him from Oman, but he shouted that I shouldn’t disturb him and hung up.”

Busayo embarked on the journey to Oman in January 23, but the travelling process started in October 2016. The visa took almost three months to be readied.

Busayo said: “Pastor Solomon convinced me to go to Oman; I didn’t know it was a country that uses people, especially Nigerians as slaves. The people that bought me are like a central office or employment firm. That’s where you would land first, and from there, they would assign you to a madam or master, where you would work.
"Although Pastor Solomon told me that the salary would be 350, dollars, when I got there, I discovered the salary was just 150 dollars. We heard that Nigerian agents were given balance of the money.

“People of Oman are a bunch of lazy people; they can’t do anything without house helps, yet they are very wicked people. They worked us to the bones and when you complain, you are attacked and beaten mercilessly.”

She was given to a family of eight. The name of her madam is Sherifat. She described the house of her madam as a mansion, with enough rooms, but she was made to sleep outside.

“I don’t have a room, I was instructed to sleep upstairs. It’s like a balcony outside,” recalled Busayo. “Once a maid arrives, the madam would be nice to her, but after a week, she would show her true, wicked colour.

I was among 35 Nigerian ladies that returned from Oman last week. I stayed almost 10 months there. We were not allowed to see anyone. The central office, which bought and assigned us, used to beat us whenever we complained of being overworked. We go to bed late and wake early to start working nonstop.”

Busayo, who said that other Nigerian ladies were trafficked into sex slavery in Oman, described herself as lucky.

She said that she was made to wash several cars, gates to the house, clothes, cook, and water trees amongst other chores. Although she was in charge of cooking, she was often starved.

She said: “I couldn’t cook and steal some food to eat because a Close Circuit Television (CCTV) was installed to monitor everything I did. Sherifat is a very wicked woman.”

When she realised that she could no longer cope and needed to leave, Busayo came up with the ruse that her child was sick and desperately needed her. Initially, Sherifat refused to release her, but later capitulated after Busayo vowed to her that she would return.

“God knows I’m not going back. Sherifat owed me three months’ salary. I told her that I didn’t have money, that she should use part of my money with her to pay my flight ticket. She used two months salaries for that; she did all that because she believed I would return to her.”

The lady, who revealed that male bosses often forced their Nigerian servants into having sex with them, said that her boss, Sherifat’s husband, Hammed, tried such moves on her.

She threatened to attack and report him to the police. “Since then, he kept away from me. There are many Nigerian ladies trafficked into prostitution,” she said.

Busayo said that many ladies in Oman, have different horrible stories of survivals to tell. She told the story of a Nigerian lady, who wanted to leave after working with her Oman madam for a year and five months.

The woman wasn’t happy with the idea. She tried to talk the lady out of leaving, but the Nigerian servant remained adamant.

The madam then promised her to the ticketing office, to book her return flight to Nigeria. When they got there, the madam called and handed her over to the police, claiming that the lady stole her gold.

“She was locked up in prison for two months and forced to bath with salt water. After she was released, I saw her. She used to be very fair, but her skin looked terrible,” said Busayo.

She added: “Oman is not a good country; they hate and call Nigerian slaves. Some Nigerian ladies are working in different farms in Oman, milking cows from morning till night. When you hear Oman, please just run for your life.”

Akiyode was visibly troubled by Busayo’s narration. She worried that if proper rehabilitation and financial assistance were not given to the victims to begin a new life in Nigeria, many may be forced to go back to Oman.

Thus without much ado, Akiyode, urged Busayo to come to her office with other ladies that returned from Oman. While Busayo is trying to contact the victims, Akiyode started fine-tuning her plans on how to go after Pastor Solomon.

-New Telegraph

Reps to Probe Buhari for Ordering Suspension of Female Cadets Admission into NDA

The alleged decision to start the suspension of admission of female cadets has come under serious scrutiny by the House of Representatives.
Members of the House of Representatives
The House of Representatives Thursday waded into the controversy over the alleged suspension of admission of female cadets into the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) by the military and mandated its Committees on Defence, Army, Navy and Air Force to investigate the matter.

According to ThisDay, the motion for probe was raised by Hon. Omosede Igbinedion (PDP, Edo) who lashed out at the government over its plan to stop the admission of combatant female cadets into the NDA.

The decision was said to have been taken during the council’s meeting presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari. The policy was initiated by the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011.

Although the Director of Defence Information, Maj-Gen John Enenche, in a statement on Tuesday denied that there had been a policy reversal, describing the news as “an act of disinformation to the general public by mischievous individuals”, the House insisted Thursday that the alleged proposal should be investigated.

Moving her motion, Omosede argued that the plan was against the affirmative action for women, urging the military to reconsider its position.

According to her, besides the fact that the Nigerian constitution frowns upon discriminatory practices against persons, Nigeria is a signatory to the Beijing Declaration of 1995 and the Follow Up Summit on Strengthening the Institutional Arrangements for Support of Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, which also coincided with Agenda 113 of the 7th Session of the United Nations General Assembly of 2012.

She said: “Affirmative Action means positive steps be taken to increase the representation of women and minorities in areas of employment, education and all such other areas from which they have historically been excluded.”

She noted that if media reports were found to be true, it would amount to a major policy reversal of monumental proportion and a setback because scrapping the course for women would deny them the opportunity of heading any arm of the Nigerian military.

The committee was handed four weeks to conclude its findings and report back to the House for further legislative action.
In another development, the House also mandated its Committee on Works to investigate the nature of contracts and concession arrangements on the Second Niger Bridge as well as the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

It, however, urged the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing to include funds in the 2018 budget for the completion of the projects.

The resolution followed a motion on the need to investigate the nature of the contract and/or concession agreement on the Second Niger Bridge and the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, which was moved by Hon. Solomon Maren (PDP, Plateau).

He said unless the projects were completed, commuters would continue to experience difficulties in transportation. According to him, “Contracts for the construction of the Second Niger Bridge and reconstruction of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway have continued to feature in the annual budgets without any seeming signs of their completion or the amount required to do so.”

He expressed concern at the recent submission of the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, while commenting on the 2017 Appropriation Act, that monies for the projects were reduced and might become elephant projects as they were not under any concession or public private partnership (PPP) arrangement.

He also said the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) had spent about N18 billion on the Second Niger Bridge as the financier during its early stages.

He said the completion of the projects was pivotal to national development as they had the potential to douse tension across the country, especially in the face of widespread agitations for restructuring of the country and separation by some pressure group.

Maren raised concern over the manner of the execution of the projects, which he said was not in accordance with defined methods for executing projects and/or contracting procedures.

Debating the motion, Hon. Mohammed Sani (APC, Bauchi) said it was imperative to ascertain whether the projects were concessioned or subsumed under direct funding by the federal government.

The House then concluded that the Lagos-Ibadan expressway was under a concession arrangement, unlike the Second Niger Bridge.

Hon. Aliyu Madaki (APC, Kano) said: “There is a concession agreement which was signed on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway in the previous government of President Jonathan, which I believe is still binding on this government.”

Presiding, the Deputy Speaker, Hon. Yussuff Lasun, asked the Committee on Works to investigate the nature of the contracts and concession arrangements and report back within four weeks for further legislative action.

BREAKING News: Serious Commotion as Three Protesters are Shot Dead

An altercation between policemen in Kenya and opposition candidates has left three people dead in Nairobi.
Protesters in Kenya (File photo)
Three men were shot dead Friday in the Kenyan capital Nairobi as police broke up crowds of thousands of opposition supporters, an AFP journalist revealed.

The report revealed further that the three bodies, all shot in the upper body, were seen lying on the road in Muthurwa, a city suburb where riot police armed with tear gas, water cannons and rifles clashed with stone throwing protesters.

More details soon...

Internet Breaks After Police Woman Uploaded This Photo Online

Some Nigerian men are begging this beautiful female police officer to arrest them after she uploaded this pretty photo on social media.
Abdulazeez Fatima
This is a Hausa police officer named Abdulazeez Fatima is currently setting Instagram on fire. The young woman exudes a flawless and natural black beauty.

"She is not like the usual female police officer that make you imagine hell when you see them" an excited social media user said. She stands out among her colleagues.

See reactions below:

Celebration as Imo State Deputy Governor Welcomes Bouncing Baby Girl With Wife (Photos)

It is a happy moment for the Imo State Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere and his wife following the birth of their newborn baby girl.
Imo state Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere with his newborn baby

The Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere has shared his joy after welcoming a bouncing baby girl with his beautiful wife Princess Chioma Rosemary Madumere. The baby girl has been named Princess Oluebubechukwueze Zinachidi Madumere.

Writing on Facebook, Madumere wrote: "BEHOLD! OUR LITTLE ANGEL IS HERE…

My lovely wife, Princess Chioma Rosemary Madumere was delivered of an angel, a bundle of joy – a lovely baby girl named Princess Oluebubechukwueze Zinachidi Madumere.

I chose to to christen her Oluebubechukwueze (meaning the miraculous work of God the King) and Zinachidi (meaning show the world that there is God), because she is special and couldn’t have come at any other better time than now. Her coming has brought unquantifiable joy in my heart and to my family.

For my Princess, she deserved all the commendation for drawing strength from The Lord Jesus and for her bravery to go through the pains of labour. I love you even much more.

Friends, share with us in this unfathomable joy that can only come from The Lord Jesus Christ."

Heartbreaking: How Pregnant Mother, 8 Year-Old Daughter Were Killed In Maiduguri Suicide Attack

In what will come across as a really shocking a pregnant mother and her eight-year-old daughter, have been killed in a suicide attack.
Boko Haram
An exclusive report by Premium Times has shown that the residents of Muna-Gari, a suburb of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, where four suicide bombers attacked on Wednesday evening, have buried 15 corpses, including an unborn baby that was forced out of its mother’s .

Premium Times on Thursday gained an exclusive access to witness the mass funeral rite for the dead victims of the attack.

Most of the victims were killed while observing the late evening congregational prayers in an open mosque.

Also buried was a male foetus that was forced out of his mother’s womb by the bomb explosion activated by one of the female suicide bombers.

On Thursday, hundreds of grieving sympathisers converged at the premises of Muna primary school to pay their last respect and offer prayers to the deceased.

Witnesses said the Wednesday attack could have been averted had there been enough security presence around their community.

Behind Muna-Gari is an open bush that leads to a thicker forest.

Premium Times learnt that there are only two military posts behind the suburb of Muna-Gari. There is a distance of about 8km between the two military posts.

Residents said the suicide bombers usually take advantage of the unprotected open space between the military posts to sneak into the community to carry out attacks.

Bukar Samaila, a trader and member of the volunteer vigilante, known as Civilian-JTF, told Premium Times that it was for the mercy of God that he was alive.

One of the suicide bombers attacked the house beside his provision store. It was there that the pregnant woman and her daughter were killed.

“We heard the first blast at exactly 5.57 p.m. when we were already at the mosque observing the Maghrib (late evening) prayer,” said Mr. Samaila.

“The second one came almost immediately from the second street. As I was rushing back to my shop area, I sighted two girls running unusually into the community from the bush area. Immediately I suspected her motive and raised alarm.

“One man responded by trying to stop her. But when he noticed that she was screaming and trying to pull out something from under her garment he pushed her away, just before the bomb on her went off. The man was lucky to be alive but he was badly affected by burns on his back. The second girl disappeared, no one could locate her.

“I came back to the shop, but something instinctively made me to close the shop and go to check my family at home. I was barely halfway to my house when we heard the last bomb blast right inside the house sharing walls with my shop. I would have been either dead or badly injured had I delayed for a minute after I made the decision to leave for home.

“When we rushed back we found the corpse of the pregnant woman on the floor inside the smoke filled compound with her unborn baby also outside her forcefully opened stomach. Her eight years old daughter too was dead beside her. Another woman and a girl were also badly injured,” said Mr. Samaila.

Mr. Samaila said Muna-Gari and Muna garage are separated by the Maiduguri-Gamboru highway that leads to Chad. The two locations have become the most notorious for Boko Haram suicide attacks in Borno.

He added that unlike in the past, there is a disconnect between the soldiers that are currently manning the posts and the local Civilian-JTF operatives.

“Most of us don’t know the soldiers and we don’t have their numbers,” he said.

“In the past we used to share information quickly because we have each other’s phone number. Had we been armed with even hunting rifles, we could have been able to gun down the two girls that were spotted running into the community, even before we alert the soldiers.”

Adam Muhammed, a civil servant, whose parents live in Muna-Gari, informed Premium Times that most of the suicide bombers were often seen by the local farmers when some persons would bring them on motorcycles and drop them off outside the parapet of sand built around Maiduguri.

“The suicide bombers are mostly dropped off far outside the villages at dusk by some persons riding motorcycles; and in some cases our farmers would spot them and alert the soldiers or Civilian-JTF,” said Mr. Muhammed.

“The same thing happened last week when two girls were seen being dropped off by some persons and the farmer quickly informed the soldiers, who moved in and shot them dead before they could detonate the bombs on them.”

“But the truth of the matter, there are few soldiers here now. And the soldiers cannot protect the vast open land and bushes; that is why we have become so vulnerable to attacks. Let the state government and the military protect our lives by deploying more soldiers here, because the attack is almost becoming an every day occurrence,” Mr. Muhammed said.

Prison Officials Have Starved Me for Three Days - Evans Raises Alarm

Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, popularly known as Evans has accused prison officials of starving him for three days in a row.
Suspected kidnapper, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, popularly known as Evans
Suspected billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, popularly known as Evans, on Friday raised an alarm that prison authorities for three days in a row, have denied him food, Tribune Nigeria has reported.

Evans made the revelation during an argument which ensued between him and prison officers immediately he was ushered into the courtroom.

His counsel Olukoya Ogungbeje, also attested to the fact that his client is being starved. According to Evans, the prison authorities deprived him of change of clothes, food, and access to having his bath since Wednesday.

“This is unfair, I have not been given food and change of clothes.  I was not given an opportunity to bath on Wednesday. I am seriously hungry now,” Evans lamented.

“They locked us in one place, no food, no bathing,” Evans shouted to the hearing of the reporters.

His fellow defendants also confirmed the development even as a senior NPS official denied the allegations.

Ogungbeje who was visibly angry by the development sought permission to go and procure food for his clients, pleading that only a living person that can stand trial.

Evans and five others were charged with conspiracy to commit the felony and kidnapping contrary to section 411 of the Criminal Law Cap 17 Laws of Lagos State 2015, claims they have since denied.

Evans co-defendants are Uche Amadi, Ogechi Uchechukwu, Okwuchukwu Nwachukwu, Chilaka Ifeanyi and Victor Chukwunonso Aduba.

At the commencement of Friday’s proceedings, counsel to the sixth defendant, Emmanuel Ochai also corroborated all the defendants claims that they had not been fed or allowed to have their bath in three days.

Responding to the allegations, the presiding judge, Justice HakeemOshodi, raised concerns about the welfare of the defendants.

“The Director of Public Prosecution should please investigate this allegation. A defendant is innocent until he is proven guilty by a competent court,” he said.

In her response, the Lagos State Prosecutor, Ms Titilayo Shitta-Bey, told the court that the prosecution would promptly investigate the allegations.

Earlier during the proceedings, Justice Oshodi dismissed an application by the only female defendant,  Ogechi Uchechukwu asking to be released on bail.

In his ruling, Justice Oshodi said he found no merit in her application for bail, noting that the defendant has no concrete base in Lagos and would constitute a flight risk.

“The 6th defendant claims that the police only arrested her because she is the wife of one of the defendants. But according to the prosecution, the No 21, Ishaye street, Igando apartment where the victims of the kidnapping ring were allegedly kept, was rented in her name.

“In her statement, she claimed that her husband and the 1st defendant were business partners who deal in drugs, claims which need to be proved before this court. I hereby find no merit in this application, and the defendant should be kept in custody for her own safety due to the severity of the case,” the judge ruled.

The matter could, however, could not go on as the 4th defendant had no legal representation. The judge thereafter adjourned the matter till January 19, 2018, for cross-examination of the first witness and continuation of trial.

Two Notorious Criminals Who Specialize in Using Names Of Dead People To Defraud Victims Arrested in Lagos

It is the end of the road for two fraudsters who specialize in using names of dead people to defraud unsuspecting victims.

The alleged criminals after they were caught
Two men have been arrested by officers of the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly using the name of a dead Surveyor to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians, according to a report by NewsTelegraph.

It was gathered that the suspects identified as Moses Ayodele and Oluwatobi Ononuga, were arraigned at Ikeja Magistrate’s Court, sitting at Ogudu, for impersonation, forging of stamp and seal belonging to the late surveyor.

They conspired with others still at large, to commit felony to with impersonation and forgery, and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 411 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2015.

Ayodele and Ononuga were also accused of forging a stamp and seal belonging to a deceased registered surveyor, late Victor Okolo to prepare counterfeit survey plans to unsuspecting members of the public, and thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 365 subsection (1) of the criminal law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2015.

However, a petition signed by Barrister Shamsideen Olaleye, who acted as solicitors to Gracias Property and Sylvia Property, claimed that Ayodele presented himself as a registered surveyor to their companies and they have had him on the list of the companies’ consultants as one of the companies registered surveyors.

According to the petition, Ayodele has drawn many survey plans for many individuals who had purchased landed properties from the companies without any of them suspecting that the survey plans were fake.

INEC Commences Distribution of Electoral Materials in Anambra

Sensitive materials are currently being transported and distributed among several areas in Anambra State by INEC officials ahead of tomorrow's gubernatorial election.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Anambra State has commenced the distribution of sensitive electoral materials to local government areas in the state.

The commission said it took delivery of the sensitive materials ahead of Saturday’s governorship election on Thursday at the Central Bank of Nigeria branch in Awka from where it was moved amid tight security to the commission’s headquarters in Awka.

The resident electoral commissioner, Dr Nkwachukwu Orji, told journalists that the materials were inspected by officials of the commission, representatives of political parties, and accredited election observers before the commencement of distribution.

In distributing the materials, Dr. Orji said local Government Areas in the state would be clustered into five groups based on the distance,
terrain, and voter registration density, and that the council Areas that are farther from the state capital, Awka, those with more difficult terrains and those with large voter populations will received their materials before the others.

Meanwhile, security has been beefed up in the state ahead of Saturday’s governorship election. Armed personnel from the Nigeria police, DSS, and the NSCDC are stationed at strategic places.

At least 26, 000 police officers are deployed to the state by the Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Idris Ibrahim, to protect the electorate for the election.

'Don't Call Me Fake' - Soldier Held for Alleged Robbery Warns Commissioner of Police

A Sergeant attached to the Nigeria Army in Onitsha, the commercial city of Anambra State, has been arrested by policemen for driving a stolen vehicle.
The crminal suspects
The gallant operatives of the Nigerian Police Force from the Delta State Police Command, has arrested a 32-year-old Sergeant Anthony Okologbo, attached to the Nigeria Army Engineering Regiment, Onitsha, Anambra State for driving a stolen vehicle.

According to a report by New Telegraph, Okologbo with No. 03NA/53/4586, was intercepted in a stolen Rav4- Jeep with registration number EKY 297 EJ. He was driving the car, while in army uniform and had two other occupants with him.

The two occupants have been identified as Kelly Ogun, 38, of Peoples Club, Mkpor Road, Onitsha and Chiko Kiku, 25, of Ugberami community, Ughelli, Delta State.

Okologbo, who allegedly attempted to run after being arrested, allegedly struggled with men of the Dragon Patrol Team 22, stationed along Kwale/Ogwashi-Uku highway, before he was overpowered. He was said to have struggled with the policemen after they asked him for the vehicle particulars.

While speaking to a correspondent yesterday, the Delta State Commissioner of Police, Zanna M. Ibrahim, disclosed that upon search of the car, the vehicle particulars were found and indicated that a woman, Florence Uboh, of Ogunu road, Warri, is the owner.

Ibrahim said: “Further inquiries revealed that the vehicle was robbed at gun point from Florence two days back at Ughelli.”

As Ibrahim was briefing journalists that Okologbo is a fake soldier, Okologbo angrily warned the CP to stop disparaging him, insisting that he was a serving soldier.  He urged the CP to carry out proper investigations before concluding.

He said: “He has my Identity Card (ID), he should go and investigate it and stop calling me a fake soldier.”

The suspect did not stop at that, he told those that cared to listen that even if he should explain his role in the crime, nobody would understand.

He explained further: “I was called upon to drive the car to Onitsha. I’m not a robber, neither am I a fake soldier. None of you here can understand why I drove the car.”

Anambra Election: IPOB Member Shows-off His Machete, Threatens to Attack Soldier Who Dares Him to Vote (Photos)

The photos of an IPOB supporter who publicly flaunted his machete in readiness for any person or military who will force him to vote in Anambra election, has emerged online.

The young who don't want to vote in Anambra election
As the people of Anambra state are gearing up towards casting their votes for the governorship election in the state, a supporter of the proscribed Indiginous People of Biafra (IPOB) has insisted that he is not going to vote

The IPOB supporter identified as Sunday Oscar took to his Facebook page and posted some photos which sees him showing-off his machete in readiness for any soldier who will force him to vote in Anambra election.

Oscar who insisted that he will not be exercising his right to franchise posted the photos online and wrote; 'Le me see  person or army who  go come force me to vote in anambra election ndi ara'

See more photos below;

Jarrell Miller: Muscles Won't Save Joshua - He Has a Glass Jaw

Heavyweight contender Jarrell 'Big Baby' Miller (20-0-1, 18 KOs) is convinced that IBF, IBO, WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (20-0, 20 KOs) has a glass jaw.

Miller recently picked up a stoppage win over Polish giant Mariusz Wach as part of Eddie Hearn's first American card, which took place at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York. Hearn is the promoter of Joshua.

After watching several of Joshua's recent fights, Miller feels the heavyweight champion has a big weakness - his chin. Joshua was rattled by Dillian Whyte and dropped by Wladimir Klitschko, and some felt he was starting to wilt a little bit with Carlos Takam.

Joshua has a jacked frame, with over 250-pounds of muscle and punching power in both hands.
Miller believes that he's inching close to securing a world title fight with them.

"I think either the next fight, or one fight [away] for sure," Miller exclusively told Sky Sports. "I wasn't really pleased with my performance, even though it was still a win. I'm about getting the job done.

Miller does not believe Joshua is actually serious about facing the top names - like WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. The Brooklyn boxer has already gone on record and stated that he believes Wilder would knock Joshua out is they ever met.

Miller sees himself as the roadblock between Joshua and Wilder - but he doubts Joshua would want to fight either of them any time soon and would rather continue making defenses in the UK.

"He's full of cr*p, because he's said already he doesn't want to go to America right now to fight. He's said he doesn't want to go to Vegas and fight any time soon. He's got to get his story straight. One minute he wants to fight Deontay, then he wants to come to America. I don't know?," Miller said.

"He's really hyped up. Muscles don't save your chin. We all know his chin is definitely glass and it's a matter of time before a fighter will expose him, and I hope I'm the one to do it."

Woman Reportedly Burns Her Boyfriend's Multi-million Naira Car After He Dumped Her (Photos)

A frustrated man has had his multi-million naira car burnt to ashes after he reportedly dumped his girlfriend.
Brion Means took to Facebook to share his frustration

A Twitter user has shocked many people after revealing that her unnamed friend set her boyfriend’s car ablaze after he told her he was no longer interested in the relationship.

The woman with the Twitter handle @_iamqueenk wrote: “My friend just set her nigga car on fire cause he said he didn’t wanna be with her anymore & was ready to move on. WOWWWWWWWW.”

She also shared photos of the destroyed car. However, it has been reported that the incident has left the girl's boyfriend in a state of shock.

Writing about the incident of Facebook, the woman's boyfriend Brion Means said: “Smh so my d**k that good, that you females can’t just walk away love make you do some crazy shit but this is just stupid . Whole infinity gone cause you say you wanna move on .  Im done my next chick gone be my wife tired of taking losses”

Man Bumps Into His Son on the Street 9 Months After He Was Kidnapped...and This Happened

A man happened to bump into his own son on the street some nine months after the boy was kidnapped, and quickly did something to get the boy back.
The moment cops seize one of the traffickers after being called by the boy's dad

A quick-thinking dad saved his son from a suspected human trafficking gang after spotting the boy nine months after he had been abducted, The Sun UK reports.

The six-year-old was with three men when his father bumped into him by chance at a shopping mall in China and called the police who pounced before the trio could escape.

The courts in China have now sentenced the men to a total of 11 years in prison.

Cheng Jiafu was abducted in May 27, 2016, at Matang Village in Qingyuan, Guangdong, according to reports in the People's Daily.

His father Chen Zhonghong told police at the time he had been working and had left the boy with his elder sister at home to watch TV.

The three 'traffickers' were sentenced to a total of 11 years in prison
Two hours after the dad left home a stranger abducted the boy.

According to Qingxin News, Chen Zhouhong then spotted his son with three men at the Qingxin Town Plaza.

Officers quickly arrived to arrest the trio, who were known by their surnames, Chen, Li and Ou.

The Qingxin People's Court held a trial on November 10.

The judge, Hou Zhaoxing, believed Mr Ou had intended to sell children, including Jiafu, to other families. Mr Ou received a 10,000 yuan (£1,143) fine and six-year imprisonment.

Ms Li and Mr Chen were given three-year and two-year imprisonment respectively for child abduction, according to the judge.

Chaos as Massive Fire Tears Through a Nursing Home In Middle Of the Night (Photos)

A massive fire has torn through a nursing home in the middle of the night, causing serious commotion in the area and leaving behind complete chaos.
The fire caused serious havoc
According to Daily Star UK, a massive blaze has engulfed nursing home overnight with reports of multiple people unaccounted for.

The fire broke out at the Barclay Friends Senior Living Community in West Chester, which is 35 miles west of Philadelphia in the United States.

Alarms were set off at around 11pm local time (4am UK), prompting a mass evacuation of people living there.

A Chester County dispatcher, who sent police and firefighters to the scene, said: “All I can tell you is we have multiple alarms and multiple evacuations."

Shocking footage of the scene shows flames ravaging the building and plumes of smoke high in the sky.

Other images taken in the early hours of the morning show elderly residents huddled outside in the freezing cold.

Earlier, there were unconfirmed reports of a number of people missing.

A witness wrote on Twitter: "Fire at Barclays senior center in WC. Helicopters everywhere. Tons of smoke. Yikkkkeesssss."

Another tweeted: "Someone please host some of those senior citizens in West Chester, it's freezing and they just lost their nursing home to a fire."

More than a 20 dozen residents were rushed to hospital, although their condition is not clear.

All medical centres in the area were also been told to expect patients.

Shocked people living nearby said they saw multiple people being rescued from burning buildings.

According to its website, the Barclay Friends home offers professional nursing staff 24/7 hours a day, as well as meals and other services.

Dubbed the 'Magic Boy' See the One-legged Footballer Wowing Fans Across the Globe

A 21-year-old footballer with one leg has left many people baffled following his unbelievable exploits in the football pitch.

He Yiyi has wowed fans across the globe with his unbelievable ability
A one-legged footballer has captured the hearts of millions of Chinese fans after a widely circulated video showed him holding his own against able-bodied opponents and scoring a rasping right-footed drive, AFP has reported.

The young man identified as 21-year-old He Yiyi lost his leg to childhood cancer and uses crutches to support himself when playing. He has now earned him several endearing nicknames including “Angel with Broken Wings”, “Ball King with One Leg” and “Magic Boy”.

He, who had gained the notice of a French scout as a child before losing his leg, plays in the odd pick-up match in the southern province of Guangdong after being denied access to organised amateur leagues.

A video of him playing an exhibition and talking about the challenges he faces against able-bodied opponents has been watched nearly four million times online, and counting.

In 2008, just before his life-changing diagnosis, He was spotted by a French scout and he was all set to go to France to forge a career as a professional.

But before he could even get a passport the pain he had been suffering for some time in his left leg was diagnosed as osteosarcoma, a cancer that most commonly occurs in children and young adults.

Doctors told him that his best chance of long-term survival was to have his leg amputated.

He said that on the rare occasions he is allowed to play competitive football, opponents often target, tease or abuse him.

“They want me out in the first few minutes and will shout, ‘What are you doing here?'” he said.

He prefers crutches to an artificial leg because his amputation is high up on his left leg, so a prosthesis would give him very limited control — plus crutches are more comfortable.

And he purposely uses cheap crutches so that when opponents tackle him the crutches will just break rather than hurt the other player, as sturdier ones might.

He has a message for others reluctant to pursue their sporting dreams because of disability.

“You should take a positive attitude towards life, don’t trap yourself at home whining,” he said. “It is only you who can save yourself. Isn’t it better to give others a smile?”

Photos of a Grandmother Fortifying Her Grandson Ahead of His Trip from Rivers State to Kano Goes Viral

A grandmother has been captured on camera fortifying her grand son as he embarks on a long trip from Rivers State to Kano, in photos gone viral online.

Woman fortifying her grand son
A Facebook user identified as Kue Barinor Paul, has taken to the social networking platform to share some pictures showing the moment his grand mother was praying for him before he embarked on a trip to Kano state.

In the photos which emerged online and is going viral on social media, the young man was seen being laid hands on and his head washed. It was more like an 'ablution'.

The young man who said his grandma wants him to go to Kano and return with a title, and to achieve great things, shared the pictures on Facebook and wrote;

"Granny preparing me for Kano. She gave me the first ablution. "Go to Kano and return with a title." #Abokihood in a jiffy" #AlhajiHood in the offing."

See more photos below;

Ambode Issues Serious Warning to Civil Servants...Checkout His Message

The Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode, has issued serious warning to civil servants during a workshop organised for them.
Akinwunmi Ambode

Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, the Lagos State Governor, on Thursday warned civil servants in the state against importing odd ideas and policies that could impede productivity in the civil service.

According to Punch Metro, the governor spoke at a two-day training workshop on ‘Policy Analysis, Development and Implementation for Policy Analysts and Developers in the Lagos State Public Service,’ in Ikeja.

Ambode, who was represented by the Commissioner for Establishments, Training and Pensions, Dr Benson Oke, said participants were expected to exhibit qualities typical of effective policy analysts.

“Participating officers will be able to better appreciate the role government plays in society and its limitations and strengths compared with other social institutions, including markets, and how to integrate market analysis, cost-benefit analysis, comparative institutional analysis, and evaluation methods into policy research exercises,” he added.

Ambode stated that at the end of the training, the trainees would also be able to effectively engage in consultation, teamwork, and conflict management during policy formulation and analysis.

He said, “These objectives represent the indices regarded, as a matter of global best practices, as essential knowledge and practice for public sector policy experts. The values to be derived from them are not quantifiable.

“But, as always, we must take great pains to carefully domesticate them both institutionally and individually, taking care to avoid importing practices that are not workable under our local circumstances.”

He urged the workers to strive in attaining the highest standard of governance that the citizenry expected from the government.

Revealed: President Buhari and VP Osinbajo's Trips Will Gulp N1.3billion In 2018

Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice President Yemi Osinbajo's trips in 2018 will gulp a whopping sum.

President Muhammadu Buhari
It has been revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo will spend  N1.3bn on their numerous trips in 2018, Punch Metro reports.

The figure was part of the details of the 2018 Appropriation Bill the President presented to the National Assembly last week.

According to the details, the two Nigerian leaders will spend N968.4m on their foreign trips during the year, while their local trips will gulp N334m.

Further breakdown of the budget shows that Buhari alone will spend N751m on his foreign trips and N250m on local trips.

Osinbajo will spend N217m and N84m on his foreign and local trips respectively.  These figures do not include N182m allocated   for both local and foreign trips in the budget of the State House Headquarters.

In 2017, the President spent N739m on foreign trips, while his deputy expended N218m for the same purpose.

Also during the year, Buhari spent N238m on local trips. Local trips for Osinbajo cost N88m.  Both leaders spent N1.28bn on foreign and local trips during the year.

Further scrutiny of the 2018 budget shows that Buhari and Osinbajo will jointly spend N149m on foodstuffs/catering materials during the year.

While Buhari will spend N98m under the category, Osinbajo will spend N50m. This is apart from the N25.7m Buhari will be spending on refreshments and meals.

Apart from the figure also, Osinbajo will be spending N18m on refreshments and meals as well as N2.4m on cooking gas. For the Vice-President, N17.4m will be spent to purchase household and kitchen items that include crested plates, tea cups, cutleries and serving basin.

For the State House Headquarters, electricity charges will gulp N275m; telephone charges will cost N24m; while N67m will be spent on internet charges.

N66m was budgeted for water rates while sewage charges will gulp N45m.

The government will also spend N24m to purchase sporting equipment for State House Sports Club.

Also, the Federal Government has budgeted N1.03bn for the State House Medical Centre in 2018. The budget consists of N698.7m capital expenditure, N331.7m for recurrent expenditure and N331.7m for overheads.

Purchase of health and medical equipment will gulp N408m, while N208m will be spent on drug and medical supplies.

Besides, the Federal Government will spend N11m on local travel and transportation at the medical centre. Provision of fixed assets for the medical centre will cost N209m.

Wizkid Reportedly Punched in the Face as Starboy and Davido Fights Publicly (Video)

It appears the beef between Davido and Wizkid has gotten to an unbelievable level as both stars and their entourage were reportedly involved in a fight at the recently held One Africa Fest in Dubai.
Davido and Wizkid
There was pandemonium at the star-studded "One Africa Music Fest" concert which took place on Thursday in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, as a supremacy fight between two of Nigerian superstar singers, Davido and Wizkid erupted where members of their teams violently clashed against each other.

According to several reports on social media, it all started when Davido expressed his disappointment because Wizkid performed before him.  This led to a big fight between their entourages backstage.

Wizkid was reportedly punched in the face as the whole drama ensued. A video is also making the rounds showing men who are reportedly from Davido and Wizkid’s camp fighting each other.

Here is how a Twitter user, @esineymar shared the story from the event;

"Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie was unable to perform at the just ended One Africa concert which took place in Dubai.

"According to sources, When Sarkodie was just about hitting the stage, Davido’s guy attacked Black Nana by pushing him to the floor to allow Davido perform.

"Things turned violent as people received slaps and blows like free Wi-Fi. There has been some police arrests.

"The main fight was between two of Nigeria’s very own artistes, Wizkid and Davido. Davido expressed disappointment in the organizers allowing wizkid to perform before him. This obviously didn’t sit well with Wizkid and his people as it led to a big fight backstage.

"Unfortunately, things got messy at the backstage which resulted in some mismanaged rendering Sarkodie not able to perform.

"Sarkodie and his crew were just caught up in the cross fire set between Wizkid and Davido. Someone even said wizkid attacked fight with a punchstar."

Meanwhile watch the video clip of crew members of Davido and Wizkid's fight below;

NYSC Releases 2017 Batch B Call-up Letters, Lists 6 Requirements For Camp

The management of National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, has released call-up letters for 2017 Batch B stream I prospective corps members .

Prospective corps members have been advised to print out call-up letter to know their state of deployment.

This was contained in a statement by the scheme on their Fcebook page @NYSCHQNG

The Statement reads:” 2017 BATCH ‘B’ STREAM I ORIENTATION COURSE

The NYSC 2017 Batch ‘B’ Stream I Orientation Course is scheduled to commence in all the NYSC Orientation camps nationwide as follows:

(a) Commencement of Registration: Tuesday 21st November, 2017

(b) Cut-off date for Registration: 12 midnight, Wednesday, 22nd November, 2017

(c) Swearing-In Ceremony: Thursday,23rd November,2017

(d) Official Closing Ceremony: Monday, 11th December, 2017

2. All prospective Corps Members slated for the 2017 Batch ‘B’ Stream I Orientation Course are advised to proceed to their respective Camps as stated on their Call-up Letters. Foreign-trained graduates are to report to the Camp with their travelling Passport for Identification as well as their Transcript for verification.

3. In the event of any loss of Call-up Letter, the Corps member who collected the Call-up letter from his/her Institution is advised to obtain Police Report and Sworn Affidavit, thereafter, report to the Institution of graduation for further necessary action.

Those who initially printed their Call-up Letter on-line can re-print the Call-up Letter as many times as they want in the case of loss.


(a) Original Call-up Letter or Call-up Letter printed on-line

(b) Statement of Result endorsed by authorized officer with authentic signature.

(c) School Identity Card, including travelling Passport for Foreign-trained graduates.

(d) Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and Optometrists are to produce evidence of Registration with their Professional Bodies.

(e) Prospective Corps members should go to Camp with Functional Account Number and
Bank Verification Number (BVN) to facilitate online payment of entitlements.

(f) In addition, each prospective corps member MUST present Certificate of Fitness from a Government or Military Hospital showing his/her health status before he/she will be registered and admitted for the orientation course.

The Director General, Brigadier General SZ Kazaure DSS PhD FCSN wishes all prospective Corps Members safe journey to their respective camps and a memorable orientation course.”

Opposition Party in South Africa Rejects Asylum for Mugabe

The proposed asylum to be granted to the embattled President of Zimbabwe has suffered a hiccup following its rejection by the opposition party in South Africa.
Embattled President Robert Mugabe
The ousted Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has been rejected by Congress of the People (Cope), an opposition party in South Africa.

The party said it rejects calls to offer Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe political asylum in South Africa.

The plea for asylum for Mugabe by South Africa is championed by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the African Diaspora Forum (ADF).

The Zimbabwe army on Wednesday took control of the country, confining the veteran leader to his Harare home.

President Mugabe was reportedly resisting the army pressure to quit.

The EFF was first to make the asylum call, with its leader Julius Malema saying such a move would facilitate a peaceful transition in the southern African country.

“We call on the South African government to prepare to welcome President Mugabe for political asylum. He must be allowed to come to South Africa so that a peaceful transition can indeed take place.”

Zuma dispatched envoys as Botswana warns against travel to Zimbabwe, Africa Review reported.
ADF chairperson Marc Gbaffou also made a similar call to the South Africa government.

“Mugabe needs to leave Zimbabwe. I think he should be granted refugee status in one of the African countries and South Africa is well placed to host him because of its leadership role in the SADC,” he said.

However, Cope has called upon all South Africans to resist any attempts “to make South Africa the home of last resort of those leaders who have violated the Human Rights of the citizens of their very own countries”.

“South Africa is a Democratic and Human Rights sensitive nation. Allowing a pariah and disgraced leader such as Mugabe asylum in our country would be an affront to the values and principles upon which our Constitutional Democracy is based,” Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota, said.

President Mugabe’s sons study and reside in South Africa.

But Mr Lekota said instead of allowing leaders like Mugabe to make South Africa their home, the country should rather ensure that it remained a refuge of hope to those suppressed and defenceless citizens of Zimbabwe


England Reported to be Scared of the Super Eagles Ahead of World Cup

It appears that Nigeria has gained so much reputation following the mauling of Argentina that England is wary of clashing with the Super Eagles.
The Super Eagles
England are hoping they are not drawn in the same group with the Super Eagles of Nigeria in the 2018 World in Russia.

According to The Sun, UK, the Three Lions want to avoid playing Nigeria in the group stage of the World Cup and will want to face amongst the teams in Pot 4, which also contains Serbia, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Panama, Korea and Saudi Arabia.

The best case scenario for the Three Lions will be to tackle Russia, Iran and Panama and this has been termed Group of Life, while the worst case scenario which sees England face Brazil, Iceland and Brazil has been called the Group of Death.

Gareth Southgate’s men have become more wary of the Super Eagles after Gernot Rohr men made a strong statement of intent, coming from two goals down to defeat Argentina 4-2 in their last match of 2017 on November 14, so they don’t want to draw the three-time African champs.

At the 2002 World Cup in Japan, Nigeria, England, Argentina and Sweden were drawn Group F nicknamed the Group of Death and the Three Lions and Super Eagles played out a goalless draw in Osaka in the final match of the group.

Most Nigerian players such as Alex Iwobi, Victor Moses and Ola Aina, Kelechi Iheanacho, Ahmed Musa and Wilfred Ndidi all ply their trades in England.

Nigerian Man Wanted In The US For Various Offences, Cash Reward Offered For His Arrest (Photos)

The South Bureau Recovery Team has declared a Nigerian man wanted for alleged identity theft in California.
Joseph Omaghomi
A 52-year-old Nigerian man identified as Joseph Omaghomi a.k.a (Jesse Green) has been declared wanted with a cash reward placed on his head by the South Bureau Recovery Team, Los Angeles, California.

Mr Omaghomi, is wanted on charges of identity theft, felony evading and resisting arrest as his last known locations are said to be in California and Nigeria.

South Bureau Recovery Team posted and wrote on Facebook: "CA$H REWARD for information leading to the arrest of: Joseph Omaghomi (AKA Jesse Green)

ID#: 1695090 D.O.B.: 02/18/1965 Age: 52
Last Known Location(s): Highland, CA; Redlands , CA; Nigeria 
Charge(s): Identity Theft; Felony Evading; Resisting Arrest
Call with info for Reward: 951-218-7799."

Top Military Officers Arrested for Allegedly Stealing N239m Pension Of Dead Officers (Photos)

Some military officers alleged to have stolen a whopping N239 million belonging to pensioners have been arrested and arraigned.
Some of the military officers arraigned in court for fraud
Justice D. Z. Senchi of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court, sitting in Jabi, Abuja on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 granted bail to the two military officers accused of complicity in stealing monies meant for payment of death benefits of deceased officers.

The Suspects: Ishaka Yakubu and Akinbamidele Odunsi were arraigned alongside Abidemi Aderemi Kolade and Violet Ofoegbunam (both bank officials) on a 6-count count charge of conspiracy and stealing of pension funds to the tune of N339million. The offence breaches Section 315 of the Penal Code Act Cap 532 LFN (Abuja) 1990, and punishable under the same Act.

Arraigned on November 9, the defendants pleaded not guilty to the charge following which the court ordered their remand in prison custody and adjourned to November 15 for ruling on their bail application. In his ruling, Justice Senchi admitted each of the accused persons to bail in the sum of N1million each with two sureties in like sum. Each of the sureties must own property worth N200million and must deposit original title of the property with the court.

The case has been adjourned to January 23, 2018 for hearing.

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