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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Heartless Mother Jailed 26 Years for Doing This Evil Thing to Her Three Kids (Photos)

A mother who escaped civil war in South Sudan before relocating to Australia has been sentenced to 26 years in prison for killing her children.
Akon Guode killed her three children after plunging her car into a lake in Australia
A mother who admitted killing three of her children and attempting to murder a fourth by driving her car into a lake has been jailed 26 years in Australia on Tuesday, AFP reports.

The woman identified as Akon Guode, who came to Australia after fleeing civil war in South Sudan, plunged the vehicle into the lake on the outskirts of Melbourne in 2015, killing one-year-old son, Bol and four-year-old twins, Hanger and Madit.

Australian rescuers were forced to pull her and five-year-old daughter Alual from the sinking vehicle. In handing down his sentence, Justice Lex Lasry said the 37-year-old suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome but why she had driven into the lake remained a “tragic mystery”.

“The sentence I’m about to impose is in some respects inadequate to reflect the gravity of what you’ve done, yet at the same time excessive given your mental state and your background of hardship and desperation,” he said.

Nonetheless “these are obviously grave offences”, Lasry added.

“These children trusted you as their mother as they were entitled to do. Your betrayal of that trust had catastrophic consequences whatever the true reasons were for your consequences.”
The defence told the court Guode suffered severe psychological trauma from the civil war.

Witnesses said before the tragedy Guode had complained of receiving threats from the estranged wife of the children’s father — with whom she had been having a long affair — and had isolated herself from the Sudanese community.

The mother-of-seven’s eldest daughter had previously told the court she was concerned about Guode’s driving as she had been experiencing dizzy spells for six months leading up to the deaths.

Guode, who reportedly wailed as her sentence was handed down in the Victorian Supreme Court, will spend a minimum 20 years behind bars before being eligible for parole.

See the Surprising Moment Popular Shopping Center Declared Everything Free to Mark Ramadan (Videos)

To celebrate the Ramadan season, a popular shopping centre in Saudi Arabia, on Monday, declared everything free for 30 minutes as everyone was seen rushing to grab whatever they can get.

A Facebook user identified as Aishat Alubankudi, took to the social networking platform to share some videos which show the surprising moment a popular shopping centre in Saudi Arabia declared everything free for 30 minutes.

While many women rushed to grab clothes and shoes, most men were captured on camera grabbing electronics.

"Shopping centre in Saudi Arabia every thing declared free for 30 minutes. Women went to clothes and men went to electronics!!," she captioned the videos.

Watch below;

I Married as a V1rgin at 33, My Marriage Crashed Within a Year - Popular Comedienne, Chigurl Opens Up (Video)

In a latest emotional interview with Kemi Adetiba, popular Nigerkan comedienne, Chigul, has shared the never before heard story of her private life.
Comedienne, Chigurl
While speaking in an exclusive interview with Kemi Adetiba for "King Women", Chioma Omeruah, popularly known as Chigul, opened up like never before on the story of her life.

In the emotional tell-it-all interview, the comedienne revealed how her marriage crashed just after one year, even though she married as a virgin, and how she discovered that her husband had a love child and her initial strained relationship with her mother.

Read some excerpts  from the chat below;

"When my marriage fell apart, I felt like I failed at something and I had no where to learn. It fell apart and I didn't wan't it to fall apart. I felt like I disappointed my dad because we talked about it before he died. I felt like when I needed people for me then, no one was. No one was there and I wanted people to be there, I wanted to be able to go to my mum and cry and say I'm tired. Then she'll just always say, Go back to your husband.

"The worst was when I discovered that my husband had a child with someone else. This was a year into my separation. When I found out my mum had heard, I was like, I'm done with everyone. Don't talk to me.

"But I later thought about it. How was she supposed to tell me? I knew it affected her, I knew the way my life was going affected her. The worst thing for me is not being in a relationship, I wanted to give her grandchildren, I wanted us to bond over those things and my success with my life, career is great., it's wonderful, I thank God for it everyday but I want other things too. I want to ta;k to her about how children misbehave and she can now say.

"I met my husband in 2007. His uncles were my father's people. We were friends as teenagers and in secondary school. When I came back from America, we started talking. After about a year courtship, we decided to get married. He proposed and I said Yes. We were not perfect, they were good days, very happy times. It just got to a place where he didn't care anymore, I didn't care anymore. we both didn't care. It took me a long place where we decided we need to divorce.

"We were separated for so long but in that time, I still wanted to see that maybe somewhere in the back of my mind we didn't try had enough, maybe we could, but he wasn't interested anymore. And when we started discussing divorce, we became more cordial. I didn't;t want to end things really badly anyway, I would rather we stay cordial because we had to see, we are related to people who are in our lives all the time and till this very day his cousins, uncles are still calling me the wife. It just sort of fizzled and I can't tell you when or how.

"I had been made to believe that it was my job to keep that afloat and the fact that it sank, I felt I failed at this. It fell apart and then I find out about the child. I got upset because we were still officially married buy then, emotionally, he had left the building, because he was with someone else

"We were married for about a year, I lived in Abuja, he lived in Lagos aso I came to Lagos every weekend. When people say oh maybe it's;s because you guys did not live together, I say well there are people who did long distance for years. I don't think it was a cause, I think it was a factor. But you see, before I moved to Abuja, the discussion was to come to Abuja. That was the plan. But he decided against it later. I had a good Job and I wasn't going to leave it.

"What were we going to do financially? I didn't just decide to go to Abuja as people will think. That isn't what just happened. He just decided not to come. I decided to make it work, coming to Lagos every weekend for about a year. No disrespect to him because we all had our issues, so distance was a small factor. I am the cover up queen. I would never want anyone to see that things are not working. He's not as outgoing as I am, he's colder and I think people noticed that. He has a habit, he could not be in communication with anyone for a long time and literally wouldn't talk for months to anyone in the family. His family can tell you that.

"That was his way and I discovered that It would be a worse off crime if I did not live my life to the fullest, because I was depressed, I went through depression. My friends in Abuja had a small intervention. I was literally broken inside.

"My marriage just fizzled. He didn't want to talk to me. Would not talk to me. I would reach out, apologize, send texts, he would not speak to me.

"There are also things I did that were wrong. One particular incident, I sold the wedding rings. Yes, I did. Ask me why? You see in Nigeria, that's the end of the story, you deserve to be hung, whatever. In my mind, my rings were a symbol of something that did not exist. It was a circle I was wearing in my finger. Did I have a husband, no. He was absent.

"I'm happy it happened at one year, with no children, no attachments. That's not how I want to bring up children (referring to custody arrangements). I want it to be um a house with Mummy and Daddy. I  married at 33 and was a virgin. That was my first ever anything and it was supposed to be special, it was supposed to last." Watch video below:

Shocking Story: Woman Claims to Have Given Birth to Twins Of Which One is a Snake (Photos)

A woman has cried out for help after some wildlife authorities stormed her house and attempted to take-away her son - a massive snake - which she says its one of her twin children.
The woman and the snake
Nalongo Barbara Nvannungi, a woman in Nakawuka, Wakiso district in Ugandan, keeps a python at her home, but when wildlife authorities wanted to take it away, she claimed that “he” is her child, saying that she gave birth to twins in 2008, and reasoned that they cannot take her child away from her.

Residents are worried that the python could present a danger to the village and they went to Uganda Reptiles Village, Entebbe, asking them to take the python, but the mother is against taking away “her” child.
“I am the one who gave birth to him and can take care of him. A parent can’t fail to take care of her child,” she told Bukedde TV’s local Luganda news bulletin Agataliiko Nfuufu.
“I am asking that they let me be with my child,” she said while lovingly stroking the python!

Nvannungi says that her husband Salongo Patrick Lubega passed away in late 2007 when she was pregnant.

However, she says the only witness who can confirm that she gave birth to the python is her sister because she didn’t give birth in hospital.
“When I felt labour pains, I went with my sister to find transport to take us to hospital, but the child came fast and I gave birth to him in a garden,” she says.
“I also gave birth to his sister a few moments later,” she says. The sister, a girl is a human being not a reptile.

Nvannungi’s sister (on the left) is the only witness who can attest to the fact that she really gave birth to the reptile.

She says relatives have abandoned her and the snake is the only relative she knows, so they can’t take him away from her.

Nalongo Nvannungi says that unfortunately ever since the passing of her husband who left her pregnant, she has not been able to find another man as every man is worried that she will give birth to another snake. “They fear me,” she said.

Nalongo says she cannot allow wildlife people to take her child to a zoo. “I can’t go visiting him among animals, because he is a human being,” she said.

She added that no one else can take proper care of her child because she feeds him on more 40 eggs on a daily basis and a chicken every two days.

She asked residents to keep calm, saying that she is taking proper care of her “child”. She even built “him” a house and says that he will not harm the locals.

However, the TV station reached out to a medical doctor, Joseph Wasswa Ssenkubuge who said that it is impossible for a human being to give birth to a snake, adding that it is a scheme the woman could be using to make money off curious people.

DSS Hands Over 82 Freed Chibok girls To Ministry Of Women Affairs For Rehabilitation [PHOTOS]

The Department of State Services (DSS) has transferred the 82 Chibok schoolgirls, who were released earlier in the month, to the ministry of women affairs for rehabilitation.

Ever since they regained freedom, the girls have been with the security agency, where they were made to undergo several medical tests and treatment.

The girls spent three years in captivity and were only freed after the federal government negotiated with their captors.

Details of the negotiation have not been made public, but the government admitted that some Boko Haram commanders were swapped with the victims.

See photos:

S/Korea Leader Orders Probe into the Introduction of Additional Powerful U.S. THAAD Launchers

The President of South Korea has ordered a probe into the introduction of additional powerful US THAAD launchers without his knowledge.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Tuesday ordered a probe into the introduction of four Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD), missile launchers in addition to the two deployed by the U.S. military before his election.

Presidential spokesman Yoon Young-chan told a media briefing that Moon was “shocked” to hear that the four additional THAAD launchers, deployed to counter the North Korean missile threat, were brought in without being reported to the new government or to the public,

The deployment of the defence system by the U.S. military, agreed by the government of Moon’s predecessor, was a controversial issue in the May 10 presidential election and has infuriated China, North Korea’s lone major ally.

NAN reports that on May 2, China called for an immediate stop to the deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system to South Korea and is ready to protect its interests.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang voiced the government’s position against the move during a briefing.

“We oppose the deployment of the U.S. missile system to South Korea and call on all parties to immediately stop this process.

“We are ready to take necessary measures to protect our interests,” he said, adding that “China’s position on the THAAD issue has not changed.”

The spokesperson didn’t specify what protective measures China had in mind. However, responding to the THAAD installation, China announced that it will stage live-fire exercises and test new weapons to protect its security.

Beijing has previously voiced concerns over the THAAD system and joint U.S.-South Korean drills near the Korean Peninsula, consistently urging all the parties involved to find a peaceful solution to the volatile situation in the region.

Backed by Russia, it also proposed a halt to military drills in exchange for an end to Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear tests during a UN Security Council session held in New York.

Moscow considers the stationing of the THAAD system to be an “additional destabilising factor for the region” amid alarmingly increasing tensions.

It has called on Washington and Seoul to reconsider the decision.

Recently installed in South Korea, the THAAD system is aimed at detecting and shooting down missiles.


Drama as Fake Prophet is Exposed by Passengers at a Train (Photo)

A supposedly fake prophet has been exposed at a train terminus by passengers who were waiting to travel.
The 'juju' found on the train 
Madzibaba Benfred, a self-styled Zimbabwean Prophet was busted after secretly placed a man-made juju goblin in a bus destined for Harare delaying travellers for more than an hour saying it was meant to cause an accident on Africa Day.

According to H-Metro, Madzibaba Benfred of Johanne Masowe yeChishanu approached Super Extra Link bus crew claiming that there was a parcel in the bus with a goblin meant to cause an accident.

Madzibaba’s attempt to claim prophetic powers failed to make an impact after part of the crowd who rushed to the bus terminus informed the bus crew that Prophet Hungwe had already exposed his evil intentions. They claimed they saw him planting the goblin inside the bus by himself.

“Do not be fooled by that man,” one of the onlookers was heard saying.

“He wants people to believe his powers by placing man-made things, this is a fake goblin,” added the onlooker.

Travellers were divided as some believed the claims delaying the bus departure by almost two hours.

The goblin was laced with beads and a cloth round a cow-horn with blood inside and was placed in a wrapped parcel under the seat.

The Prophet was handed over to police officers.

Two confirmed dead in Ogun auto crash

Two persons were confirmed dead in a road accident involving a blue Toyota Corolla car and a Toyota picnic bus at Olodo area, on Abeokuta/Ibadan Expressway in Ogun State.
File Photo
The Public Relations Officer, Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Agency in Ogun, Mr. Babatunde Akinbiyi, confirmed the accident to newsmen in Abeokuta on Tuesday.

Akinbiyi explained that the accident occurred on Monday evening due to wrong overtaking by the driver of the Toyota Corolla car.

He stated that the two vehicles had three occupants each, saying that the dead were the drivers of both vehicles.

Akinbiyi said, “The accident involved a Toyota Corolla car with registration number KSF 846 EF and a Toyota picnic bus with registration number RLG 61 AA.

“The driver of the Toyota Corolla car tried to overtake the Toyota Picnic space bus which resulted in collision that led to the crash.

“The vehicles had three passengers each when the accident occurred, three males and three females, but the drivers of both vehicles died in the accident.”

The official said that the victims were taken to Omo Arewa Clinic in Odeda, while one female in critical condition was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta.


Man doing it in public with his wife....See video

Why do guys grab/ touch their girlfriend's ass in public? sexual move, or a "she's mine" move?
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Tragedy!! Ritualists Murder 30-year-old Man & Pluck Out His Eyes For Money

A young man has fallen victim to ritual killing after he was brutally murdered before his eyes was plucked out.

Residents of Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana have been thrown into a state of shock following the murder of a man believed to be in his late 30s in what is suspected to be a ritual killing, Adom News reports.

The ritualists plucked out the man’s right eye as he was found lying in a pool of blood by a shop along a popular street known as Hausa line.

The first incidence according to Winners FM’s Addo Ali, a local journalist in the area occurred at Techiman Zongo close to the former premises of Armed Maternity Clinic where a young man in his early 30s was murdered and his right eyeball removed.

The second person in his late 30s who also had his left eyeball removed according to the Ali Addo was still sustaining breath at the time the police arrived at the traffic light close to the Techiman Central Market, the scene of crime.

He disclosed that the incident might have happened at about 2: am on Monday, May 29, 2017. The police in the area have ruled out theft but said they are conducting further investigations into the two incidents.

Chief Superintendent of Police Emmanuel Twumasi Ankrah, the Techiman Divisional Police Commander who confirmed the incident said his outfit has launched investigations into the matter.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased has since been deposited at the Holy Family Hospital morgue pending an autopsy.

Heartbreaking: How Bricklayer, 5-year-old Died in Lagos Building Collapse

The story has been told of how a bricklayer and a little child perished inside the building that collapsed in Lagos.
A three-storey building located on 9, Daddy Alaja Street, Oke-Arin, Idumota, Lagos Island, collapsed yesterday, burying 48 occupants alive, among which were two children and a nursing mother.

This is coming one week after a similar incident occurred at Ilasamaja area of the state, where two persons lost their lives and 17 others rescued alive.

According to Vanguard, as at 5.30p.m. yesterday, the bodies of a bricklayer, identified simply as Baba Ibeji, and that of a five-year-old girl, Farida Ajitayo, were recovered from the debris dead.

Meanwhile, 14 occupants were rescued alive. Among them were a six-month-old baby and her mother, who Vanguard gathered spent close to five hours under the debris before help came.

The three-storey building, with a penthouse, which caved in at about 7:20a.m., fell on an adjourning building occupied by over six families.

The building, which had warehouses on its ground floor and residential apartments on the other floors, was said to have been marked for demolition by Lagos State Building Control Agency, LASBCA .

While some occupants reportedly moved out, others remained following plans by its landlord to carry out renovation work on it.

Vanguard was informed that renovation work was ongoing when it caved in. Many of the injured victims were artisans contracted for the renovation works.

The ground floor and first floor reportedly sank into the earth, burying undisclosed number of occupants. Among those rescued alive were occupants of the second and third floors.

A resident, who identified himself as Ali, hinted that the bricklayers had commenced work for the day before the building collapsed, saying “I saw them mixing cement and sand on the first floor this morning.

“Baba Ibeji was on the staircase to the second floor mixing the cement when the building caved in on him. He was removed from the debris, dead.”

LASBCA disclosed that the occupants were evacuated and building sealed thrice before its eventual collapse.

In an interview with Vanguard, Acting General Manager of LASBCA, Joseph Oyewale, said: “The building was erected on a swampy area, which was filled with refuse by the residents.

“We sealed it for the third time last Friday, but after our activities at the building, the contractor often returns to site, remove the seal to commence construction. And they do this on weekends or public holidays.

“If you ask him to present his renovation permit, he cannot provide it, indicating that the activities on site were illegal.

“I can inform you that whenever we visit any site and meet anyone engaging in illegal activities, we often arrest them for onward prosecution.”

Corroborating his claim, an occupant of the building, Olayinka Okunola, who escaped unhurt, said that the landlord ordered all occupants to vacate the building six years ago.

He said while some left, others remained, claiming they did not have money to rent another apartment.

Okunola, who owned one of the shops on the ground floor, claimed that his goods worth N3 million were destroyed.

In his words: “The landlord asked us to leave. But while some left, I and some others decided to stay back.

“Since 2011, he had not collected rent from us. That is why we cannot hold him responsible for the act.”

When Vanguard got to the scene, rescue operators comprising Policemen; National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA; Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, LASEMA; Nigerian Red Cross, Lagos State Fire Service, National Security and Civil Defense Corps and LASBCA were on ground.

However, at 2p.m., all rescue operators except officials of LASBCA had left the scene, saying they had concluded operation, but residents maintained that people were still trapped under the rubble.

For instance, it was gathered that five artisans that were carrying out renovation work were still missing.

Their identities were given simply as Gbenga, Ominiku, Shoshodi, Shodipo and Omolewa. They were said to have been among those who passed the night in the building.

General Manager LASEMA, Mr. Adesina Tiamiyu, who confirmed that two persons died and 14 injured, lamented that the rescue operation experienced a hitch.

He said: “Due to how the buildings were constructed, we could not access the collapsed building site with our equipments. And we were forced to embark on manual rescue operation.

“Manual operation is tasking and time wasting. We have to break through walls and go under the rubbles to bring out those who were trapped.”

Tiamiyu noted that preliminary investigation carried out at the scene of the incident revealed that illegal repairs were ongoing.

He noted that sands and concrete blocks were seen on the upper deck of the building together with scaffolding around it, which suggested that construction was going on in the building already inhabited by people.

He, however, said that proper investigation would be carried out by the relevant government agencies to ascertain the actual circumstances that led to its collapse, advising owners and developers to adhere to building codes and physical planning laws of the state.

Teebillz Makes New Revelation About His 'Uneasy Marriage' to Tiwa Savage

Teebillz has insinuated that he is still married to Mavin records songstress, Tiwa Savage despite seeming irreconcilable differences.
Tunji 'Tee Billz' Balogun has revealed that he is still fully married to superstar singer Tiwa Savage.

The couple had gone through a messy split in 2016, but seem to be back together, according to the music producer.

In a recent interview with Linda Ikeji TV, he stated that he had not divorced Tiwa Savage, and their marriage was still standing.

He said: “Everything that is mine, everything that God has ordained to be mine surely will be mine. Be it money, business, relationship, friendship, whatever it is, and with positive mind, everything will come back to you. All I’m doing is working on myself, being a better person and with a positive mind, everything you desire will come to you.

“Was my marriage dissolved before? Did you see me sign divorce papers? Is social media part of my family and they claim to know what’s going on in my family. I sot not the same social media that said I went to Rehab in the states? I did not leave this country. I fought my journey in this country.

"Did you hear that she (Tiwa Savage) is married to someone else? Did you hear that she’s dating someone else? Have you seen her date anyone else? Have you seen me date anyone else? Read through the lines and let us stay positive.”

Tiwa Savage comes under fire for disrespecting Ghana Flag (Video)

Mavin artiste, Tiwa Savage, have been slammed by Ghanaians after a video  showing her dropping the Ghanaian flag on the floor at a concert in Ghana emerged.

According to those who reacted to her Saturday night performance, the way she treated the flag shows she has no respect for her fans and the country.

The music star and her dance troupe arrived the stage with the singer wearing the flag like a cape. However, when her performance kicked off, she is seen tossing the flag to the floor, and many people think this is an insult to the country.

Reacting to her performance, Ghanaian OAP and actress, Afia Schwarzenegger wrote on Instagram;

“She disrespected every Ghanaian sitting there by dropping our flag”.
Her IG post ignited the anger of Ghanaians who have now taken to their social media to call out the Nigerian singer.

“Nice performance but was disappointed in her throwing the flag on the floor. It is disrespectful,” said Instagram user@samernestina

@nanyportia added, “You watched her throw the National Flag on the ground? It’s a shame.”

Watch the clip that is causing all the outrage:

Man Caught Doing It In Public....See Video

Why do guys grab/ touch their girlfriend's ass in public? sexual move, or a "she's mine" move?

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Tension in Bayelsa as 6 Vigilantes are Detained Over Death of 23-year-old Villager

Tension has overtaken a Bayelsa State community after the tragic killing of a villager led to chaotic occurrences.

According to a Vanguard report, there is intense anxiety at Okoroba, a riverine community in Nembe Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, over the arrest and protracted detention by the police of six members of the town’s vigilante group, accused of killing a 23-year-old indigene, Opp Amond, three months ago.

The community claimed that the vigilante members were ordered by the Regent of the community, HRH Romani Ide, to recover the remains of the deceased, who got drowned while taking his bath in the village, but the family of the deceased pointed fingers at the vigilante members detailed to reclaim his remains.

The matter took a worrisome dimension when police detectives investigating the matter, arrested six members of the vigilante group, who recovered the remains of the deceased on the directive of the village head. Their prolonged confinement provoked the folks, leading to unnecessary destruction of property, including public amenities by angry protesters, who demanded their immediate release.

Currently, the hostility is between the community and members of the powerful family with an influential top police officer. Concerned indigenes of Okoroba, in a statement by the head of Agum group of Houses, High Chief Alawari Ajayi and others, accused the said police officer of using his power to detain members of the community, stressing that the autopsy conducted at the Federal Medical Centre, FMC, Yenagoa, on the remains of the deceased, showed that he drowned and was not murdered.

They said: “The Bayelsa State Police Command investigated these matters and noticed that the cases were instigated based on malice and with intent to cow the people. It is obvious that the Police are acting the script. The Okoroba people are tax payers and the police are paid to protect every tax payer in Okoroba community. Why has the IGP refused to act on all the petitions of the Okoroba people on this issue?

“We are aware that an assistant commissioner of Police is using his influence on the Police. We demand the immediate release of the community youths and the Inspector General of Police, IGP, should constitute a team to investigate the activities of the police officer and the youths. It is a fact that the police officer while serving in Zone 5, ignited the detention of people of the community without trial for several months. Is the Bayelsa State Police Command incapacitated or incapable of handling Okoroba matters? We call on the IGP to order proper investigation,” they said.

The community added: “We call on the human rights community to rise to the occasion to defend this flagrant violation of the rights of innocent and defenceless citizens. The police should be bold enough to charge these people to court if they have prima facie case against them. The question is can the police continue to detain these boys at the whim and caprices of the police officer?"

The Regent of Okoroba Community, HRH Chief Romani Ide, who lamented the plight of the vigilante members, asserted: “These youths have been in detention since January till date without a charge proferred against them. The result of an autopsy on the deceased conducted at FMC, Yenagoa on the 22nd of April reveals that the deceased died of drowning and was not murdered as alleged. The police have refused to release these youths even with the autopsy results. As a community, we have perfected the bail conditions, yet they were not released, why the antics.”

NDV contacted the Police Public Relations Officer in Bayelsa, but he declined comment.

My Husband Left Home Claiming to Go See His Sick Mother But Where I Found Him is Shocking - Woman Narrates

A married woman has told the stunning tale of what happened to her after her husband left home claiming to go see his sick mother.
The woman shared her story on break_or_makeup, where she explained her sincere dilemma.

According to the woman, her husband left home, claiming he was going to attend to his sick mother who seriously needed his attention.

The man was gone for one day before she found out something shocking about him.

She revealed that she attended a different church to which she was invited by her friend. On getting to the church, she saw her husband, who was supposed to be with his supposedly sick mother, sitting right there with another woman.

The worst part, according to her, is that when she confronted the man,he denied ever knowing them.

Below is how she told the story:

Photos Of Aisha Buhari Heading To London To See Ailing Husband Surfaces Online

The wife of the President Her Excellency Mrs Aisha Buhari on Monday left for the United kingdom to see her ailing husband.

President Muhammadu Buhari early in May, 2017 traveled to the United Kingdom to follow up on the medical treatment he commenced months ago.

Special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on media and publicity, Femi Adesina, had said “the length of the President’s stay in London will be determined by the doctors and government will continue to function normally under the able leadership of the Vice President.”

Statement from the office of President's wife said her Excellency will spend some time with her Husband the President Muhammadu Buhari who is presently on medical vacation.

She expressed her appreciation to the millions of Nigerians who have been praying for his quick and safe return

See photos:

The Harmful Effects of Sleeping in a Bra

Wearing of the bra while sleeping could be so harmful to the health of women folks and this has been discouraged by some health practitioners.

A bra is worn to support the br**sts, provide modesty and increase the sense of security a women feels. It temporarily affects the shape of the br**sts, such as uplifting them to create a cleavage.

In the 1930s, a boyish look was fashionable, so bras were worn to flatten the chest. For larger women, it also provides welcome control. However, there has been a strong dialogue about the harmful effects of wearing a bra, especially during sleep.

(1) Restlessness

Wearing a bra can be irritating for some women at the best of times, so sleeping could enhance this feeling. Women who sleep on their back may feel the bra catch press into their skin, causing discomfort. An underwire bra could also dig into the underside of the chest tissue, causing scratching or red grooves. The effect of these problems is waking through the night and continuous discomfort.

(2) Weakened Ligaments

Although support is a primary reason to wear a bar, it can actually be adverse to a woman’s health. The br**sts do not develop strong ligaments because they do not take the weight of their own load. Therefore, br**sts can sag more if a bra is constantly worn. If the bra is worn both day and night, the br**sts do not have the opportunity to use the ligaments at all, and this worsens the problem.

(3) Cancer

The book “Dressed to Kill,” published in 1995, suggested that a bra inhibits lymphatic drainage, increases chest temperature and levels of prolactin. Consequently, the authors Singer and Grismaijar proposed that this increases the risk of a woman developing cancer.

However, Louise Brinton at the National Cancer Institute suggests this is not a viable, scientific explanation because it is does not relate to endogenous hormone levels that are associated with cancer. Therefore, although disputed, some thinkers believe that wearing a bra contributes to cancer, and wearing it all the time would increase this risk.

(4) Excess Sweat

Being sweaty is a side effect of wearing a bra to bed. The extra material and padding stifles the air flow around the skin and consequently can make a woman abnormally hot and sweaty. This can cause itching and discomfort to the wearer. Women who do sleep in a bra should make sure it is made from a breathable fabric like cotton.

NB: *Bra is an abbreviation of the word “brazier.”*

Buhari's Health Our Biggest Priority - APC Chairman, Oyegun Talks on 2019 Presidential Ticket

Speaking while addressing the media on the midterm scorecard of the All Progressives Congress-led administration, the APC national chairman opened up on the health of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The health of President Muhammadu Buhari, rather than seeking a second term ticket for him was the priority of the All Progressives Congress (APC), according to the national chairman of the party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun.

According to DailyPost said that Oyegun spoke Monday in Abuja while addressing the media on the midterm scorecard of the APC-led administration.

Oyegun, however, said the issue of the candidacy of the party in the 2019 presidential election was not a priority now but Buhari’s good health.

“Why build bridges if there is no river to cross? Why don’t you wait until you come across a river then you build a bridge. With all due respect, for what it stands for, what is critical today is that our prayer is our good Lord will restore the president to robust, good health; that is the first thing.

“But the prime thing that he will be considering today isn’t to think of 2019. It is to have his health fully restored and I am sure he will give anything just to have his health restored. Let’s terminate it at that point; when 2019 comes we will deal with the issues that arise.”

On the alleged frosty relationship between the presidency and the party leadership, Oyegun denied alienating himself from the seat of power, but said he was always in good communication with Buhari.

His words: “I have done a lot of things with the president in the past. I have known him from the civil service days; I have known him from the military head of state days.

“I was one of his close aides. So let them enjoy themselves and pose for photograph. That isn’t the issue. The issue is that we communicate and the relationship is cordial.”

Why I Have S*x With 4 Men Daily - 10-year-old Girl Caught in Abuja Uncompleted Building

A 10-year-old girl has been caught among four men having sex in an uncompleted building at old Kwata of Suleja.
According to a police source, the girl who hawks sachet water known as pure water meets the men daily to have sex and in return they pay her between N100 to N200.

In a chat with The AUTHORITY, she disclosed that she started sleeping with men since when she was 8 years old.

“I started sleeping with men when I was eight years old. I use the money they give me and the one I get from my pure water business to sustain my parents and two siblings,” she said.

When asked how often she meets the men, she said it was on daily basis and returns home at 10pm. “I don’t sleep outside my home,” she added.

When asked, the men refused to give their identities. The police source said the matter is still under investigation “and as a matter of fact, the little girl chose to engage herself into such act.

“She was not forced as we thought when we arrested them. It was during interrogation that it became clear to us that they had her based on her agreement with the four men.”

Coroner Finally Reveals What Killed Senator Isiaka Adeleke

The coroner in charge of the inquest constituted by the Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola to probe the cause of death of Senator Isiaka Adeleke, Olusegun Ayilara, has blamed the lawmakers death on drugs overdose.
Adeleke died on April 23, 2017.

Ayilara, while giving his verdict on Tuesday ruled out poison as the cause of death.

He stated that no trace of poison was found in Adeleke’s system according to the autopsy and toxicologist reports.

According to Ayilara, “The high dose of sedatives and analgesics with the mode of administration caused aspiration which culminated in death.”

The coroner which has been sitting for over three weeks had summoned 15 witnesses including nurse Alfred Aderibigbe who treated the late lawmaker before he died.

Thief Caught Stealing from Redeemed Church in Lagos Caught and Paraded N*ked in Public (Photo)

A thief who attempted to incur the wrath of God by deciding to steal from the Redeemed Christian Church, has been apprehended by local residents and paraded unclad publicly.
A suspected thief who hailed from the Kaka Ayobo area of Lagos state, was caught trying to steal a standing fan from a Redeemed Christian Church of God at Onifade town in Ayobo, Ogun State.

The young man who didn't know that someone was watching him as he attempted to steal the property, reportedly tried to run but no bike was willing to carry him.

Hilarious reply to a tweet!

A mother got a hilarious reply to after she shared a photo of her face covered with her baby’s vomit. The reply is epic and has now gotten almost 50k retweets.


Nigeria Will Be Destroyed If Buhari Doesn't Win Second Term - Buhari Campaign Organisation

The Buhari Campaign Organisation has appealed to Nigerians to support the administration of President Buhari as well as its continuity for the betterment of Nigerians.
The Buhari Campaign Organisation (BCO) has stated that if President Muhammadu Buhari did not seek for a second term in 2019, Nigeria will collapse.

‎The organisation said two years of the All Progressives Congress-led government had impacted more positively on Nigerians than the 16 years of the PDP.

The organisation, which brought about 14 Imams and six pastors together, offered prayers for Buhari’s quick recovery and expressed optimism that the remaining two years‎ in the first phase of the administration would be better.

Addressing newsmen at the Buhari Campaign Organisation (BCO) headquarters, yesterday in Abuja, the Acting National ‎Co-ordinator of the organisation, Alhaji Danladi Pasali, said Buhari had within the last two years laid the foundation for good governance in Nigeria.

He explained that if Buhari did not contest‎ in 2019, disgruntled forces would take over and destroy the country.

“His second coming ‎in 2019 is important for the survival of Nigeria. Except he returns in 2019, this country will be destroyed; and we can assure you that Mr President will contest again. ‎BCO appreciates the progress made so far towards ensuring security, revitalising the economy and tackling corruption,” he said.

‎He called on Nigerians to support the government in order to sustain its effort at building a peaceful and enduring democratic legacy in the country.

Fan Slams Paul Okoye of Psquare For Revealing His Good Deeds on Social Media

Paul Okoye of Psquare, who took to Instagram to write about what he has done this year for people, which includes paying the school fees of those he has never met before, while also encouraging others to join the movement, got slammed by a follower.

According to the follower, he’s not supposed to talk about what he has done for people on social media. Defending what he said, the follower went further to disclosed that ‘Akon sold his properties to help his country’.

However, Paul who reacted to what his follower said, wrote that it’s because of tantrums from people like him, that good people don’t help the less privilege anymore. Here’s his follower’s reply to this;

Tears As Popular Award-winning Journalist is Confirmed Dead

Frank Deford, who mined the sports world for human stories and told them with literary grace over six decades in Sports Illustrated, a shelf of books and many years of radio and television commentary, died on Sunday at his home in Key West, Fla. He was 78.

His wife, Carol, confirmed his death on Monday but said she did not yet know the cause.

Mr. Deford retired from NPR’s “Morning Edition” on May 3, signing off with what the radio network said was his 1,656th weekly commentary since 1980. He also appeared on HBO’s “Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel” for 22 years and wrote for Sports Illustrated for more than 30 years.

At Sports Illustrated, he became a leader in a form of literary sports journalism nurtured by its managing editor, André Laguerre, who recruited him as one of a blue-ribbon roster of writers that included Mark Kram, Dan Jenkins and Roy Blount Jr. Together they made the magazine one of the most successful at Time Inc.

Mr. Deford was a six-time Sportswriter of the Year, a National Magazine Award recipient, a member of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Hall of Fame and the first sportswriter to be given a National Humanities Medal, presented by President Barack Obama in a White House ceremony in 2013.

From Asaba, Onitsha to Owerri, Biafrans Observe Sit-at-home to Celebrate Fallen Heroes (Photos)

Pro-Biafrans in the south east have in their numbers observed the sit-at-home order to honour and celebrate their fallen heroes who died in the Nigerian/Biafran civil war.
The sit-at-home order issued by pro-Biafra groups has reportedly taken effect as streets, markets and plazas were completely deserted with movement restricted in some areas of Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi, Imo, Anambra and parts of Delta state.

The Biafrans are observing the sit-at-home order to remember their fallen heroes.

Pictures posted on social media show some of the commercial city centres totally deserted.

Prisca Abel wrote: "By the time we are down with Nigerian Government Today, they will understand that we mean business!!. Rochas Okorocha should get ready to go for an Exile because we are here to sanitized and recover Owerri back from Hausa Fulanis.. This is Nkwo Orji market in Owerri. The picture speaks volumes."

She added: "Who said that we are not formidable and that we are miscreants? Where are those people that called us facebook freedom fighters? who said that the chains of Divide and rules tactics is not broken?

"Who said that it's only the Igbos that are agitating for Biafra? Now sit back and watch this picture Below. This is a popular plaza in "Asaba Delta State" called Konwe where the "almighty" Governor Named Okowa stated that they are not part of Biafra. But he failed to understand that he can't speak the mind of people. Today they have proven to him that they are Biafrans by making sure that Asaba is totally locked down!!!!. Long live Nnamdi Kanu"

"Even Enugu is not left out, despite all the molestation those that went for Evangelism received by the Zoo soldiers!! Still the sit at home evangelism that warranted their Arrest was Honoured. This in a school in Amechi in Enugu State, they school was shut down. Indeed you can kill the messenger but can't kill the message!!. Every where in Biafra Land is totally shut down!!!. Prisca Abel reporting for Biafra writers."

Also, Hillary Orji wrote: "Situation Report...This picture is captured in Obigbo Kom-kom railway of the busiest place in obigbo. Onitsha main market Anambra state completely shut down."

Photo below:

See What Nigerian Actress, Mercy Aigbe was Caught Doing in London Amid Marital Crisis (Photos)

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe who is currently undergoing a turbulent time with her husband, Lanre Gentry appears to be looking at the brighter side of life at the moment.

Mercy Aigbe on Snapchat
After her medical checkup, Edo native, Mercy Aigbe took time to unwind in the United Kingdom as she stormed the pool to refresh her flawless skin.

She shared this new pictures of herself having fun in a swimsuit. The actress had earlier accused her husband and father of her child of breaking her skull in series of domestic abuses.

See more photos:

NASA's Planning to Make a Move to The Sun

After a successful mission studying the rings and moons of Jupiter and the landing of the Mars rover, NASA is turning its eyes towards the sun. In a release posted to its website, NASA explained that a solar probe is set to launch in the summer of 2018.
Solar Probe Plus already has a nifty countdown clock on its website, so you can plan accordingly around the historic launch, which should happen between July 31 and August 19, 2018, if everything goes according to plan. After launching, the probe will begin its exploration, zooming past Venus and Mercury on its way to orbit the sun.

When it arrives at the sun, the Solar Probe Plus will make itself at home four million miles above the sun's surface. According to NASA, from there, the probe will "explore the sun's outer atmosphere and make critical observations." Scientists are already loading up the Solar Probe Plus with advanced tech. The Energetic Particle Instrument-Low Energy (EPI-Lo), is the first thing to get installed.

It'll measure the low-energy particles that come off of the sun, but scientists are still adding more and more to the probe, so there's no telling just what information it'll send back when it's fully locked and loaded. Back in April, the probe got its cooling system installed, which is probably pretty important for something that's basically face-to-face with the sun itself.

NASA hopes that the Space Probe Plus will offer further insight into the sun's effect on space weather as well as the physics that happen within it. Plus, researchers are hoping to use information gathered by the probe to improve the conditions faced by astronauts and satellites in space, so this isn't just a fun jaunt to get some rays.

Anyone looking to tune into the live announcement, which will be held at the University of Chicago’s William Eckhardt Research Center Auditorium, can check out NASA TV on Wednesday.

Source: Refinery29

Former Dictator Dies at 83

Former Panamanian dictator, Manuel Noriega, has died aged 83. The current president of the country, Jose Varela, announced the death early on Tuesday.
Manuel Noriega, Panama’s former dictator, has died aged 83.

His death was announced by the president of the central American country on Twitter.

Juan Carlos Varela tweeted: “The death of Manuel A Noriega closes a chapter in our history; his daughters and their families deserve to bury him in peace.”

A source close to Noriega’s family confirmed his death to the Associated Press.

Noriega was put into an induced coma in March after undergoing brain surgery. A government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Noriega died at about 11pm local time after his condition suddenly worsened.

Noriega ruled Panama from 1983 to 1989, spying for the CIA before the US invaded in 1989, toppling his brutal regime and ending a drug-trafficking career that associated him with the Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar.

With the knowledge of US officials, Noriega formed “the hemisphere’s first narcokleptocracy”, a US Senate subcommittee report said, calling him, “the best example in recent US foreign policy of how a foreign leader is able to manipulate the United States to the detriment of our own interests”.

Noriega orchestrated the disappearance of scores of opponents, some of whose bodies later turned up in exhumations at the former Tocumen military base, bound and showing signs of torture.

He spent the first two decades after his removal in US and French jails and the final years of his life in a Panamanian prison for murder of political opponents during his regime.

In 2016, doctors detected the rapid growth of a benign brain tumour that had been spotted four years earlier. In January, a court granted him house arrest to prepare for surgery on the tumour.

In 2015, Noriega apologised “to anybody who felt offended, affected, prejudiced or humiliated by my actions”.

He is survived by his wife, Felicidad, and daughters Lorena, Thays and Sandra.
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