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24 Jun 2017

Nigerian Nollywood Actor, Yomi Fash Lanso Knocks Nigeria Pastor

Popular actor, Yomi Fash Lanso is currently not happy with Nigerian pastors and he vented his anger when Saturday Beats caught up with him at an event recently.
The actor noted that the lifestyle of Nigerian pastors is appalling and he was amazed at the way they have kept mum over the affairs of the nation.

“Our pastors go about with armed personnel and I ask myself a question, who wants to kill or kidnap a pastor? Is he not a man of God? They know that what they are doing is not good, if not they would not move about with armed personnel.

If you are truthful to God’s calling, who would want to kidnap you? If you don’t have the notion to harm anyone, then you do not need armed personnel. I was conferred as a deacon in my church a few years back but it would not stop me from talking.

If they go around with armed personnel because of the wealth they seem to have, how did they come about the wealth? Is it not from our tithe and offering? They cannot try it in America. A pastor in South Africa is rotting in jail because he molested underage girls.

I am sure that if it was in Nigeria, we would not hear anything. Nothing would happen because we have built our society around people and not laws. It is wrong.

Nathan in the bible went to King David to convey God’s message without any fear or compromise but our pastors can’t do so. We are in this mess in Nigeria because our pastors are not talking. If we are going to count the true men of God in Nigeria, they would not be up to two among the thousands that we have.

Only a few of them can look in the eye of corrupt men in government and speak the truth because they would not want to lose their worldly possession. They know all the rogues we have in government, the people that are putting us in total blackness.

These people attend their churches but they are not talking to them which means that these pastors are thieves and rogues as well. Until we start speaking the truth from the church, we are not going to make any head way in Nigeria,” he said.

Sen Dino Melaye Mocks his recall petition with 2face picture [See Photos]

The Senator representing Kogi West in the house of assembly, Dino Melaye has dragged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) before the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court, seeking an order stopping ongoing process by his constituents to recall him.

The Embattled Senator revealed this on Twitter Friday evening, while also sharing a photo of a copy of the court paper.

He alleged  that the recall letter collated and sent to INEC on Thursday were being signed by fictitious, dead and none existing persons in his senatorial district.

#NnamdiKanu: Northern Elders Council warned Igbo people not to allow someone who was not born during the civil war incite violence

The Chairman of Northern Elders Council, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, has warned Igbo people not to allow someone who was not born during the civil war to incite violence in the country.

He described the ongoing calls for separation as a mistake that will affect the Igbos most if Nigeria splits, adding that Nigeria’s market of over 180 million people will be lost.

Yakassai blamed the Federal Government for not tackling the threats by the IPOB on time, pointing that it led to the present crisis.

He told Punch, “I believe that the Federal Government was somewhat late in addressing the threats issued by the Igbo.

“These threats by both the North and South are unconstitutional and illegal because every Nigerian has the right to live and work in any part of the country he or she chooses.

“I think the Igbo should not allow a man, who was not even born during the civil war to incite violence in the country.

“Both the Hausa and the Igbo are well travelled traders and if this country splits today, that opportunity is gone, a market of 180 million people.

“All the regions will suffer for it.”

Nigeria my country no matter the condition I will never disrespect you. By Lawal Hamed Remi

Have never come across anyone that is proud to say am Nigeria either they said

Am Yoruba
Am Hausa
Am Igbo
Am Ijaw
Am urhobo
Am ebira
Am Igala
Am isoko
Am Fulani
Am Tiv
Am Idoma
Am kanuri
Am Nupe
Am gbayi
Am itshekiri
Am Ogoni

Let me remind you our what our national pledge said.
I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful, loyal and honest
To serve Nigeria with all my strength
To defend her unity
And uphold her honor and glory
So help me God.

I pledge to Nigeria my country

What is a pledge? A pledge is simply a solemn promise or undertaking; it is a commitment to do what has been said.

More than any other time in our history, now is such a time for us as Nigerians to pay attention to the words of the National Pledge which may have been nothing more than another nursery school rhyme to many.

We all forget our duty to our mother land Nigeria. We are different by tribe ethnicity.

I leave in Onitsha for more than a year now before moving here I always see the Igbo like number one Animal but since I moved here they showed me the beautiful on Igbo people and how good and peaceful they are.

I enjoyed my stay I never dream of staying a month talk less of years. We all need to tolerate our self united we stand divided we fall.

Please share till it reach the people on top

God bless Nigeria

God bless the beautiful people of Nigeria

Your fateful

Lawal Hamed Remi

This Embarrassing Thing Happens to Me in Bed

A man has cried out for help following a sad incident that has been disturbing him each time he tries to make love to his woman.
I’m 23 and I’ve suffered from premature ejaculation for as long as I can remember. I’m scared it will ruin my life. The first time I had s*x was a total disaster.

I was 17 and I thought it would sort itself out. I’ve now had s*x multiple times with multiple girls and I always have to apologise for my rubbish performance.

I know that this isn’t uncommon and that some women accept it but I’m much too embarrassed to talk about it.

I’m starting to fear that I will never be able to have a long-term relationship and a family.

The Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo revealed his wishes for Nigeria

The Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, has revealed his wishes for Nigeria, saying the people if united can build a new nation.

Osinbajo spoke as Special Guest of Honour at the graduation of the 2017 class of Senior Course 39 of the Armed Forces Command & Staff College, Jaji.

His words: “We can build a new nation; a new nation built on trust, consensus and love for one another and love for our country is possible.

“A nation where the rulers do not steal the commonwealth, where every Nigerian is safe to live and work, where the State takes responsibility for the security of each and every Nigerian, where the State knows every Nigerian by name and can find and locate each one of us.

“A Nigeria where the Igbo or Ijaw man can live peacefully in Sokoto, and the Fulani man can live peacefully in the Niger Delta.”

The Acting President insisted that the elite were largely to be blamed for the festering negative narratives.

“I would like to emphasize the fact that this was essentially an elite phenomenon, unity and disunity are promoted by the elite which the vast majority of the Nigerian people are only later conscripted.

“While we must remain irrevocably committed to freedom of expression and the tenets of a free press, we must draw the line between freedom that conduces to healthy democracy and that which threatens and endangers the entire democratic enterprise . It is an important balance, that we must strike. Failure in any way will be tragic”, he said.

He also observed that the problem was exacerbated by the influence of the internet and hate media emphasizing that “today a great deal of the threats facing Nigeria are being nurtured and cultivated in the vast spaces of the Internet.

“The rumblings of secession, the dangerous quit ultimatums to ethnic groups, the radio stations and blogs that spew divisive speech and exploit our fault lines; all of these are now to be found online.

“The battle is not just to defeat the terrorists, the greater battle is to defeat the ideology and mindset that feeds the madness and to cut off its oxygen, money and publicity.

“The truth is that our nation and national unity is worth preserving and protecting. We are the preeminent power in Africa today in terms of population, size of our markets , natural resources and economy.

“We are a factor in the geopolitics of the world, no one can ignore a nation state that is home to one in every four black persons. Smaller is weaker not stronger today.”

Osinbajo charged the nation to rise above unproductive ethnic and religious sentiments.

He added, “We must develop the emotional intelligence required to cope and adapt in a swiftly and constantly changing world.

“We must adopt a global mindset, that seeks to learn from the experiences of other countries, far and near, so that we do not waste valuable time repeating mistakes that we should have learned from and learned to avoid”.

5 Nigerian Politicians Who May 'Block' Dino Melaye's Recall

Outspoken, controversial Kogi West Senator, Dino Melaye is in the process of being ejected from the parliament. His constituents have already submitted petitions of recall to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). They want Melaye out because of his continuous embarrassment and poor representation. Nigeria's electoral body, INEC, too, yesterday wrote to Melaye informing him of his constituents' decision to throw him out of the Red Chambers. However, controversial Melaye has laughed off his constituents' recall process, saying everyone of them would be jailed for initiating such process. He also accused Kogi governor, Yahaya Bello of sponsoring them.

But, as Nigerians wait to see how well Melaye's recall process play out, there are some politicians who may influence that Melaye's recall does not turn out as expected. In other words, block the whole process. These are people believed to be Melaye's political allies. They include:

1. Senator Bukola Saraki: Saraki is the president of Nigeria's 8th Senate, and Melaye's god-father. His parley with Melaye has been before his election as the Senate President. Melaye's one of those who fiercely stands against Saraki's opposition. In 2016 declared that Saraki, despite the allegations of corruption hanging on him, must remain in office for four years. Melaye's pledged loyalty to Saraki is undivided. He once said that if the whole country turns its back at Saraki, he will remain his only supporter. Recently, at the acquittal of Bukola Saraki of false assets charges at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Melaye lifted Saraki in the tribunal, showing that no man can pull him down. At this Melaye's trying times, Saraki may come to the rescue of his 'god-son'.

2. Senator Ike Ekweremadu: Ike Ekweremadu is Nigeria's Deputy Senate President. Though a PDP lawmaker, he pitches tent with the like s of Dino Melaye, Saraki, who are the strong-men in the house – pushing various agenda. He may also influence Melaye's recall process.

3. Abubakar Atiku: Nigeria's former president, Abubakar Atiku may also weigh in in Melaye's recall process. Saraki is believed to be at par with Atiku, and may because of that resue his 'godson'. Atiku, also one of the key politicians eyeing the presidential seat in 2019 may do everything in power to 'rescue' a strong-man like Melaye – who may in turn help his presidential ambition.

4. Ibrahim Babaginda: Recently, in March, Senator Bukola Saraki and Melaye visited fomer military ruler, Ibrahim Badamosi Babaginda at his Minna residence. Sources privy to the meeting said that the meeting may be connected with Saraki’s strategies for 2019 elections. Melaye, a stooge of Saraki sat on the floor, posing for photograph between saraki and IBB. In some ways, Babaginda may see to Melaye's not being removed by his constituents.

5. APC Caucus In Senate: Melaye, though not liked by some of his party-men, still has supporter-senators in the senate. They may join heads together to see that he remains with them.

How I Bought Guns From Police Officers at Lagos Command Headquarters - Suspect Confesses

A man suspected to illegally be in possession of firearms, has opened up on how he bought the weapons from the police.

Ailabojie Aikpaojie, a 52-year-old United States of America (USA) based Nigerian man arrested for illegal possession of firearms Friday said some policemen sold the guns to him.

According to The Nation, Ailabojie Aikpaojie was paraded at the police command Headquarters in Ikeja after he was found with three pump action rifles.

According to the police, he was arrested by the Area D Commander, Mushin, on Tuesday for illegally possessing a Beretta pistol.

The police said he was arrested around 3pm on June 22, at block 52, plot 19m, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

They said: “He was arrested with a Parabellium Baretta pistol with nine 9mm live ammunition. He could not give a satisfactory account of where he got them from. Another search in his house led to the recovery of three long single barrel pump action guns with 250 cartridges. The suspect would soon be charged to court for unlawful possession of firearms.”

According to the suspect, he bought the pistol in the US and brought it to Nigeria in error while shipping some personal effects.

Aikpaojie said the three pump action rifles were sold to him by policemen attached to the command headquarters, adding that he also bought ammunition from the command’s armourer.

He said: “I don’t know why the police are parading me like a common criminal. I applied to the force for three rifles. The officers who facilitated the purchase of the riffles called the seller and he came to meet us at the Command Headquarters, Ikeja.

“He sold each one for N150, 000. The police asked me to apply for police permit for the rifles which I did. They gave me the permit and I went away with the three rifles.

“I bought the rifles because we had crisis in my village and as a businessman, I found it necessary to arm myself. I am into haulage. Whenever I am in the country and travel to the village, I often go with some policemen.

“I bought the pistol found on me in the US. I am an American citizen; I mistakenly shipped the pistol found on me on the day I was arrested along with some personal effects.

“I came into Nigeria nine days ago. I found the pistol tucked under a sofa in my house in Lagos and I was on my way to the station to find out from the police what to do with it. If I can keep it or not.

“What happened was that I stopped over somewhere at Mushin to buy plantain and I did not know that the Area Commander was standing behind me and was asking me to stop. As I made to reverse my car, some policemen pounced on me.

“It was then they found the pistol strapped to my trouser. They asked me all manner of questions and I told them how I got it. They took me to my house where the found the other three guns, I have valid license for the three rifles. The Area Commander had taken the license from me.”

Nollywood Actress Halima Abubakar Breaks The Internet With Her Body [See Photos]

Our Nigerian actresses are well known for their eccentric taste in fashion and they are not left behind as regards trending styles.
Beautiful screen diva, Halima Abubakar is one of our Nollywood actresses who do not fail to look stylish any she steps out and we love her for that.

The actress who took to her Instagram page to share this stylish photo of herself yesterday is seen looking all shades of beauty in a black gown that sat perfectly on her body.

She is seen dazzling in a red rose black peplum gown which she completed with a red stiletto.

We totally love her outfit and she slayed it well!

Tiwa Savage and Teebillz's Marriage Seems To Have Taken A New Shape

Its no more news that singer Tiwa Savage and husband Teebillz are now back together as they have been spotted together on several occasions together.
The two were spotted together in Ibadan, Oyo State on Easter Sunday where Tiwa had gone to perform at Gbenga Adeyinka's first comedy show, Laffmattazz and it was disclosed that the duo attended the event together with their son and aides before returning back to Lagos.

Their reunion seems to be getting stronger as they were also spotted together at celebrity media personality,Stephanie Coker's wedding.

In latest developments,Tiwa and Teebillz have been spotted yet again clubbing at 2Face Idibia’ lounge in Lagos and chilling with Davido’s former manager, Kamal and judging from the photos,it is clear that these two are having quality time and their marriage seems to have taken a new shape.
We are happy for them..

State Governor Mourns Loss of His SSA Who Collapsed and Died

The Governor of Taraba State has expressed shocking following the sad death of his media aide, Mr Sylvanus Giwa.
Senior Special Assistant on Media, Mr Sylvanus Giwa.
Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba says he is in a state of shock following the death of his Senior Special Assistant on Media, Mr Sylvanus Giwa.

He, however, extolled Giwa, describing him as a great professional, who would be greatly missed.

“Giwa was a hard working professional, who stood firmly by the good ideas of his career in the interest of the society,” said the governor in a statement by the Chief Press Secretary, Alhaji Hassan Mijinyawa.

Ishaku, who condoled with the family of the media aide and the people of the state over the loss, prayed to God to grant him eternal rest.

The late Giwa, a former General Manager of Taraba Television, died on Friday at the Federal Medical Centre, Jalingo.


‘No Lady Can Snatch My Man’- Actress Queeneth Agbor

Fast rising Nollywood actress Queeneth Agbor,In an chat with The NewsGuru, she said no woman can snatch her man, that she knows her onions.
Agbor reportedly made this statement when asked if a man has ever dumped her for someone else. She said:

“If a girl can snatch your man, that man wasn’t yours in the first place. Its good riddance to bad rubbish. It has never happened to me, but there has been an attempt. No lady can get snatch my man, I know my onions”.

Asked if she has been in situations where she didn’t feel like kissing an actor on set, even when the script mandated her to do so.

“I have had experiences on set where I didn’t feel like kissing an actor over and over again. You know we actors we fight a lot. But one will have to act with such a person, what would you do? You just have to act. Even for the ladies too, we fight. You cannot be friends with everybody, people have different attitudes and believes . There are colleagues in the office you don’t talk to, but you work in the same office”.

Nigeria to Recruit 30,000 Police Officers , Says Inspector-General Of Police

The Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, on Friday gave reasons why Nigeria needed to recruit 30,000 police personnel in a bid to meet UN recommendation.

Speaking while dialoguing with civil society organisations under the umbrella of “Situation Room" on Friday in Abuja, Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, said Nigeria needed to recruit 30,000 police personnel annually for five years to meet UN recommendation.

The police boss who spoke as he turned one year in office, said that when compared to other countries with over one million police personnel, Nigeria was under-policed because it had not attained the UN ratio of one-policeman-to-four-citizens ratio.

“One of the challenges facing the police force is that of personnel. We are just about 380,000 personnel. Even though we are the largest in Africa, we are not enough.

“If we are to follow the UN ratio of 1: 4 of police-to-citizens of the country, the Nigeria police force would be put at almost 700, 000; so, we are still operating below the UN ratio.

“Last year, we recruited 10,000 police officers, but it is not enough. So, in my own calculations, we are to recruit at least 30, 000 police officers annually in the next five years before we can get close to 700,000.

“These are areas we want addressed by the present government and definitely we will get there so that we can recruit 30,000 Nigerians every year into the police force,’’ he said.

Idris explained that the deficit in the number of policemen in the country arose between 2010 and 2016 when there was no recruitment of rank and file officers, adding that the force was working on addressing the gaps to ensure that it could secure the nation effectively.

The police boss added that a major challenge of the force was funding, saying that the police could do better with proper funding, "not the envelope budget it currently gets".

He said that the situation informed the desire of the force to seek an Act to establish the Nigeria Police Reform Trust Fund to provide for the training and retraining of personnel, adding that the fund would also equip the police, improve their welfare, among others, adding that there would be public hearing on the Bill on July 11.

Idris reiterated commitment of the police to curbing crimes, especially during elections. He said that some police officers and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) staff had been arrested over allegations of electoral malpractice, adding that some had been taken to court.

He said that the suspects arrested in connection with the death of two policemen in during the repeat elections in Rivers in 2016, were also undergoing prosecution.

Idris pointed out that prosecuting them was to “make a point that things should not be allowed to go as usual and to serve as a deterrent to others that election is not do-or-die affair’’.

“Henceforth, every election would be done in accordance with the rules and the force would ensure proper policing of elections, and ensure that all participants obey and operate within the law.’’

See this athlete who ran 800M race with 5-months-old pregnancy (Photos)

U.S. Olympic 800m runner Alysia Montaño raced five months pregnant in 100-degree heat at the USATF Outdoor Championships (Summer Champions Series) in Sacramento, Calif., on Thursday.

Montaño, who raced eight months pregnant at the 2014 USATF Outdoors also in Sacramento, finished last in her 800m first-round heat in 2:21.40. She was 10 seconds faster than her time three years ago.

“People were like, oh, you’re going to run faster than you did last time because you’re less pregnant,” Montaño told media in Sacramento, standing next to 2-year-old daughter Linnea. “I was like, I’m still pregnant.”

Athletes are looking for top-three finishes to qualify for the world championships in London in August. Finals are later this weekend.

In a Wonder Woman top, Montaño gritted her teeth on the final straightaway and raised her arms crossing the finish line.

Montaño said she was inspired when she learned Gal Gadot, who played the title role in the movie “Wonder Woman,” filmed half of it while five months pregnant.

“I saw Wonder Woman, and I was like, I for sure am signing up for USA Nationals,” Montaño said. “I already was thinking I was going to do it.”

Montano added that she had been mostly inspired by feedback from women who saw her racing while pregnant three years ago.

“I heard from so many people who said they had been inspired by my story,” she said. “I feel responsible to be a representative. I represent women, I represent black women, I represent pregnant women. It’s been fantastic.“

Asked if she had been apprehensive about running in the searing heat, she told AFP:

“Absolutely not. We are so incredibly privileged to live in America. There are women that birth babies after babies after babies in Saudi Arabia, in Africa. Honestly, two minutes running out in the heat?”

“I know how to take care of myself. I drank a ton of water, took a lot of electrolytes, which is not always the case for women who have babies in parts of the world that are much hotter than here.”

Montaño said it wasn’t easier or harder racing Thursday versus three years ago, when she had a bigger baby bump.

“The weird part about five months is you’re still growing and like shifting a lot,” she said. “So every week you have to readjust.”

Watch video here

Here are photos after her recent competition yesterday 22nd June:

23 Jun 2017

Nollywood Actor Thrown Out Of His Home Over Unpaid 2.5million Rent In Lagos

Nollywood actor Emeka Rising Ibeh popularly known for his role in the Movie “Isakaba” and “Mr. Ibu The Lecturer “ has been thrown out of his apartment at 7 Nuru Onuwo Street in Surulere after failing to pay for his house rent for 5 years worth N2.5 million naira.
Emeka has been living in the apartment as a ghost tenant over the last five years and could not afford to pay his rent according to the Landlord of the house.

Speaking, the Landlord of the house confirmed the report that he was thrown out with the help of court.
“As you can see we have eventually thrown out our Emeka with the help of the court.

The apartment was literarily turned into a place for India hemp smokers and camp for prostitutes. It was hell. He said he was a Nollywood practitioner yet he could not pay his rent.

There was no tactics and tricks in the world that these Emekas didn’t use to avoid paying my rent in the last 5 years running into 2.5 million naira.

Can you imagine staying in an apartment for five years without paying rent? Such an irresponsible fellow.

The actor who was once sacked from the actors guild of Nigeria over thuggery was said to have loads of India hemp and other substance found in the apartment which has been tendered for further investigation. The obviously elated Landlord said.
Mood in the compound At the compound where Emeka Ibeh was thrown out, one of the neighbors said:

“This is a big relief for us because the experience and the things that happened here was unimaginable.

Sometimes in the night you will hear ladies screaming for help in the apartment and when we go to knock, Emeka will say they are acting movie.

At another time it will be the smoke of India hemp with all kinds of funny looking characters claiming to be Nollywood actors.

It was not a palatable experience that is why the whole compound celebrated the day he was thrown out by the court like a piece of rubbish that he truly is. We are free at last”.

Tension!!! Gbenga Adewusi Selling Late Moji Olaiya's Property?

The unauthorized reproduction of Moji Olaiya’s burial programme by Gbenga Adewusi of Bayowa Films is still generating tension in the entertainment sector.
On Tuesday the Ibadan Film Circle expressed disgust at the way a one time popular marketer Gbenga Adewusi produced the video without permission from the family of the deceased.

IFC platform include actors,directors and filmmakers like Segun Arinze, Tunde Olaoye, Remi Raji, Yinka Ogundaisi and Adenuga Deji.

In a statement signed by the administrator of IFC, the family of the deceased noted that Bayowa films produced the movie without authorization and made it into VCDs in a manner that suggested it was for sale.

In a swift reaction to IFC allegation, Gbenga Adewusi said:

Slay queen finally nabbed at Lagos party after evading creditor for 2 years [See More Photos]

A Nigerian slay queen @Batook55 (Tejupretty), who has been evading her creditor she owes 496k for 2 years, was finally caught in a birthday party in Lagos.

However, the slay queen with over 50k followers on Instagram knelt down to beg her creditor who wasn’t listening, but demanded that she pays the money she owes. Here are the some screenshots relaying what happened at the party.

‘If you like tag CNN’ – Actress Rosy Meurer slams lady she stole post from

Earlier today, we reported that Actress Rosy Meurer was called out by an Instagram user for plagiarism. The lady accused Rosy of stealing her post, sharing evidence for that too.

Reacting to this, Rosy Meurer slammed the lady, telling her she want to be famous by all means. She also told her even if she likes ‘make she tag CNN, na she sabi”.

Here’s what she wrote;

“I advise you all to get yours now. Very important to avoid anyone invading your phones from North, South, East or West to steal content if thats even possible. 😂😂😂 Theres nothing I won’t hear and see in this Nigeria 😂😂😂 My friend if you like tag CNN na you sabi. The hustle to be famous is real o chai I never see. #hustletobefamousisreal#protectyourphone #condomphonecase#transparentphonecase #everythingrosy#rosykisses #QueenOfAllQueens👑|”

Eid-el-Fitr: DSS uncovers plan to bomb praying grounds

The Department of State Services said it had uncovered a plan by suspected terrorists to stage series of coordinated attacks using explosives on different cities across the country during the Eid-el-Fitr.

It said the aim of the suspected terrorists was to hit on soft targets such as markets, public parks, public processions, recreation centres, as well worship areas during the Sallah celebration.

The agency said that the plan by the suspected terrorists was to unleash mayhem on Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna and Maiduguri.

A director with the agency, Mr. Nnana Nnochiri, who briefed journalists in Abuja on Friday, however, said Nigerians should not worry about the planned attacks, saying that they had been nipped in the bud.

Nnochiri said, “In the past few weeks, this service has uncovered a sinister plot by terrorist elements to stage series of coordinated attacks using explosives on different cities across the country.

“Their aim was to hit on soft targets such as markets, public parks, public processions, recreation centres, as well as worship centres especially the Eid Praying grounds and other densely populated areas during the forthcoming Eid-el-Fitr Sallah celebrations.”

Consequently, Nnochiri said that the service had arrested two suspects in connection with the foiled planned attacks.

He mentioned the names of the suspects as Yusuf Adamu and Abdumuminu Haladu, who he said were arrested in the early hours of Friday, in Sokoto.

He said that Adamu and his accomplice were to command the operation in Kano.

However, he said that the service had earlier arrested the suspected facilitator of the Kano attack, Bashir Mohammed.

Nnochiri, who described the suspect as an explosive expert, said that he (Mohammed) was arrested at Unguwar Barnawa, Shekar Madaki, Kumbatso Local Government Area of Kano State on Tuesday.

“Their plan, together with others now at large, was to assemble the explosives and use them on select targets during the Eid-el-Fitr Celebrations,” Nnochiri added.

He said when the service conducted a search at the residence of Mohammed in Kano, different ammunitions and weapons were found.

He listed the items as eight AK-47 rifles, 20 fully loaded AK-A7 magazines, 27 hand grenades, 793) rounds of live ammunition, one gas cylinder and three laptops.

Others are one phone, one Lifan motorcycle, one Honda Civic Car and one printer.

Nnochiri said that the service had also uncovered plans by the terrorist elements to infiltrate the ranks of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, a. k.a. Shiites.

He said this was an attempt to assume a formidable cover to unleash violence and evoke a complete state of chaos in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja during the group’s Qudus Day Procession/Rally scheduled for Friday in and several states in the northern parts of the country.

He called on the members of the set “to desist from staging any form of procession or demonstration as the terrorists will seize the opportunity to unleash mayhem.”

He also called on the members of the public to disregard the antics of “these terrorist extremists to cause a breakdown of law and order and instil fear in the populace. ”

Nnochiri assured the public that the DSS was working, in concert with other security agencies, to ensure that no section of the “country is attacked during and after the Sallah celebrations. ”

He called on law abiding citizens and residents to go about their normal businesses without fear of attack, adding that the service would engage all stakeholders to ensure a hitch-free Eid-el-Fitr festival across the country.

He, nevertheless, called on the members the public to remain very vigilant before, during and after the Sallah celebrations.

He equally appealed to people with useful information regarding suspicious movements and faces as well as unusual activities of criminals and terrorists around their neighbourhoods, to immediately avail same to the service or the nearest security agency.

How Tennis legend Boris Becker's 'five second sex' in a cupboard has cost him his fortune

Tennis legend Boris Becker, who inadvertently blew £20m ($25m) after impregnating a Russian model in a broom cupboard of a restaurant, has now seen his fortune whittled down to the point of bankruptcy.

Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker was declared bankrupt at a court in London yesterday (21 June) despite having earned an estimated £100m during his stellar career on court and in the commentary box.

The German, 49, famously conceived a child in 1998 with Angela Ermokova after they had sex in the broom cupboard of Nobu restaurant in London, where they had only just met.

Becker subsequently had to pay the model a lump sum of £2m and monthly maintenance payments of £25,000 for the child, according to the Times. Their daughter is now 17.

That brief dalliance also cost him his marriage – his first wife Barbara was pregnant with their second child at the time – she reportedly settled for £11m and the family home when they split.

Becker would later describe the encounter with Ermokova and the ensuing financial damage as the "most expensive five seconds of my life" – or £20m, by his own estimate.

Becker is now married to second wife Lilly and the couple have a son, making yesterday's news all the more distressing.

A claim relating to "substantial debt" had been brought against him by private bankers Arbuthnot Latham & Co.

The sporting great, who previously received a suspended sentence in Germany for tax offences, maintained that he was intending to pay up.

However, Judge Christine Derrett said he gave "the impression of a man with his head in the sand," as she declared him bankrupt.

Becker later wrote on Twitter: "I was surprised and disappointed that Arbuthnot Latham chose to bring these proceedings against me.

"This order relates to one disputed loan which I was due to repay in full in one month's time. My earnings are well publicised and it is clear that I have the means to repay this debt.

"The value of the asset in question far exceeds the debt owed to Arbuthnot Latham. I intend to make an application to have this order set aside immediately."

The seven time major champion is not down and out, though. He still enjoys lucrative media work, including commentating for the BBC at the All England Tennis Championships in Wimbledon.

Nnamdi Kanu Declares Bayelsa Part of Biafra

Acclaimed leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has declared that Bayelsa State is part of Biafra.

Kanu made the declaration when he received some supporters of IPOB who are of Bayelsa decent in his hometown of Isama Ofara, in Ambra State.

Addressing the visitors, Kanu said, “They said Bayelsa is not part of South East but South South, but I want to say we are one, we are Biafrans.

“If you allow yourselves to be deceived by the zoo, then you will have yourselves to blame for eternity.

Biafra agitators, Northern youths will run away if they see war – Retired DIG, Ekpoudom

“Since they have been taking our oil, they describe us as they want, when it suits them we are Niger Delta and when it’s not we are Igbo. This is one contradiction I cannot understand.”

So Sad! Delta Commissioner Survives Fatal Accident as Security Detail Loses Life (Photos)

A sad and fatal road accident has claimed the life of a police officer attached to a commissioner in Delta state.

Hon Nnamdi Ezechi, the Delta state commissioner of Delta State Oil Producing Area Development Commission, DESOPADEC has escaped death in a fatal road accident after his Toyota Hilux car somersaulted several times.

Ezechi survived but the gallant mopol, Sergeant Sunday Victor, a.k.a Ojukwu, attached to him died in the accident.

The incident has left many people in tears especially those who knew the officer.

"Kidnap kingpin Evans reportedly receiving kingly treatment in jail" sources

Notorious Billionaire Kidnap kingpin Chuwudemeje George Onwuamadike aka Evans who has been arrested since June 10 is reportedly getting a preferential treatment in jail.
Recall that Evans broke down some days ago lamenting the horrible state of the cell where he was sharing with other prison inmates,adding that he that lived like a king was now treated as a slave.

It was also revealed that he started in Sokoto state as an armed robber before entering into kidnapping and he was banned from Nnewi in Anambra state due to the terror he unleashed on wealthy indigenes of the town.

In developing reports,Evans who is currently in detention at a Maximum security detention center is actually getting special treatment by some seemingly corrupt officers who has permitted him to eat sumptously and even take his shower and change his clothes.This dissappointing revelation has sparked reactions on social media as sources allege that his sponsors may have bribed some of the top Police Chiefs in order for him to be treated specially.

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Shocker: Church Leader Caught in Scandal As Photos And Secret Acts With 33 Girlfriends Is Exposed

A church leader has been caught in a messy scandal after details of his secret affairs with as many as 33 girls emerged.
Nyasha Light Nyatsungo
Nyasha Light Nyatsungo, a Zimbabwean church leader in Mutare is facing legal action after a n*de photo of his ex-lover was leaked on social media.

According to H-Metro, Nyasha Light Nyatsungo, allegedly sent a n*de picture of his Cape Town based ex–side chick, Shingi Mavenge, to his other girlfriend only identified as Beula who later broadcasted it on social media.

In an apparent fit of rage, Mavenge posted a whatsapp chat she had with Nyatsungo’s wife identified as Nyasha Nhahumbi as well as a group chat with some of her former lover’s concubines.

According to Mavenge, she has gotten information that Nyatsungo has at least 33 girlfriends and has ditched his wife of eight years.

She adds that Nyatsungo bedded a girl who was their neighbour as well.

Mavenge said that the church leader's wife revealed that they even consulted their local pastor in Mutare who failed in his attempts to mend Nyatsungo’s ways.
Shingi Mavenge
According to H-Metro, Nyatsungo, a married father of two, has denied ever circulating the picture, labelling Mavenge as a bitter woman whom he just flirted with on Facebook and nothing more.

“This Nyasha guy must be stopped in his tracks. He is going to pay for all the damage that he has done to me. He was the only one who had that leaked picture and I am shocked why he would forward it to some other girl,” fumed Mavhenge who is working on taking legal action.

“I started dating this guy in 2015 and never knew he was married. He lied."  fumed Mavenge yesterday.

“That guy is full of lies and at some point we opened a group chat with his wife and some of his girlfriends. He normally targets single mothers” added Mavenge.

H-Metro was furnished with six other cellphone numbers of his girlfriend that include Fadzai, Mutsa, Essy, Juliana, Barbra among others. Mutsa confirmed she once had a relationship with Nyatsungo ut have since terminated it since she discovered he was married.

Mavenge confirmed they met once in Johannesburg when she had to fly from Cape Town to meet her man sometime in April.

“That night he didn’t even have money. I had to pay the R800 for the accommodation as he had no money. He wanted to have s*x with me but I flatly refused. He even wanted it without protection and I said No. he looked terrible with clothes in a plastic shopping bag. I want to write a letter to Pastor Rex who is the head of (the church) in Harare so that this guy be stopped with his tricks and lies,” added Mavenge.

When contacted over the phone in Mutare Nyatsungo confirmed he knew Mavenge but never had a relationship with her.

“I know her and we once flirted on Facebook. We never had a relationship as she is alleging. I don’t know why she is bitter. I haven’t seen the nude pictures she is talking about but I heard about it from Beula. We live in a democratic country. She can go ahead and sue me if she feels her rights have been infringed upon. All the allegations she is making are false and I don’t know her motive in trying to tarnish my image,” said Nyatsungo.

He said he was still with his wife whose phone rang without response yesterday afternoon. Despite his denials H-metro was furnished with pictures of Nyatsungo and Mavenge, the time they met in April.

EU rejects May's 'pathetic' offer to EU citizens

An offer by Theresa May to give residency rights to some three million EU citizens in the UK has run into big trouble less than 24 hours after she proposed it.

The deal has been widely criticised with Brussels claiming it could make conditions worse for European citizens.

EU Council president Donald Tusk, said: “The UK’s offer is below our expectations and risks worsening the situation for our citizens.”

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, said the proposal was “a first step, but not sufficient”.

Meanwhile the UK offer was dismissed as “pathetic” by a group campaigning for an estimated three million European expats living in the UK.

It all adds up to a bad start to the Brexit negotiations for Mrs May.
Under proposals outlined to fellow leaders at a Brussels summit on Thursday, Mrs May said settled status will be offered to all EU nationals who have been in the UK for five years.

This would grant them the same rights as British citizens to healthcare, education, welfare benefits and pensions.

Mrs May said EU expats should take “reassurance and confidence” from the package.

“I want to reassure all those EU citizens who are in the UK, who have made their lives and homes in the UK, that no one will have to leave. We won’t be seeing families split apart,” she said.

“This is a fair and serious offer.”

However, NIcholas Hatton, co-chairman of the 3Million movement said the proposals failed to end uncertainty over the reunification of families, the right to work and the ability to retain UK rights when moving between and working across different European countries.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the proposals represented “a good start” but cautioned there were “many, many other issues” before Britain could reach agreement on a withdrawal deal.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said there were “thousands of questions to ask” about Mrs May’s proposals.

Domestically, the ideas were criticised by leading opposition figures with Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer calling it “too little, too late”.


65-year-old Man Robbed and Strangled to Death in Benue State

A Nigerian man has suffered a cruel fate after he was reportedly robbed and strangled to death by three men.
File Photo
 The Police Command in Benue on Friday arraigned three men before a Makurdi Chief Magistrates’ Court for allegedly strangulating one Ambrose Abah, 65, to death. The men are Alexander Okoh, Joseph Ochai and Innocent Audu.

They are standing trial on a three-count charge of criminal conspiracy, armed robbery and culpable homicide.

The Prosecutor, Sgt. Godwin Ato, told court that the case was transferred from the Divisional Police Headquarters in Ugbokolo, Benue to the state CID, Makurdi for investigation via a letter dated May 22.

He told court that the son of the deceased reported the matter at Ugbokolo Police State on May 17.

“According to the letter, on May 17, the son of the deceased, Christian Abah, reported at the Ugbokolo Police Station that his father was strangulated to death by a group of armed men.

“Abah reported at the station that the armed men invaded his father’s compound and robbed all the residents of their valuables and money.

“He reported that the accused men strangled his father, who was contesting for the clan head of Ai-Akor to death,” Ato stated.

The prosecutor stated further that the deceased lived with his son and other family members at Ai-Akor Okonobo Village in Okpokwu Local Government Area Benue. He said that the accused were arrested in connection with crimes during police investigation, while others were still at large.

The pleas of the accused were not taken for want of jurisdiction when the case came up. The offence is punishable under Sections 97, 6(b) and 1(1)(2)(a)(b) of the Robbery and Firearms Act and 222 of the Penal Code Laws of Benue State, 2004.

The Chief Magistrate, Mr Isaac Ajim, ordered that the accused should be remanded at the Federal Prisons in Makurdi.

He adjourned the matter to July 18 for further mention.


Queen of England Reported to Police Doing This Shocking Thing [PHOTOS]

The Queen of England was on Wednesday reported to West Yorkshire Police for not wearing a seat belt as she travelled to the State Opening of Parliament.

According to the Authorities, they received a 999 call from someone saying the Queen was not wearing a seat belt as she travelled with Prince Charles through London from Buckingham Palace to Westminster.

Confirming the call in a tweet, it was indicated that the call was not an emergency and shouldn't have been made to 999.

"999 call received reporting that the Queen isn't wearing a seatbelt. #not999 #notevenwestyorkshire," the tweet read.

Under UK law, civil and criminal proceedings cannot be taken against the Queen, but under the Queen and law section of the Royal Family's website, it states: "The Queen is careful to ensure that all her activities in her personal capacities are carried out in strict accordance with the law."

See photos below:

See What 9ice’s Ex-wife, Toni Payne Said About His Music After Series of Backlash

The Ex wife of superstar afro pop singer, 9ice took to her Twitter page to defend his music after several people slammed him for trying to defend his ‘Living Things’ song which many have said glorified fraudsters.
Recall that several hands were pointed at 9ice after Falz warned his colleagues against glorifying fraudsters.

In a series of tweets, Toni who was once his manager wrote;

“We all absorb music differently. At the end of the day, the artist can only “create” the masses determine what songs “blow.”
The fact that Beautifully Spoilt, Ojo, Ogara & so many other beautiful songs on d album rnt as big as Living things says a lot consumer wise

Y’all can argue all day but while u do, remember, you the listeners chose this song as a fav over so many other beautiful songs on d album.
I listen to Future with his morally bankrupt lyrics.. it’s a CHOICE. I enjoy it. I don’t come and form holy while enjoying my choice..

Iv listened to the ID Cabasa album 1M times. The ONE song people can say has questionable lyrics is what the consumer liked most. GO FIGURE!
Music Artists like most artists, poets inclusive, draw inspiration from their environment. Singing about it doesn’t mean you approve of it.

I listened to 2Pac as young as 13.. of course I knew some of his lyrics were naughty but I enjoyed the sound and still never emulated it
Mask Off by Future is probably one of d biggest songs in 2017. Did you go buy Molly or Percocet after listening to it? No, cos u know better
I choose what influences me, the influence doesn’t choose me!

Truth is people enjoy a bit of naughtiness.. some live vicorously through these lyrics knowing damn well they can’t do half the things in it
So if you wish to motivate the “Artist” to give u ONLY conscious lyrics, do so by ur actions. Trend conscious song & that’s what you’ll get
After all, music is also a biz and most Music Artists will give their target market what they want. Most will churn out what “sells”

Y’all want beautiful conscious songs? I’ll tweet u some that are ALSO readily available for consumption.. 😊😊
In other words, most of us are guilty of secretly or indirectly embracing naughty things.. some of us just wanna be hypocritical about it.
As for u.. u hate some1 so much yet u still follow them. Then waste ur time subbing like a PETULANT CHILD. Makes no sense. simply unfollow

Name calling someone who doesn’t send u, all over the place like a depraved soul.. how sad, how childish. You have been noticed. Now GO AWAY
It’s this same madness, this same impulsiveness, this same not thinking before you act, this same thirst 4 vengeance that got u blacklisted
Funny enuff my fav part of that song is “I wanna be enterprising, I wanna be on top of things” that’s d part I enjoy that resonates with me

Wait till y’all arnt “good” that’s when u see their true colors. Extend an olive branch of peace, how they respond says who they truly are
We see things the way we want to see it… we see our character how we wish to see it… who is wrong or right depends on our perspective.
If I grew up in the 60s, I, without a doubt, would have been a hippie. Peace, Love & Hair Grease.

As 4 me, I will always keep peace with those who truly wish 2 keep peace with me. Not people who spend their time trashing me behind my back
All this energy y’all r spending online to argue, how bout u use it to get out there and start mentoring the youth. lord knows it’s needed.
I do it and it’s a beautiful thing… be the change you wish to see.”

2face Defends Dammy Krane, Says He Was Implicated

Nigerian hip-hop legend 2face has defended Dammy Krane on allegations of identity fraud.
Singer Dammy Krane was arrested and booked in Miami for theft, credit card and identity fraud and now faces nine felony charges in Miami-Dade criminal court for credit card forgery and grand theft. Reacting to Dammy Krane's arrest, 2face who spoke on Hip Tv said:

"Dammy is good. He's a young blood that very charismatic, likeable, talented, crazy but not that type of crazy. I think it's safe to call it implication, he just caught up in something he knew nothing about. Because of time, place, association, he just got caught up in all that. But he's fine now."

Influential Lagos PDP Chieftain, Bode George Set to Join APC... See Details

People's Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Bode George is set to join the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) according to the Lagos Chairman of the APC.
Bode George
While speaking in an exclusive interview with The Sun, the All Progressives Congress (APC) Chairman in Lagos State, Chief Henry Ajomale, has hinted that former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Bode George is on his way to joining the APC.

According to Ajomale, after Senator Obanikoro, the next big fish they were expecting in APC was George, who he noted, had shown interest in joining the ruling party.

He said; “He is coming to join us very soon, to join APC in helping to transform Lagos State into Dubai of Africa.

“I mean it. Mark my words, Chief Bode George will soon be in APC fold. George is on his way to joining the APC, and we will welcome him in a big way.

“Look at some of his recent comments, how he has been praising Governor Akinwumi Ambode to high heavens, commending the governor over developmental projects he has been executing in Lagos State.

“George is an eminent Lagosian who is passionate about the development and growth of Lagos State, and I praise him saying the truth about Ambode’s administration, that Ambode’s administration is an excellent one.

“But as I said earlier, it is not a joke, Bode George will soon follow Obanikoro to APC and we are waiting to receive him into APC fold.”

You Won't Believe What a Housewife Did After Her Husband Refused to Attend Church With Her

A woman who got really furious after her husband refused to go to church with her, has reacted to the development in a dramatic manner.
File photo used only for illustrative purpose
Adenike Oladejo, a housewife, has approached an Idi-Ogungun Customary Court, Agodi Ibadan, seeking dissolution of her nine years marriage to her husband, Samuel Oladejo, over his refusal to attend Church with her.

NAN reports that Adenike, who testified in court on Friday, said she cried every day because of the kind of life her husband was living.

She said her husband was a drunk and always came home late, adding that the plaintiff did not care about her welfare and the only child of the marriage.

She described the husband as “a stubborn and irresponsible family head who preferred spending his money on alcohol.

“I regret marrying him because my parents warned me not to marry him but I did not obey them due to the blind love I had for him.

“I pleaded with him on many occasions to be going to Church, with the aim of repenting from his bad ways of life but he refused.

“My Lord, separate us, I can no longer stay with a man who does not know God but live a sinful lifestyle.”

The defendant, who agreed to divorce the wife, however, accused her of abandoning him when he became broke.

He said “the court should grant her request but she did not seek for divorce when I had money and things were going on smoothly for me.

“It is now that she wants divorce because I hardly feed her and cater for her needs and our kid because I dont have the means.”

The president of the court, Chief Mukaila Balogun, dissolved the marriage, saying evidence of both parties proved that they both agreed to the separation.

Balogun also gave the custody of the only child of the marriage to the plaintiff and ordered the defendant to be paying N3,000 monthly for the upkeep of the child.
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