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19 Oct 2017

Lawyer to Army: Apologise for killing an innocent man

A lawyer and President of the Yoruba Council of Youths, Aremo Hassan has described as blatant lie, claims by the Nigerian Army  (NA) that the 20-year-old apprentice murdered by rampaging soldiers was a notorious criminal.

Reacting to the statement by the spokesman for 81 Division of the NA, Lieutenant Colonel Olaolu Daudu which claimed the deceased Sadiq Ismaila shot at the soldiers first, Hassan appealed to the Lagos State Government to carryout forensic analysis and gun powder tests on the deceased.

According to him, it was shameful for the army to cover up a clear murder committed by its personnel, vowing to drag the service to court unless they was incontrovertible evidence to back their allegations.

Hassan said: “We demand that the Lagos State Government, through the Ministry of Justice should carry out thorough investigation into this matter.

Thankfully, Lagos now has a forensic department and so, it should be used as a parameter to investigate the kind of gun the young man was carrying.

“They should do a forensic analysis on the deceased’s system to establish if he smoked Marijuana. They should check for gun powder on his hands. If anything incriminating is found, we would believe them. But if nothing, the army would meet us in court.”

Continuing, the lawyer described as blatant lie and figment of the officer’s imagination, claims that the deceased was a notorious drug peddler an armed robbery kingpin, adding that he lacked information on the scene of crime.

The lawyer said:”What the army said is a figment of the imagination of the officer who issued that statement. He did not visit the scene of the crime and he adduced so much to a place that doesn’t even fit into the claims he made. It is blatant lie.

“The deceased is very innocent. Based on the army’s claim that he’s a notorious criminal, where is his record of crime in Lagos? They should show us his record even in the immediate police station, Maroko that is a stone throw.

“I am sure if he was a notorious criminal as they claimed, his crime record would have been in at least one police station. By that statement, it means the aware was aware their men killed someone and they have not bothered to visit the scene?

“They have not released the body. We do not know where he is at the moment. Their claim that they arrested other nine criminals is false because those boys are innocent.
“Two of them are Sadiq’s friends. They are Adamu Dandi and Musa Mohammed. They were the ones those soldiers forced to carry his corpse into their Hilux. Their parents went to the police with us to complain about their missing children.

“Let the Nigerian Army come out clean to the world and apologise for the murder of an innocent boy. They cannot hide behind their atrocities and think they can deceive Nigerians.

“Enough of the ineptitude and callous practices of the Nigerian Army in this country. According to the rules of engagement, Crocodile Smile is just for display of the armament of the Nigerian Army.

If they had gotten records of criminals, they ought to have been on ground in the area before the declaration of Exercise Crocodile Smile II.

“They shouldn’t have used the exercise as a means of targeting the people they came here to raid to please whoever might have authorised them. I believe strongly that 81 Division as a whole has a lot of complicity in this case.

“We believe what we are doing is to not just shout but to make the world know that the Nigerian Army under Tukur Buratai and President Muhammadu Buhari has not done much to build confidence.

“How can the army that is meant to protect the citizenry meet a young man while doing his legitimate job as a block loader and kill him?

“The boy was killed within the area of his business. He was killed on the spot where he was moulding block not in an armoury, deadly zone or criminal hideout.”

Viral Video Of 87 Year Old Nigerian Senator And His Young Bride, Causes Problem On Social Media

This video of Sen. Nunieh, 87, and his bride, Rosemary Ijeoma, digging it on the dance floor at their wedding reception in Port Harcourt has created various reactions from Nigerians.

Watch video:
Here are a few reactions culled from Instagram:

Anambra Guber Election: INEC Makes Special Provision for Albinos

The leadership of INEC has made plans to encourage albinos to participate in the forthcoming election in Anambra, South-eastern part of Nigeria.
File Photo

The Independent National Electoral Commission says it has provided magnifying goggles for polling units to enable people living with albinism to recognise political parties’ logos in the Nov. 18 Anambra elections.

The Chairman of the commission, Prof Mahmood Yakubu, made this known while receiving EU Observer Mission to Nigeria led by Mr Santiago Ayxela on Thursday in Abuja.

He said the provision of the goggles was part of the commission’s efforts to ensure inclusiveness in the elections.

“We are doing a lot about inclusiveness for women, youths and people living with disabilities in terms of access to the polling units and participation in the elections.

“One of the things we have done in this regard in forthcoming Anambra elections is provision of magnifying glasses in polling units to enable people living with albinism to see logo of parties and make their choices,” he said.

Yakubu recalled that it was exactly two years ago since the EU sent delegations to observe the 2015 elections in Nigeria. He said that the current mission was important and critical as it came at a time when the commission was preparing for the 2019 general elections.

He reaffirmed that the commission had fixed Feb.16, 2019 for Presidential and National Assembly elections, and March 2 for Governorship, State House of Assembly and Federal Capital Territory Area Council elections.

According to Yakubu, the commission is already in election mood as the date slated for the presidential elections is only 484 days away. He said that the 2015 general elections received global recognition for its credibility and for meeting international best practice.

According to him, the commission is committed to ensuring that the 2019 elections would be better than 2015.

The chairman said INEC had so far conducted elections in 172 constituencies since the 2015 elections and that eight of the 30 recommendations of the EU team in 2015 had been implemented.

He said that the remaining 22 recommendations were at various stages at the relevant agencies, including the National Assembly, responsible for the implementation.

Earlier, the leader of the delegation, Mr Santiago Ayxela, said they had come to make recommendations that would aid the commission in preparations ahead of 2019 elections.

He said that the commission was at liberty to either implement the recommendations or not as the EU parliament was not in the position to impose its ideas on it.

Ayxela explained that some of the recommendations were for the commission while others were for the national assembly and political parties.

He announced that the technical team of the delegation would stay with the commission until November to further support and observe its preparations.

Later at the National Headquarters of People’s Democratic Party, Chairman of the party’s National Caretaker Committee, Sen. Ahmed Maikarfi, commended the EU Parliament for supporting democracy in Nigeria.

He urged the parliament to continue to support the country for sustained democracy and good governance in the county.

Be Careful: Checkout Five Warning Signs Your Appendix is About to Burst

There are certain warning signs to show you that your appendicitis is about to burst and that you must take care not to aggravate your situation.
Illustrative photo

If you notice any of these symptoms you should see your doctor immediately.

Appendicitis is a painful swelling of the appendix, which is a small pouch connected to the large intestine.

About 5% of the population get appendicitis and if you’re in this unlucky group you’ll probably have to have your appendix removed.

If left untreated the appendix can actually burst, so it’s important to see your GP as soon as possible.

"If it is not treated, your appendix can rupture, which can be life-threatening," said Jennifer Caudle, D.O., a board-certified family physician and assistant professor at Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine.

Here are five warning signs you should look out for:

1. Your stomach hurts more than ever before

Lots of different things can cause stomach pain, but appendicitis usually causes a severe pain that extends from the belly button to the lower right side of the abdomen.

Pressing on this area, coughing, or walking may all make the pain worse. This could mean your whole abdominal wall is inflamed and your appendix might be on the verge of bursting.

2. You’ve got a fever

A fever is anybody temperature above the normal 98.6 F (37 C), but it’s not considered a significant fever until it’s above 100.4 F (38 C).

If you feel hot and cold and have chills it means there’s inflammation somewhere in your body. Teamed with other symptoms it could be a sign of appendicitis.

3. You’re feeling to being sick

"Inflammation of the appendix sometimes impacts other aspects of the GI tract and the nervous system and leads to nausea and vomiting," Jennifer told Women’s Health.

It could just be a stomach bug but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

4. You feel like you need to wee all the time

The appendix is pretty close to the bladder. If it gets inflamed it can cause the bladder to become inflamed and irritated.

You might feel like you need a wee all the time and it might be painful when you do go.

5. You’re confused or disoriented

This could be a serous sign that things are getting worse. If you feel dazed and confused it could mean the infection has entered your bloodstream – which can be fatal.

If this happens seek medical help immediately.

Via Daily Star UK

Federal Government Proposes N8.6trillion National Budget for 2018...Here's All the Details

The details of the 2018-2020 Medium Term Expenditure Framework and the Fiscal Strategy Paper have been obtained which shows that the FG proposed the sum of N8.6tr for the 2018 budget.

President Muhammadu Buhari has proposed the sum of N8.6 trillion for the 2018 budget, according to the details of the 2018-2020 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and the Fiscal Strategy Paper (FSP) obtained by Daily Trust.

The proposed amount, which is exactly N8.595trn, represents about 15 per cent increase from this year’s N7.44trn budget.

The proposal is, however, subject to review by either the president or the lawmakers. The Federal Government had said that the 2018 budget proposal would be submitted to the National Assembly in October.

The MTEF and FSP documents were presented to the House of Representatives and read at plenary on Tuesday.

President Buhari said the proposed budget is predicated on an oil benchmark of $45 per barrel, with daily production output of 2.51 million barrels per day (bpd).Exchange rate stands at N305/$1.

The president said the oil benchmark was based on moving average (MA) model, which de-links the benchmark from short and medium-term fluctuations in the market price of oil.

“ line with current realities in the international oil market, including weakening outlook of future prices occasioned by rising oil and unconventional oil supplies and slow economic recovery, as well as other potential downside risks, a benchmark oil of $45pb for 2018, $50pb for 2019 and $52pb in 2020 have been proposed,” he said.

The proposal was against the backdrop of projected oil prices ranging from $50pb to $60pb in 2018 as the market regains balance, the document said.

The total budget proposal includes N199.91bn grants and donor funding, the president said.

It was learnt that the proposed 2018 budget is about N1.16trn above this year’s, it showed that capital expenditure would take N2.377trn, or 30.22 percent, against this year’s 31.73 percent (N2.174trn).

Recurrent expenditure takes over N6trn, representing 69.78 percent.

The aggregate revenue to fund the 2018 budget is projected at N5.65trn - 11.0% or N562.50bn over the 2017 estimate of N5.08trn.

The MTEF document showed that 43.2 percent of the above amount is projected to come from oil sources, while the balance is to be earned from non-oil sources.

“Following from the revenue projections and expenditure estimates, the fiscal deficit is estimated to increase by N592.75bn (or 25.0%) from the estimate of N2.36trn in 2017,” the document said.

Out of the total proposal of N8.6trn, the actual expenditure showed that N3.169trn is for recurrent (non-debt); N2.122trn for personnel costs (MDAs); N2.028trn for debt service; N350bn for special intervention programme (recurrent); N245.2bn for overheads; N191.631bn for CRF pensions; N194.339bn for power sector reform programme; N198.7bn for Service Wide Votes

The breakdown indicated that N2.122trn would be share of oil revenue; N1.373trn for non-oil; N807.8bn from Companies Income Tax (CIT); N807.570bn from independent revenue; N277.562bn from the Customs; N241.920bn from Value Added Tax (VAT) and N114.298bn from Federal Government’s share of signature bonus, among others.

FG may review VAT rate

The document projects a 10 percent increase in CIT and 42 percent in VAT. “Government may, however, review the VAT rate within the medium-term period,” the document said.

Unlike in the 2017 budget where the sum of N97.6bn recovery fund from Swiss Banks was also used in financing the budget, there is zero of such amount for next year’s budget.

The documents showed N8.979trn budget proposal for 2019 and N9.081trn for 2020.

Further examination of the document revealed that the medium term fiscal strategy of government is focused on the recovery of the economy and promotion of sustained inclusive growth.

Thus, the document said government’s fiscal strategy would be directed at accelerating growth, intensifying economic diversification and promoting inclusiveness; achieving macro-economic stability; enhancing oil revenues and accelerating non-oil revenues; addressing recurrent and capital spending imbalance, etcetera.

Another area that the proposal focuses on is agriculture and food security, with the government targeting self-sufficiency in rice by 2018 and wheat in 2019.

The government, however, noted that “conflicts between farmers and herdsmen in parts of Nigeria pose a major threat to agricultural production and food security.”

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to grow at 3.5% in 2018, while inflation is expected to moderate to 12.42%, the document showed further.

Nigeria’s Debt Stock

The fiscal document indicated that Nigeria’s public debt stock remains within acceptable thresholds despite the recourse to debt financing to cover the significant decline in government revenues due to lower international oil prices.

It said the country’s debt stock at the end of the first quarter of the 2017 fiscal year was N19.16trn ($62.9bn), representing about 18 percent of nominal GDP.

The federal government’s domestic debt stock accounts for 63 percent of the total debt stock; the states’ domestic debt is 15%, while the external debt of both the federal and state governments represents 22%.

“Thus, domestic debt represents 80% of the debt stock of the federation.”

The document listed some likely risks and enumerated their mitigation strategies. For example, government will maintain N20bn in the ecological funds account for immediate emergency response in the event of natural disaster.

“With renewed government commitment to dialogue, engagements and implementing lasting solutions to the Niger Delta agitations, it is expected that production cuts due to militancy will significantly reduce, except in the event of technical breakdown.”

Roll over of 2017 capital projects

About a fortnight ago, the Minister of Budget and National Planning, Senator UdoUdoma said the Federal Government would roll 60 percent of capital projects for this year to 2018 fiscal calendar.

“In other to restore our January to December calendar, we have decided to roll over 50 to 60 percent of the capital projects. The MDAs have been told this. The revenues are better than last year but not sufficient to fund the budget. We need to borrow and we have been borrowing. We cannot spend N2.1trillion in five months,” he had said.

Based on the above submission, two days later, Senate President BukolaSaraki said the plan would make the 2018 budget to rise to N10tr.

“If you are talking about 50 per cent (capital project), it means that you are talking about N10tr budget next year. I hope the executive will take note of this,” he said.

It is not clear if the federal legislature would jerk up the budget to reflect Saraki’s position.

Unbelievable: See the ISIS Schoolbooks Used to Brainwash Children Into Becoming Next Generation of Jihadists

The ISIS schoolbooks which are being used to brainwash children into becoming the very next generation of Jihadists have been exposed.
The textbooks were found in the last town militants occupied in Northern Iraq

ISIS militants are focused on brainwashing young boys to produce the next generation of gun-toting jihadis, according to textbooks found in the last town militants occupied in Northern Iraq.

Children's exercise books for practising handwriting and grammar depicted faceless family units, showing Dad as an AK-47-wielding jihadi and Mum wearing a veil.

Teaching children a warped version of what a normal family should look like as soon as they were starting to read and write, Dad was pictured as a stereotypical jihadi fighter, with a full beard, no moustache, and a scarf wound around his head, holding a Kalashnikov with magazine pouches strapped over his traditional robes.
Giving the images an even creepier feel, the faces of the ISIS family unit were left as empty blank spaces, because the terror group deems depictions of human or animal faces idolatrous.

Across Iraqi towns and villages under ISIS control, militants blacked out faces on shopfronts, advertisements and even cartoon characters painted on the the walls of schools.

The accompanying text reads: 'My father loves me and I love him. I love my mother and my (male) siblings.'

The deliberate exclusion of the feminine from the word 'siblings' in Arabic is because ISIS devalues young women, an Arabic language specialist in Baghdad told the Daily Mail.

The pages' sinister images defy the brightly coloured covers, some of which show flower-filled gardens, town landscapes, or floating Arabic letters, all crowned with the black flag of ISIS.

Iraq's Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation) forces unearthed the sinister tomes in ISIS' last stronghold in Northern Iraq, when combing through the rubble of a school in a village on the outskirts of the town of Hawija, controlled by the terror group for more than three years.

The most frightening book they discovered was a booklet for boys, entitled Read, Understand and Apply, aimed at 11-year-olds and featuring a range of lessons for young men of the Caliphate.

On the cover stands a boy with a Kalashnikov nearly the size of himself slung over his shoulder, standing in what appears to be a pink-hued forest of books. The boy holds aloft a copy of Read, Understand and Apply, gazing up towards it, while celestial light pours down from above.

Just seven pages in, the book features images of the three most important lessons for any young boy growing up in the Caliphate to learn - praying at the right times, being good to his parents, and fighting jihad for the sake of Allah.

Accompanying photographs, all with the faces blurred out, show a young boy dressed in jihadi attire, poised on one knee with a Kalashnikov at the ready, receiving instruction from an elder, and with hands folded in pious prayer.

Page 16 features an apparently regular section of the Read, Understand and Apply series, entitled 'Heroes of the Caliphate'. The 'Hero' in this edition is an Iraqi called Abdullah Al-Ansari whose balaclava-clad image accompanying his story is not dissimilar to that of Jihadi John.
'When we saw Abdullah for the first time, coming from Mosul to Salahaddin to join his brothers and fight for the Caliphate, he did not look like us.

'His beard was short and he looked like a normal guy,' the text reads. 'He was not familiar with the sound of bullets or heavy weapons being fired, and he had never seen a RPG [rocket-propelled grenade before.'

Describing him as an impatient young man when he joined ISIS, it was doubted that he had the dedication to persevere with the tough life of a jihadi, but Abdullah surprised everyone by responding well to ISIS teachings.

He was soon sent on a mission with two other Iraqis led by a foreign fighter wearing a suicide vest, to attack an army position manned by Shia Muslim soldiers. ISIS, which follows a strict interpretation of Sunni Islam, views Shia Muslims as one of its foremost enemies.

In dramatic and poetic language, the text describes the men's mission in heroic terms.

The jihadis crawled on their bellies towards the Iraqi Army position to avoid detection but, as they drew near, soldiers spotted them and opened fire, killing the foreign fighter. Abdullah tore the suicide vest off his dead comrade and, donning it himself, crawled towards a tank.
He detonated the vest under the tank, allegedly destroying it and taking out several soldiers in the resulting explosion which, the text says, blew his body into pieces.

Thanks to his suicide mission, the other two ISIS fighters were then able to flee and regale ISIS Emirs with Abdullah's story.

Reading the story, which ISIS students are instructed to memorise and recite, Iraqi soldier Ahmed, 26, burst out laughing.

'This is a ridiculous story because a car-bomb would struggle to destroy a tank, let alone one man wearing a suicide belt. This is just bull****,' he said. 'One suicide bomber would cause only light surface damage to a tank, if any. This Abdullah guy just blew himself up for nothing.'

Another page rejects conventional dental care and instructs the reader that the only tooth-care needed is a twig from the Arak tree, called a Miswak or Siwak.
A traditional method of teeth-cleaning across the Arab world, the Miswak is said to have been favoured by the Prophet Mohammed, according to the Hadith (Sayings of the Prophet).

With an illustration showing a child with long curly hair held back by an ISIS headband, a whole page is dedicated to how best to practise oral hygiene using a Miswak, reminding readers that cleanliness, especially of the mouth, is pleasing to Allah.

Most of the ISIS books soldiers found near Hawija feature few, if any, images, instead offering page after page of written teachings, doctrine and instruction in ISIS ideologies and beliefs.

But occasionally a topic was deemed so crucial that a picture was included to press home the point. In one book on everyday living according to Islamic teachings, the single photo in the whole book shows an overweight man lying prostrate beside a vast platter of food.

Accompanying text warns of the dangers of obesity, describing it as a disease brought on by laziness and poor eating habits. 'Another cause of this disease is gluttony and eating too much, especially sweets, rice, pasta and potatoes,' according to the text.

One Iraqi soldier noted the irony of this. At the end of the battle for Mosul, after a months-long siege had left civilians literally starving to death, he said suspected ISIS fighters could often be spotted by their healthy appearance and portly stomachs. They were the only ones who had regular access to food in the last months of the Mosul battle.

All the books, pamphlets and associated propaganda have been gathered by members of the Hashd al-Shaabi force - which has played a vital role in eradicating ISIS in Iraq - to avoid them falling into the wrong hands, and for further investigation.
Understanding the inner workings of ISIS, those behind it and how they brainwashed ISIS fighters, adherents and especially children, will be crucial to de-radicalising Iraqi youth both now and in the future, one member of the Hashd al-Shaabi told the Daily Mail.

Culled from Daily Mail UK

Breaking News: Court Bars Police IG, Others From Arresting Ecobank MD

A Federal High Court has barred Nigeria's Inspector-General of Police and others from arresting the Managing Director of Ecobank Nigeria Limited.
Mr Charles Kie

According to a report by The Nation, the Federal High Court in Lagos on Thursday barred the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris and the Commissioner of Police in Lagos Edgar Imohimi from arresting Managing Director of Ecobank Nigeria Limited Mr Charles Kie.

Justice Muslim Hassan ordered that status quo be maintained until Kie’s motion on notice for an order of perpetual injunction stopping his arrest is heard and determined.

Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) Panti Mr Bolaji Salami and Managing Director of Emirates Fuel Exploration and Production Limited are the other respondents.

The judge ruled on an ex-parte application by Kie and Ecobank argued on their behalf by Mr A. I. Olawoye of the firm of Punuka Attorneys and Solicitors.

The lawyer alleged that armed policemen invaded Ecobank’s head office in a bid to arrest Kie.

“They were there with a large battalion of officers, scaring customers away. The Managing Director is now scared of moving around freely,” he said.

The lawyer said it was due to the bank’s refusal to transfer $10.5million (about N3.7billion) from the account of a customer, INT Towers Limited, to that of Emirates Fuel Exploration and Production, as ordered by a Lagos Magistrate, Mr W.B. Balogun.

Justice Hassan held: “I have carefully read the application, the affidavit in support, the exhibits attached and the written address of learned counsel.

“I am of the view that the interest of justice will be better served if the respondents are put on notice.

“Meanwhile, status quo ante bellum should be maintained pending the determination of the motion of notice.”

The applicants sought an order of interim injunction restraining the respondents or their agents “from harassing, oppressing, detaining, arresting and/or intimidating the applicants or their officers.”

They also prayed the court to restrain the police from “interfering in any way with the personal liberty of the applicants or the smooth running of their business in any manner whatsoever that will breach the fundamental rights of the applicants pending the hearing of the originating motion”

Olawoye said the application was based on the grounds that the police stormed Ecobank’s headquarters on September 28 to arrest Kie.

“His movement has been constrained for fear of being arrested. It has affected his functions as Managing Director of the bank. He cannot move around with his security personnel who are policemen and thus he has been exposed to great security risk considering his position.

“The respondents have continued to harass, oppress and intimidate the applicants by continuous threats to forcefully arrest and detain the first applicant (Kie) in further breach of the applicants’ fundamental rights.

“The actions of the respondents are instigated by malice and bad faith and their actions are ultra vires and without due process,” the lawyer said.

In an affidavit in support of the ex-parte motion, deposed to by a Litigating Officer in Ecobank’s Legal and Regulatory Unit, Adetoro Ojelabi, the bank said it received letters from the IGP requesting for information on an account being investigated for armed robbery, fraudulent act, obtaining money by false pretence and stealing.

The bank said it was surprised when it received another letter of August 25 authored by DCP Salami asking it to transfer $10,500,000 from an account belonging to INT Towers to Emirates Fuel based on an order by a Magistrate’s Court.

Ecobank said it was never served with court processes in the proceedings before the Magistrate Court, adding that the holder of the account was not made a party, even as the amount was far above the magistrate court’s jurisdiction, which is limited to N10million.

Besides, the bank said the letter from the police which instructed it to transfer the money predates the Magistrate’s order, and that none of its officers was ever invited to clarify the claims.

Ecobank claimed that the order “was secretly obtained against them” and that nobody was charged or convicted for any criminal allegation before the order was obtained.

The bank said it filed an application seeking to set aside the order, a stay of execution and a motion for leave to appeal against the order.

“To the total dismay of the applicants, officers of the respondents stormed the corporate headquarters of the bank to arrest the first applicant on the ground that he refused to comply with their instruction to illegally transfer the sum of $10,500,000 from a customer’s account to a third party account.

“The policemen acting on the strict instruction of the respondents created a damaging scene at the corporate headquarters of the applicants and disrupted its business,” the deponent said.

The applicants said the action of the police caused serious damage to the bank’s reputation, and that if not restrained, they would continue to violate their rights.

Justice Hassan adjourned till November 9 for the hearing of the motion on notice.

Fani-Kayode accuses SARS officials of alleged murder, sexual assault in Port Harcourt

Outspoken lawyer and PDP loyalist, Femi Fani-Kayode has levelled some grave accusations against members of the Rivers State SARS team.

See his posts below:

US court sentences Nigerian student to four years, see shocking reason

A Nigerian student living in the United States, Amechi Amuegbunam, has been sentenced to 46 months in prison for perpetrating fraud to the tune of $3.7m.
Amuegbunam, 30, was also ordered to pay $615,555.12 in restitution for his role in a sophisticated email phishing scam otherwise known as Business Email Compromise that caused $3.7m loss to US companies.

The convict and other individuals were said to have between November 2013 and August 2015 sent fraudulent emails to companies in the Northern District of Texas and elsewhere containing misrepresentations that caused the companies to wire transfer funds as instructed on a PDF document that was attached to the email.

He was arrested in Baltimore in August 2015 and charged with scamming 17 North Texas companies out of more than $600,000 using the technique.

Amuegbunam was accused of sending emails that looked like forwarded messages from top company executives to employees who had the authority to wire money. Amuegbunam tricked the employees into wiring him money by transposing a couple of letters in the actual company email, authorities said.

The Dallas investigation began in 2013 when two North Texas companies reported falling victim to the scheme, each losing about $100,000, according to complaint.

In the case of Luminant Corp., an electric utility company in Dallas, an employee with the authority to wire money received an email from someone who appeared to be a company executive, the complaint said.

But the email domain name had two letters transposed. For example, someone created the email with a domain name of

The duped employee wired $98,550 to a bank account outside Texas.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation subpoenaed information about the email account and learned it was created by someone named Colvis Amue, the complaint said.

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Nigeria In Shock As Ex-Foreign Affairs Minister Drops Dead

The Kwara state government has announced the death of Saidu Isa, a former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.
Kwara State Governor, Abdulfatah Ahmed, described his death as a big loss to the state and the country as a whole.

In a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Abdulwahab Oba, the governor said the deceased made outstanding contributions and selfless services to humanity and his fatherland.

“My heart goes out to the families, friends and well-wishers of the former ambassador and Pro Chancellor of Kwara State University, Malete. Indeed, this death is shocking,” Mr. Ahmed said.

Saidu was also the chairman of the Governing Council, Senate and Management of the Kwara State University (KWASU) before his death.

Nnamdi Kanu's Brother, Emmanuel, Behind Vaccine Hoax – Igbo Group

An Igbo socio-activist group, the Igbos for Nigeria Movement [INM], says it has uncovered the person behind the recent Monkey Pox vaccine hoax with sole aim of causing disaffection between the Military and the residents.
According to National President of the INM, Mazi Ifeanyi Igwe, the person behind the rumours is Emmanuel Kanu, the younger brother of the leader of the now proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB] Nnamdi Kanu.

Mazi Igwe says Emmanuel is the faceless person behind the hoax that has caused serious disaffection between the Military and the people of the South East region of the country.

The group has, therefore, urged the Federal Government through law enforcement agencies to stop IPOB from continuing to create panic across the country even after it has been outlawed as a terrorist organization.

INM further demanded a thorough investigation of any financial transactions between people of Igbo extraction in government and IPOB since this would amount to financing terrorism.

Mazi Igwe who spoke in Abuja at a press briefing on Wednesday, October 17, 2017, lamented that the latest round of propaganda by IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful, has also done untold damage to the Igbo cause with his allegation that soldiers were forcefully injecting students with virus as the fear of vaccines created by the hoax could potentially make parents avoid life-saving vaccinations.

Mazi Igwe called on relevant security agencies to unravel the true identity of whoever is posing as Emma Powerful since no such entity has ever come forward at any of the various fora that had been convened to discuss the marginalization of the Igbo nation.

OUTRAGE As School Shaves Girl's Curly Hair Without Her Parent's Consent

An American mom, Denise Robinson has called out her daughter's school for shaving her hair without her consent.
According to her, her daughter who is mixed race went to school with full and curly hair only to return with her hair totally shaved.

It reported that the little girl's hair was shaved on picture day and that they claimed they didn't need the mother's permission before shaving off the hair.

Read the mom's post below..

I Was Disturbed By ISIS’ Support for Boko Haram - Buhari Admits

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday admitted that he was disturbed and surprised by the claim made by members of Boko Haram sect about the support they have been receiving from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
He however said he was happy that his administration had been able to prove that it can contain the insurgents.

According to a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, the President at a joint press conference he held with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey after their talks in Ankara.

“We were very surprised and disturbed by the claim made by Boko Haram on what they have been getting from ISIS.

“We know we will be able to contain them and we have proven that we can do it.

“We are very pleased that Turkey is in a position to assist us and has been strengthening our educational and health institutions,” Buhari reportedly said at the press conference.

According to the statement, the two leaders agreed to strengthen cooperation between the security agencies of both countries to counter terrorism.

Buhari said he was ‘‘very pleased’’ that the defence ministers of both countries held extensive discussions on developing new strategies for counter-terrorism.

He said, “We are very pleased with the progress of the meeting so far and we are going to wait for the details of meetings between the two countries.

“We will as a result of the meeting between the ministers and officials of both countries strengthen rapidly whatever their recommendations are.”

Commenting on the degradation of Boko Haram in Nigeria, the President said the improved security situation in the North East was an eloquent testimony to the efforts of his administration in combating terrorism since he came into office in May 2015

Buhari said the two leaders also discussed the prospects of increasing their bilateral trade, which has exceeded $779m in the first eight months of 2017.

“There are a lot of potentialities in terms of investments and a lot is being done in the educational and health sectors in Nigeria.

“These will be strengthened and I assure you that Nigeria is prepared to accept Turkish business people to come and explore more of Nigeria’s potentialities,” the Nigerian leader said.

In his remarks, Erdogan said Nigeria had great potentials and remains “a global actor in terms of economy, demographics and its peacekeeping records.”

Two Men Conspire and Stab Woman to Death After Invading Her House in Lekki

A Nigerian woman has suffered a cruel fate in the hands of two evil men who conspired and killed her after invading her home.
A female victim of an attack (File photo)

An Ebute Meta Chief Magistrates’ Court in Lagos has ordered the remand of two men; Nduka Okafor and James Aikhionbare in prison custody for allegedly stabbing a woman to death.

The Magistrate, Mrs A.S. Okubule, ordered the remand of Okafor, 62, and Aikhionbare, 38, who were brought before her court on a two-count charge of conspiracy and murder.

Okubule said that the accused should be remanded at the Ikoyi Prisons, pending an advice from the Lagos State Director of Public Prosecutions.

Earlier, Mr Goddey Osuyi, a counsel from the Panti Police Station told court that the accused committed the offences on Aug. 17, 2016 at House J68B, Close 9, Victoria Garden City, Lekki, Lagos.

Osuyi told the court that the accused conspired to stab one Mrs Mabel Okafor to death at her residence.

He said the offences contravened Sections 223 and 233 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

Okubule adjourned the case to Nov. 20.


Young Man Stages Fake Kidnap with Friends to Extort N500,000, What Happens Next Is Shocking

A young man who arranged with his friends and planned a fake kidnap to collect half a million Naira as ransom from his father, has been apprehended by security operatives.
File photo

The Katsina Police Command said it arrested three youths who staged a fake kidnap of their friend to extort a ransom of N500, 000 from his father, Alhaji Illayasu Jibiya.

DSP Gambo Isah, the Katsina Command Police Relation’s Officer on Thursday in Katsina said, “Those arrested are Aminu Rahamawa, (19), Abdullahi Bature (23), and Kabiru Iliyasu, the son of a businessman in Jibia town of the state.”

Isah disclosed that the youths conspired and stage-managed the kidnapping of their friend, Kabiru Iliyasu, and demanded a ransom from the father, Alhaji Iliyaus.

“The youths demanded N500, 000 before they will release the victim or they will exterminate him,” he said.

The PPRO said that the man before paying the ransom reported the matter to the state CID for investigation.

Isah revealed that the CID collected the GSM phone that they had been using to call the father of the fake kidnap case.

“The police operatives directed the businessman to comply and pay the ransom money at the point they directed. Luck, however, ran against them as the police arrested one of them trying to pick the ransom money,” he said.

The PPRO said that the arrested person confessed that the kidnap was fake and organised to extort money from their friend’s father, Alhaji Iliyasu Jibia.

Isah revealed that the three youths were currently helping the police with vital information about the case.

He called on members of the public to always forward information about criminal activities to police for action, saying that the police would not reveal the identity of the person that provided the information.

Jibia is a business border town with an international grains market.


Drivers Panic as FRSC Commences Operation "Show Your Licence" in Lagos

Federal Road Safety Corps has begun its 'Operation Show Me Your License' exercise in Lagos,causing quite a panic among drivers.
FRSC Officials

According to a report by The Nation, the Lagos State Sector Command, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) says it has commenced operation “Show Your Licence’’ across the state to arrest drivers without valid licence and curb road crashes.

Mr Hyginus Omeje, the State Sector commander, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Thursday.

“The state command, this week, inaugurated operation ‘Show your License’ campaign across the state to arrest motorists who had no valid driving license.

“We are doing this as part of our ember month programmes to sensitise drivers on the need to possess valid licences before driving,’’ he said.

Omeje said that the state command recorded 57 road crashes in the third quarter of 2017, adding that the development showed a decrease of 46.2 per cent, compared to the same period in 2016.

According to him, there are 55, 802 unclaimed licences in the sector command due to the failure of many drivers to claim such documents.

Omeje noted that enforcement of speed limiters had brought tremendous reduction in road accident across the state.

The sector commander, who said all commercial fleet operators must to install the speed limit device in their vehicles, noted that compliance level had reached 33.1 per cent in the state.

Omeje said that personnel of the command, on patrol, stopped 6, 007 vehicles in the last three months, adding that out of the number, 1, 993 vehicles had had the device installed.

According to him, 4,014 vehicles without the device and others motorists are booked.

According to him, another 192 motorists were cautioned while seven motorists were charged to court for allegedly failing to install speed limiter.

Omeje also said that there was plan to equip all the patrol vehicles in the state with breathalyzers to detect motorists, especially the commercial ones driving under the influence of alcohol.

Drama as 30-year-old Man Allegedly Stabs Wife To Death in Jos

A Nigerian man has found himself in serious trouble after he reportedly stabbed his wife to death during a fight in Jos.
A dead woman (File photo)

A 30-year-old man, Nanbur Vongtan, on Thursday re-appeared before a Jos High Court for allegedly stabbing his wife to death.

Vongtan of Pilgani, Langtang North Local Government area, is standing trial on one-count charge of culpable homicide.

The offence is punishable with death upon conviction.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the defendant was first arraigned on April 28.

The Police Prosecutor, Mr O.S Osho of the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Division, had told the court that the defendant committed the crime on Dec. 23, 2016 at his in-laws’ house at Pligani Village, Langtang North.

Osho said that the defendant used a knife and axe to stab his wife, Hauwa Bali, on the neck and rib which led to her death.

He said that the defendant told the police in a confessional statement that he used the axe and knife to kill his wife whom he has been married to since 2002 and had five children.

Osho quoted the defendant as saying that on Dec. 17, his wife had prepared a local drink (burkutu) which she was selling at the village square and when he tasted it, he discovered it was bad and warned her not to sell it.

The prosecutor told the court that the defendant’s wife disobeyed his orders and sold it.

He said that her attitude annoyed him and he followed her to the market and instructed her to return home and cook for him instead.

The prosecutor said that when the wife returned to her father’s house, the defendant followed her and requested her to return home, but she refused and which annoyed the defendant and he stabbed her to death.

Osho said the offence contravened section 221 of the Penal Code.

The Presiding Judge, Justice Nafisa Musa, ordered that the defendant be remanded in prison untill Nov. 28 for hearing.


INEC to Recruit One Million Adhoc Workers for 2019 General Elections

Nigerians will be recruited massively to work with INEC to organise the 2019 general elections as adhoc staff.
File Photo

Prof. Mahmud Yakubu, the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) told the Senate Committee on INEC yesterday that the commission would recruit about one million ad hoc members of staff for the conduct of the 2019 general elections.

According to him, the ad hoc workers to be deployed for the polls, which will begin in 484 days, will be about 300k higher than the 700k engaged for the 2015 general elections.

He said, “The projected increase in the number of ad hoc (members of ) staff to be engaged in the elections by the commission arose from the need to make provisions for adequate manpower for the exercise on a general template and, specifically, to take care of peculiar needs for that purpose in some polling units across the federation.”

The INEC boss, at the interactive session with the lawmakers, also disclosed that the commission was planning to make the five categories of disfranchised Nigerians participate in the 2019 general elections.

The five categories, according to him, are the 16,000 INEC personnel, members of the civil society organisations who serve as election monitors and observers, the media, security personnel and prison inmates. Yakubu assured Nigerians that the smart card readers to be deployed for the polls would function efficiently as users would be adequately trained on its usage before the election.

Stop Criticizing Us - Female Police Officer Begs Nigerians (Photos)

A pretty Nigerian policewoman has urged members of the public to encourage instead of criticizing officers protecting the masses.
Missy Vivian celebrated her colleagues who graduated with her at the Nigerian police academy

A female Nigerian police officer by name Missy Vivian has urged fellow Nigerians to stop criticizing security operatives who are defending the country.

She expressed the opinion while celebrating her colleagues as they celebrated 6 years anniversary after graduating from the Nigerian police academy.

She wrote: "And it's already late been busy all day...

Unless You Are Willing To Pick A Gun  And Defend Your Country.... I Suggest You Stop Criticizing Those Who Are!!!!!
And Be Thankful For Our Services....
Happy 6years anniversary to us
Many more years to witness with many more achievement I pray."

Panic As Case Of Ebola-like Marburg Virus Is Confirmed

A virus disease very similar to the Ebola infection has broken out in East Africa, according to an announcement made by a Ugandan health minister.
File Photo

Uganda has confirmed one case of Marburg virus, a highly infectious hemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola, the health minister said on Thursday.

Jane Aceng told reporters at a news conference in capital Kampala that the case, which led to a fatality, had been confirmed after a series of tests were carried out.

The East African nation last suffered a Marburg outbreak, which has a high mortality rate, in 2014. Marburg is from the same family of viruses as Ebola, which killed thousands in West Africa in 2014.

The minister said the victim, a 50-year old woman, died on Oct. 11 at a hospital in eastern Uganda after “she presented with signs and symptoms suggestive of viral hemorrhagic fevers.

Aceng said the woman had nursed her 42-year old brother who died on Sept. 25 with similar signs and symptoms and also participated in cultural preparation of the body for burial.

She said, the brother had been “a hunter who carried out his activities where there are caves with heavy presence of bats.”

The African fruit bat is the reservoir host of the Marburg virus although infected bats do not show obvious signs of the disease

SHOCKER: Man Bathes Young Girl with Hot Oil in Abuja

A man will be spending the next 5 months of his life behind bars following a violent assault on a young girl.
A Karmo Grade 1 Area Court, Abuja, on Thursday sentenced one Audu Alhassan to five months imprisonment for bathing a young girl with hot oil.

The judge, Alhaji Abubakar Sadiq, who convicted Alhassan, advised him to “learn to control his temper.”

Sadiq, who advised the convict to desist from committing crimes in the future, added that the sentence would serve as a deterrent to other would be offenders.

Alhassan, who resides at Karmo village, was convicted on a two-count of criminal intimidation and causing hurt. The convict, who pleaded guilty to the charge, begged the court to temper justice with mercy, saying that he did not know what came over him.

The Prosecutor, Florence Avhioboh, had told the court that the victim’s mother, Mrs Safiya Mohammed, reported the matter at the Karmo Police Station on Oct. 16.

Avhioboh said the complainant said she sent her daughter to dispose waste at the refuse dump when the convict started intimidating her.

The convict, who was said to have threatened to kill the victim and her entire family, made good his threat and poured hot groundnut oil on the girl.

Avhioboh said during police investigation the convict confessed to the crime.

The prosecutor said the offence contravened Sections397 and 253 of the Penal Code.

Check out Nigerian Player, Obafemi Martins' 3 Sons from His 3 Babymamas (Photos)

Nigerian striker Obafemi Martins is very much in love with his three kids, almost as much as he loves his expensive and fancy sport cars.
Obagoal with his first son Kelvin in January 2015

Former Super Eagles striker, Obafemi Akinwunmi Martins, who plays as a forward for Shanghai Greenland Shenhua in the Chinese Super League, has three sons with three different women and he is proud of them.

His first son is Itunuoluwa a.k.a Kelvin (born in 2006) whom he had with an African lady he dated while playing in Italy while he has another son, Kendrick (born 2013) who he had with Abigail Barwuah, Italian footballer, Mario Balotelli’s elder sister.

Obafemi also has a 4-year-old son called Tyler (born 2009) with a third baby mama.

See more of their photos below;

Obagoal with Kelvin (left) and Tyler (right) in July 2015 
Tyler (left) and Kendrick (right) in January 2016  

Breaking News: Judge Makes Decision On Evans Case

The trial of the alleged billionaire kidnapper, Evans, in a Lagos community, has been adjourned to a new date.

According to a The Sun News report, a Lagos High Court hearing the case of notorious kidnapper, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, otherwise called Evans at Lagos High Court, Ikeja, Lagos, on Thursday, has adjourned the matter to Friday, November 3, 2017.

Evans and five others were brought to court this morning in cuffs.

During the Thirsday trial, Evans and his five co-accused all pleaded not guilty to the chargesn brought against them.

Details later

JUST IN: Movie World Mourns As Legendary Actress Dies

One of France's most enduring and glamorous film stars, Danielle Darrieux, has died aged 100 at her home near Paris, her partner said on Thursday.
Danielle Darrieux

Danielle Darrieux, a luminous beauty of French cinema whose portrayals of wistful ingenues, romantic temptresses and tragic adultresses spanned more than eight decades, died Oct. 18 at her home in Bois-le-Roi, France. She was 100.

Her companion, Jacques Jenvrin, confirmed the death but did not provide the cause.

Ms. Darrieux’s poise, languid glamour and fine singing voice catapulted her to stardom as a teenager in the early 1930s and kept her there for decades, whether in melodramas, frisky comedies or light musicals. She appeared in well over 100 films in addition to her work in television and theater.

Her career was seriously threatened immediately after World War II, when she faced accusations of collaboration with the wartime Vichy regime and the German government. But she managed to clear her name, and her career continued unimpeded through the years.

If her pre-war movies emphasized her sparkle and charm, the postwar years elicited some of her most riveting dramatic performances. Much of her critical legacy rests on three celebrated films she made with director Max Ophuls: “La Ronde” (1950), “Le Plaisir” (1952) and “The Earrings of Madame de ...” (1953).

They are love stories, droll, anguished and highly theatrical in their plotting and swirling camera movements. In “La Ronde,” she was the understanding paramour of a young man facing sudden impotence. She was a prostitute in “Le Plaisir,” based on stories by Guy de Maupassant, and in “Earrings” she played an aristocratic officer’s bored wife whose life is upended when she finds passion outside her marriage.

“These are extraordinary pieces of filmmaking,” Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan said in an interview for this obituary. “If you love film as visual medium, these are some of the masterpieces, and Darrieux was one of Ophuls’ muses. ‘Earrings’ is a quintessentially romantic film but a very artificial story, and it takes a really great actress to take this artificial character — an artificial character in an artificial art — to make it real and moving and subtle. She is quite a presence.”

Ms. Darrieux brought a tender and restrained sympathy to what she regarded as her most delicately calibrated performance: the married woman who falls in love with an opportunistic young man (Gerard Philipe) in “Le rouge et le noir” (“The Red and the Black,” 1954), based on the Stendhal novel set in post-Napoleonic France.

In addition to her movie roles, Ms. Darrieux worked in television and theater. In 1970, she replaced Katharine Hepburn on Broadway as the indomitable Gallic entrepreneur Coco Chanel in the musical “Coco.”

-Washington Post

Pastor Adegboye reveals why prostitution is increasing in Nigeria

Pastor Samuel Adegboye of the General Overseer of Testimony Chapel, Ilorin, Kwara State, has blamed the rising spate of prostitution among young girls in the country to laziness and refusal to further their studies.
Speaking in Ilorin, Adegboye called on the Federal Government to impose a total ban on “the dirty business” in the country.

Adegboye said the government should create job opportunities which will be a panacea to prostitution in the country.

According to Adegboye, “Most young girls become lazy and not ready to further their studies since they have hope in operating as a social worker to survive.

“Imagine most hotels are being used to harbour commercial sex workers where they have their own rooms to host their clients; at times, you will see them roaming the streets in search of clients without shame.

“Government must enact a law to ban such an evil business. It is becoming worse every day as some non-Nigerians will even come to practice such a dirty act in our dear country.

“Prostitution is responsible for increased rate of sexual diseases in our society. When different people are allowed from neighbouring countries to come and live as commercial sex workers in Nigeria without let or hindrance.

“Since the government has refused to intervene, Nigeria now become a home of commercial sex workers. It is time to act fast and curb the evil practice.

“Government must use security agents to check every hotel and arrest any person suspected to be a commercial sex worker.”

Kidnapped Italian priest regains freedom after abducted for 5 days in Edo

An Italian priest of the Catholic Church, Maurizio Pallu, ‎who was kidnapped by gunmen in Edo State has been released.
Pallu regained his freedom at about 4 am on Wednesday, after spending five days in the kidnappers’ den.

It was gathered that the priest flew out of the country shortly after he was released.

The Catholic Bishop of Kaduna Diocese, Ndagoso Manoso, confirmed the release to reporters on Thursday.

Manoso said that the Italian Government had been informed about the development.

“I spoke with him but I have not asked him about the location. But he has been flown out of the country.

“So, I am yet to be fully briefed; those who were with him will brief me later on. He was in high spirit and that is all I can say,” he added.

The 63-year-old priest had on October 12 abducted by armed men in Benin, the state capital.

He was said to be travelling to Benin in the company of some members of his community in Kaduna when he and two others were whisked away by the abductors.

The gunmen were reported to have robbed the travellers before taking their victims away to a forest.

They were also said to have demanded an undisclosed amount as ransom.

Manoso, however, dismissed the possibility of a financial negotiation before the priest was set free.

Chronicles Of A Distressed Omobutty: My NYSC Diary (2)

Mmmmm, 7 months till passing out parade and it still doesn't feel like the service has started. I remember the first day I got to my PPA, mahn! Let's just add to my list of days I will never forget.
Straight from Camp in Sagamu to my LG of posting, Ogijo.
Cramped in a rickety bus with boxes, buckets and other fully kitted corps members, we made our way across Ogun State. Millions of bumps and potholes later, we arrived at the NCCF house where we would stay till we got all our postings sorted out.

Tired to the bone with only food on my mind, I and some other corpers went to go find a decent canteen. Walking along the road we responded to different shouts of "corper wee o" corpershun!" even a woman telling her son to obey her so he can one day be like us, needless to say, the uncomfortable Khaki started to feel a little more comfortable for some of us after the walk.

That night I slept fitfully, kept wondering," what if it's a local school?"" what if the boss is problematic?"" what if the accommodation provided is crappy?" what if there's no accommodation?" and so on, my mind kept going in circles.

Once it was daybreak I was up and ready to go face my fate. After getting directions to where I could begin my journey, I and another corps member posted to the same area left. On getting to where we were to take another vehicle we were informed that for where we are going, busses and cars don't go there only "okada".

The look on my face made the man talking to us to quickly add "but cars can go there too sha" but it sounded more like he was trying to convince himself than us. We sha got a bike who agreed to carry us both there for 300 naira. My people, na so journey start o. Like we so left civilization behind, it got to an extent I started thinking we were being kidnapped.

The population of houses were thinning and the vegetation was getting thicker, but before I could ask the bike man to turn around, we turned a bend and voila! A settlement. Uncompleted buildings, goats, chickens, sheep, pathways, old people and toddlers. It was a settlement away from town. Little MTN coverage, shaky airtel and zero glo network, no water and no electricity. Like they don't even have the electric cables, there are poles with no cables on them. I didn't know whether to cry or to laugh, but I remembered something someone said to me about God not taking me somewhere he knows I won't function.

The girl with me was already planning how to get her redeployment process started, I still wanted to meet the principal of my PPA before I made any decision.

After some walking, we found my school. Can I just say for a settlement just as that there were too many schools...??? Hian, with very tush names for that matter. I sha found my school. Met the principal, she showed me around then took me to the corpers lodge...that's where I made my decision to run away.

How many people remember Sugar Girl?? You know that house in the forest were she found the old witch? That's what best describes the place I was taken to. Grasses as tall as half the bungalow they surrounded at the front and two sides while the back was a thick forest with a stream as the fence between the house and the forest.

Worst thing, I was told I will stay there alone. I don't know if that was to make me feel better but it didn't. In the age of baddo cultists killing at will, wild animals, snakes and the likes I should stay in a lonely house surrounded by bush with no light, little network and extremely difficult access to civilization... For 10 months?? I damned near started crying.

Getting back to the school premises, I asked the principal to please kindly reject me, I brought up every excuse I could think of but this woman was adamant, I even started begging. Ahn ahn, we are supposed to find husband in NYSC not become sixth wife to Baba Sekinatu.

This woman no sha gree sha o. Still talking to her I got a call from my CLO, I didn't pick but he kept calling so she said I could step out and take the call. Only 4 me to come back in and see that this woman had taken my form from my bag, stamped signed and accepted me to serve in the school.

Ah, man, I lost it. Wasn't rude o, I was raised well but I just picked my bag and form, told her for someone who looked like a Christian she was pretty deceitful and walked out. I had to trek for almost 20 minutes before I got to where I could wait for bike to take me back.

Getting to the secretariat, the LI kept saying there's nothing I can do to change it since I had already been accepted. In my frustration and anger I heard what that person in camp said to me again and decided to make the best out of it....but first that woman will hate me, I solemnly swore to myself. 😂

Making plans already, I decided to get an apartment closer to town where there's network light and water. Can I just say it's only in Ogun you will find a self con with kitchen, good light and running water for 36k per annum??

I thought it was a scam for real...even now after being here for 3 months I keep waiting for the landlord to tell me to come and balance him. If I thought this was where this woman's (principal) weyrey will end how very little I knew about life...

Written By: Shalz Ekelaka (Content Writer, 247NNU)
Facebook: Shalz Ekelaka
Instagram: @mzshalzekelaka

Chronicles Of A Distressed Omobutty is a compendium of the life experiences of an omobutty in the city of Lagos.
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