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16 Dec 2017

Just Christlike: Lady Shares Her Heart Breaking Story How She Risked Her Life To Save an Unknown Man

A user share online how she saved a life and among lost her own respect and family involved negatively.
The user who rescued the victim
On social media platform, a user published how she risked her life to save a person she knows from no where.

According to the lady, 'unfortunately, this guy from Adamawa state who is a victim of the Boko Haram tragedy lost his parents and family in Adamawa n moved to Lagos. '

also, 'I  started asking myself, Chioma who sent u ooo.. Everyone I told said y can't I throw him away to die? I was heart broken.'
Chioma and the victim
Unfortunately for her, the situation she shared got the attention of the police when she was told to bring someone to stand for the victim.

What happened before the police intervention was strange to her and friends including her family when she was told the victim, unknown man have to be operated because doctor diagnosed RUPTURED APPENDICITIS when the person was rushed to hospital.

Read her story below on how she escaped life streating battle:

The Wrath of ManCity Falls Upon Tottenham Hotspur: Sterling Shows is Magical Skills

Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling scores past Tottenham Hotspur’s keeper Hugo Lloris to make it 4-0. Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images
Manchester City still showing their opponents there are up to the premiere league game and for Tottenham Hospur, they had no answers there and will consider themselves lucky to get away from the Etihad tonight having lost by only three goals.

From the free-kick, the ball’s pinged into the penalty area by Christian Eriksen and Ederson clears with a fist. In the ensuing scramble for the lose ball, Harry Kane is booked for a studs up lunger on Raheem Sterling.
Referee Craig Pawson awards Manchester City a penalty for a foul on Kevin De Bruyne by Tottenham’s Jan Vertonghen. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters
Luckily for the team, Manchester United was award a penalty due to Jan Vertonghen tripping on Kevin De Bruyne in the Tottenham penalty area and Craig Pawson points to the spot.

Sterling show project the ball above the score bar was sorrowed.
Raheem Sterling balloons the ball over the bar. Photograph: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
But been brave, the young sterling put in a goal for Manchester City with a 3 - 0 at 80 mins of the game.

Sterling again at 90 mins, surprises opponent Tottenham with another goal.

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Christian Eriksen sends a low daisy-cutter into the bottom corner from the edge of the penalty area and doesn’t even bother celebrating because it's already final time.

Daddy Freeze Comes For Popular Pastor Who Publicly Raised Man From Death

A viral video of a man who was risen from death by a pastor has got the attention of Nigerian Popular OAP Daddy Freeze.
The pastor who allegedly resurrected the dead (top), Daddy Freeze (down)
Earlier today, it was posted that a pastor raise a man from death. The man who was claimed to have died for past 3 week allegedly resurrected by Rev. Father Chilaka in Imo State.

Unfortunately, the Pastor's miracle got the attention of Daddy Freeze, who disclosed that the miracle is not real.

According to Freeze: 'Wow! The real miracle here is that people are stupid enough to believe this shit! - Lets examine what happens after death, so we can debunk this buffoonery.'

See below Freeze's post:

See his full post on instagram and peoples reaction:

Wow! The real miracle here is that people are stupid enough to believe this shit! - Lets examine what happens after death, so we can debunk this buffoonery. - 1: RIGOR MORTIS ** In as little as 4 (four) hours after death, RIGOR MORTIS sets in. Rigor Mortis is described as the third stage of death and one of the recognizable signs of death resulting from chemical changes in the muscles post mortem, which makes limbs stiff. Now, although rigor mortis reverses itself within 18 to 20 hours, what comes next is decomposition. Freezing a corpse can slow down the rate of decomposition but signs of 'thawing' will be clearly visible on the corpse and the tissue will look like something that has been in your freezer for 3 weeks, not healthy and fresh like the alleged cadaver above. - 2: LIVOR MORTIS ** - This is the forth stage of death and can be recognized as the purplish blue patches, present in corpses. After death, the heart stops pumping and the blood becomes stagnant, the heavier red blood cells are drawn to the ground by gravity and they pool in areas where Capillaries are compressed. This stage of death starts from as little as 20 MINUTES AFTER DEATH! Does it look like this man had any bluish areas???? I can't see them. - AUTOPSY ** Usually after death, autopsies are conducted, to ascertain the cause and time of death. To conduct an autopsy, an internal examination is required and for this to be performed, the corpse is dissected and internal organs carefully examined ofttimes removed from within the body entirely. In the undeveloped world, autopsies are not always conducted, so this is not a sure sign, but it could also be the red flag we are looking for. Why was there was no autopsy? Could it be because the whole thing was staged. - EMBALMING ** No morgue will keep a corpse for 3 weeks without embalming! - TROUSERS ** I'm not sure what the mortuary dress code is, but I doubt if trousers are allowed.😂 - OTHER MORTUARIES ** Why this specific case in isolation? Other mortuaries and more corpses should be resurrected. - I am a born again christian who believes in miracles, however, this doesn't seem like one! ~FRZ - #FreeTheSheeple
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ENGLISH PREMIERE LEAGUE LIVE SCORE: Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur

Full-time: Manchester City 4-1 Tottenham 1 Peep! Peep! Peeeeeep! It’s all over and Manchester City have swatted Tottenham Hotspur aside win their 16th consecutive Premier League match and go 14 points clear. Spurs had no answers there and will consider themselves lucky to get away from the Etihad tonight having lost by only three goals.
90+3 min: GOAL! Man Cirty 4-1 Tottenham (Eriksen) Christian Eriksen sends a low daisy-cutter into the bottom corner from the edge of the penalty area and doesn’t even bother celebrating.

90+2 min: Spurs have got a hiding here tonight, but in trutyh the scorelines could have been a lot worse from their point of view. They can probably count themselves lucky to escape the Etihad with ... oh, hold on.

90 min: GOAL! Man City 4-0 Tottenham Hotspur (Sterling) Raheem Sterling practically walks the ball into the back of the Tottenham net after an Eric Dier mistake allows him to nutmeg Lloris and prod into an empty goal from six yards.

89 min: Tottenham substitution: Danny Rose off, Ben Davies on.

88 min: Phil Foden gives the ball away halfway inside the Tottenham half, allowing Spurs to break on the counter. Not for long, mind – within seconds, Raheem Sterling is receiving a pass from Kevin De Bruyne and aiming for the top corner with a left-footed curler. Lloris saves and City have a corner.

86 min: Bernardo Silva stretches to caqtch a bouncing ball and forces Hugo Lloris to save at the near post and concede a corner. Nothing comes of it.

85 min: Tottenham substitution: Dele Alli off, Moussa Sissoko on. Manchester City substitution: Leroy Sane off, after an excellent performance. Bernardo Silva on.

84 min: Manchester City substitution: Phil Foden on, Ilkay Gundogan off. The 17-year-old gets another chance to impress on City’s first team.

82 min: That was wonderful goal from City, a series of weighted passes serving to carve open Tottenham’s defence like a Christmas turkey. Sterling simply couldn’t miss after being unselfishly teed up by Sane.

80 min: GOAL! Man City 3-0 Spurs (Sterling) Game, set and match. De Bruyne to Gundogan, who plays Sane in behind the Spurs defence. He crosses for Sterling, who slides in to poke the ball home at the far post from about three yards out.

74 min: Penalty for Manchester City! Jan Vertonghen trips Kevin De Bruyne in the Tottenham penalty area and Craig Pawson points to the spot.

70 min: GOAL! Man City 2-0 Tottenham (De Bruyne 70) Wow! A great goal from Kevin De Bruyne, who finishes a City counter-attack by lashing the ball past Lloris into the roof of the net from a narrow ankle.

57 min: Manchester City substitution: Sergio Aguero off, Gabriel Jesus on. On his way back to the dug-out, Sergio Aguero pulled off his gloves and threw them on the pitch, leaving Eric Dier to pick them up and throw them to the sideline. Here’s hoping Aguero’s hands don’t get too cold on that 15 yard walk to the bench. Gloves.
55 min: Ederson is forced to bat a Harry Kane shot from distance around the post for a corner.

54 min: Spurs continue to dominate this second half, trying their damnedest not to give City’s players much time on the ball. They still haven’t looked like scoring, mind.

52 min: From the free-kick, the ball’s pinged into the penalty area by Christian Eriksen and Ederson clears with a fist. In the ensuing scramble for the lose ball, Harry Kane is booked for a studs up lunger on Raheem Sterling.

51 min: Delph fouls Trippier and gets a yellow card for his troubles. Spurs have a free-kick in the space between the touchline and the right side of the Manchester City penalty area.

50 min: Christian Eriksen sends Tottenham off on a counter-attack, which breaks down when Harry Kane overhits a pass to Son. Spurs are doing well in the early stages of this second half, but their final ball is letting them down.

48 min: Good defending from Leroy Sane, who gets back to get in front of Son to prevent the Tottenham winger from getting on the end of a Harry Kane cross to the far post.

47 min: Sergio Aguero wins a corner for Spurs off Harry Winks. The ball’s floated into the area, but Eliquim Mangala’s header goes straight up in the air and Tottenham clear.

47 min: Danny Rose tries to get forward down the inside left, but loses his balance and falls over.

46 min: The second half gets under way, with a fairly dense fog hovering over the Eithad Stadium sward. Here’s hoping our view of proceedings isn’t impaired.

45+1 min: Gundogan shoots from 20 yards, but Lloris saves easily. Sane was in splendid isolation to his left, but Gundogan went for goal when he should have crossed. Not long before that, Man City had a shout for a penalty turned down when the ball hit Rose’s arm in the penalty area.

40' Kyle Walker from Manchester City tries to pick out a team-mate in the area but his cross is blocked by an opponent.

40 min: Harry Kane relieves the pressure with a clearance

40 min: Kevin de Bruyne crosses the ball into the box from the free kick

40 min: Dangerous challenge by Dele Alli from Tottenham Hotspur. Ilkay Guendogan on the receiving end of that.

40 min: The home team have had 52% of possession compared to the away team's 48%

39 min: Harry Kane comes back onto the field.

39 min: Kevin de Bruyne is penalised for pushing Jan Vertonghen

38 min: The game is restarted

38 min: It doesn't look good here as Harry Kane is injured and is taken off the field to receive medical treatment.

38 min: Harry Kane is down injured and receives medical treatment on the field.

38 min: The referee shows Nicolas Otamendi the yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct.

37 min: Play has been stopped because there is a player lying on the pitch.

37 min: Dangerous challenge by Nicolas Otamendi from Manchester City. Harry Kane on the receiving end of that.

36 min: Mousa Dembele hand-balls

35 min: The home team have had 55% of possession compared to the away team's 45%

35 min: Goal kick for Manchester City

35 min: Harry Kane sends a shot inches wide. Close!

33 min: Goal kick for Tottenham Hotspur

33 min: Chance! Sergio Aguero finds some room for a shot but fails to work the keeper. It's a goal kick

33 min: Kieran Trippier comes back onto the field.

33 min: Danger averted there as Hugo Lloris from Tottenham Hotspur clears the danger with a good tackle

33 min: Danger! Kevin de Bruyne from Manchester City successfully directs the ball behind the defence and finds a team mate...

33 min: The game is restarted

33 min: The fog is closing in here, making visibility difficult

32 min: It doesn't look good here as Kieran Trippier is injured and is taken off the field to receive medical treatment.

31 min: Kieran Trippier is down injured and receives medical treatment on the field.

31 min: Play has been stopped because there is a player lying on the pitch.

31 min: The referee signals a free kick as Christian Eriksen from Tottenham Hotspur trips Nicolas Otamendi 30' The home team have had 54% of possession compared to the away team's 46%

30 min: The match resumes with a drop ball

29 min: Play has been stopped because there is a player lying on the pitch.

29 min: The match is very one-sided right now. Manchester City are clearly dominating possession

29 min: A shot by Sergio Aguero is blocked

29 min: The ball is crossed into the area by Leroy Sane from Manchester City ...

28 min: Manchester City take a throw-in in the opponent's half of the field

27 min: Ilkay Guendogan releases a shot, it's parried by Hugo Lloris but he can't hold onto it...

27 min: Safe hands from Ederson Moraes as he comes out and claims the ball

27 min: Christian Eriksen crosses the ball into the box from the free kick

26 min: Dangerous challenge by Kevin de Bruyne from Manchester City. Dele Alli on the receiving end of that.

26 min: Tottenham Hotspur take a throw-in in the opponent's half of the field

25 min: A shot from Kevin de Bruyne takes a deflection but the keeper is there to cover it

25 min: The home team have had 53% of possession compared to the away team's 47%

24 min: Goal kick for Tottenham Hotspur

24 min: Chance! Raheem Sterling finds some room for a shot but fails to work the keeper. It's a goal kick

24 min: Hugo Lloris saved a certain goal there! Sergio Aguero found himself in a great scoring position but Hugo Lloris denied him with a great save

23 min: Goal kick for Manchester City

23 min: Danny Rose from Tottenham Hotspur crosses the ball but it is nowhere near the intended target.

22 min: The referee signals a free kick as Fernandinho from Manchester City trips Mousa Dembele

22 min: Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur is ruled offside

22 min: Could be a good chance here as Kieran Trippier from Tottenham Hotspur cuts the opponents defense open with a through ball...

21 min: Goal kick for Tottenham Hotspur

21 min: Eliaquim Mangala from Manchester City tries to head the ball to a team mate, but his team mate fails to benefit from it.

21 min: The ball is crossed into the area by Kevin de Bruyne from Manchester City ...

20 min: Harry Kane relieves the pressure with a clearance

20 min: Leroy Sane from Manchester City swings in the corner from the left.

20 min: Eric Dier clears the danger but is forced to give away a corner...

20 min: Leroy Sane from Manchester City directs a ball squarely in the box.

20 min: The home team have had 62% of possession compared to the away team's 38%.

19 min: Kieran Trippier from Tottenham Hotspur crosses the ball, but his team mate arrives a little late and can't benefit from it.

19 min: The referee signals a free kick as Kevin de Bruyne from Manchester City trips Danny Rose

17 min: Danny Rose is penalised for pushing Raheem Sterling

15 min: The home team have had 62% of possession compared to the away team's 38% 14' Leroy Sane provided the assist for the goal.

14 min: G O O O A A A L - Ilkay Guendogan Manchester City scores with a header.

14 min: Leroy Sane from Manchester City swings in the corner from the left.

14 min: Eric Dier clears the danger but is forced to give away a corner...

14 min: Great skill from Leroy Sane as he dribbles past his opponents

13 min: Heung-Min Son from Tottenham Hotspur is ruled offside

13 min: Christian Eriksen sends a long ball upfield.

13 min: Manchester City take a throw-in in the opponent's half of the field

12 min: Goal kick for Manchester City

12 min: Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur heads the ball, but it's a terrible effort nowhere near the goal.

12 min: The ball is crossed into the area by Christian Eriksen from Tottenham Hotspur ...

12 min: Tottenham Hotspur start a counter attack

12 min: Manchester City take a throw-in in the opponent's half of the field

11 min: Raheem Sterling from Manchester City sees his pass blocked by an opponent.

10 min: Sergio Aguero from Manchester City is ruled offside

10 min: The home team have had 53% of possession compared to the away team's 47%

10 min: Goal kick for Tottenham Hotspur

10 min: A chance presents itself to Sergio Aguero from Manchester City but his header goes wide

10 min: Kevin de Bruyne crosses the ball into the box from the free kick

9 min: The referee signals a free kick as Danny Rose from Tottenham Hotspur trips Raheem Sterling

9 min: Leroy Sane from Manchester City directs a ball squarely in the box, but it's intercepted by an opponent player..

9 min: Leroy Sane from Manchester City takes the ball forward trying to make something happen...

7 min: Manchester City take a throw-in in the opponent's half of the field

7 min: Hugo Lloris relieves the pressure with a clearance

7 min: Kevin de Bruyne sends a long ball upfield.

6 min: Manchester City take a throw-in in the opponent's half of the field

5 min: The home team have had 62% of possession compared to the away team's 38%

5 min: The ref blows his whistle. Mousa Dembele charged Kevin de Bruyne from behind and it's a free-kick

4 min: Leroy Sane relieves the pressure with a clearance

4 min: The ball is crossed into the area by Christian Eriksen from Tottenham Hotspur ...

3 min: Tottenham Hotspur take a throw-in in the opponent's half of the field
Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur: probable starters in bold, contenders in light

3 min: The ref blows his whistle. Fernandinho charged Mousa Dembele from behind and it's a free-kick

2 min: Harry Kane is penalised for pushing Fabian Delph

1 min: Goal kick for Tottenham Hotspur

1 min: That's a great ball by Kevin de Bruyne from Manchester City. He directs the ball behind the defence, but the chance eventually goes begging

1 min: Tottenham Hotspur take a throw-in in the opponent's half of the field

1 min: The pitch is in good condition today allowing for more technical play

Boko Haram: BBOG group Leader, Aisha Yesufu Says APC Planning to Loot $1 Billion from Excess Crude Account

The allocation of a whooping sum of $1 billion from excess crude account to battle the Boko Haram sect has attracted serious reactions from several quarters.
The co-convener of Bring Back Our Girls Group, Aisha Yesufu, has blasted the Buhari-led administration for approving $1billion from excess crude account to fight against Boko Haram in the North East.

Yesufu insisted that the APC government, known for criticising the past administration of Goodluck Jonathan for looting funds, was about to do same with funds approved by governors on Thursday during FEC meeting.

Aisha in her tweets hinted that recent attacks by Boko haram was another technique by APC to siphon public funds.

She tweeted, “Now all the recent attacks make sense! New billionaires are to be made. Time for looting and sharing while citizens die.

“It is well! Let’s keep up the sycophancy

“Today’s victims were yesterday’s survivors and tomorrow’s victims would be today’s survivors!

“The looting in the last administration that many of you now have the guts to talk about this was how some of us warned about it.”

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Friday criticized the decision of the federal government to withdraw the sum of $1billion from the Excess Crude Account to fight Boko Haram insurgency in the North East.

Nigerian Popular Pastor Agrees With Daddy Freeze, Vows Not To Collect Tithe From Members Anymore

After so many controversial stories surrounding tithing and how tithes are received in churches, Daddy Freeze was able to convince pastors, youths and people of high profile in the society.
Daddy Freeze
But to people's surprise, popular Nigeria pastor agrees and admits the fact Daddy Freeze is showing the society by posting online which was revealed by Daddy Freeze on his account.

'After one month of pouring through the bible and critically examining both sides of the argument for and against TITHING, I publicly repent from receiving tithes. I am convinced Daddy Freeze is right. From henceforth, no more tithing in my ministry'
Daddy freeze appreciates the confession of the pastor and he posted, 'Wow this gentleman actually has quite a big ministry... I'm proud of him! Lets all stand up for the truth!'

Daddy Freeze's post on instagram:

Arsenal 1 - 0 Newcastle United: Mesut Ozil The Golden Hero Of the Moment

There are certain noises to which one becomes accustomed to hearing at football matches when especially it's a team of choice.
Mesut Ozil striking the shot
More over, the unusual sounds led by supporters and the groans like the one that visited Mesut Ozil when he magically volleyed in the ball into the net.

And then there are the more unusual sounds, those lesser-heard groans like the one that greeted Mesut Ozil’s brutal volley that secured three points for Arsenal here.

If Ozil is to leave the club, be it in January or the summer, it is arguably these sorts of matches in which he will be most sorely missed. For so much of the game, this was one of those afternoons where Arsenal enjoyed plenty of the ball against a lesser-ranked side that had come to defend.

Even if the intention had been to approach this with a little more adventure, Benitez’s side were soon pegged back as the twinkle-toed trio of Ozil, Sanchez and Alex Iwobi flitted around midfield in support of Alexandre Lacazette in attack.

Just In! Mesut Ozil thunderbolt provides moment of class as Arsenal beat New Castle

There are certain noises to which one becomes accustomed to hearing at football matches. There’s the joyous cheer that greets a goal, for example, or the collective sigh of exasperation at a missed chance.

And then there are the more unusual sounds, those lesser-heard groans like the one that greeted Mesut Ozil’s brutal volley that secured three points for Arsenal here.

When the replay was shown of Ozil’s strike on the big screens, it prompted a guttural exhalation of breath from the 60,000 spectators inside the Emirates. It was almost a collective wince at how cleanly Ozil had struck the ball, how powerfully it had seared into the roof of the net. There was none of the German’s usual subtlety here. Instead, there was unadulterated power.

If Ozil is to leave the club, be it in January or the summer, it is arguably these sorts of matches in which he will be most sorely missed. For so much of the game, this was one of those afternoons where Arsenal enjoyed plenty of the ball against a lesser-ranked side that had come to defend.

It is in these games that the likes of Ozil and Alexis Sanchez have thrived in recent months, until defeat by Manchester United ended a 12-match winning streak at home.

That loss has clearly had an impact on Arsene Wenger’s side. They have since drawn twice, against Southampton and West Ham United, and there was a noticeable lack of assurance in the final moments of this performance, which had been so comfortable for so long but ended with Newcastle United on the verge of an equaliser.

If Rafael Benitez’s attackers had a bit more luck, or Ayoze Perez had a kept his composure when his big chance arrived, they could have even wiped away the lead Ozil had so artfully given the home side.

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Psquare: Peter Okoye Speaks on Reconciliation with Brother

Fans of the fantastic music duo - Psquare have been urged to stop living in the past and face reality as the brothers might never reconcile again.
Mr Peter
Peter Okoye, former member of the defunct music group, Psquare has revealed that there is no future for the team.

The singer who now goes by the name MrP in an interview with STV disclosed that they are doing well individually.

He said, “People say you can still do your thing and do things together.

“I don’t think it’s happening, like I said, change is constant.

“At the moment, we are doing our individual stuff and music is what I do for a living.

“I’ve done my rehearsal, I am moving forward, moving forward at the moment is the thing for me now.

“Music is what I do for a living, l’m an entertainer, I’m a singer, a dancer and a performer. I want to keep it that way.

“People think there is probably pressure. No, trust me there is none.

He further hinted that he is working on a tour and it’s going to be fantastic.

Nigeria Reverend Father Revealed What God Showed Him About Atiku Against 2019 Election

Firebrand cleric, Father Mbaka has played down reports pointing towards his endorsement of People's Democratic Party chief, Atiku for the 2019 presidency.
 Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka
The Spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has disowned media reports, which quoted him as saying that former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is a most credible presidential candidate for the 2019 election.

Speaking on Saturday, the fiery priest ‎said the originators of the report were out to cause mischief.

While expressing shock over the comments attributed to him, Mbaka said “I read the report about my support for Atiku with bitterness in my heart as I can see how wicked and evil some people could be.

“Those who are impersonating my names wickedly and politically must be careful. People must fear God and respect His anointed. Whoever is trying to use my name to support or promote Atiku’s political exploits is attracting God’s wrath to himself or herself.

“For now, I have never spoken neither for nor against Atiku. God has shown me nothing about him. Neither in the public nor in the secret have I said what the reporter claimed. When? Where? With whom? and under what platform did the mendacious and wicked reporter hear or see me talk about Atiku?”

Mbaka said if those behind the report failed to do the needful, “I will take action against such vulturous and satanic character assassins who have been working hard to destroy my reputation or make me a false prophet.

“I am busy with the work of God and I am now in a deeper contemplative encounter with the Awesome God.

“My concerns now are the healings, deliverances, blessings, breakthroughs etc of my people. I don’t talk carelessly. I speak when God has given me a word. For now, God has not revealed anything about Atiku Abubakar”.

Similarly, Ike Maximus Ugwuoke, Media and Legal Adviser, Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, added that “Fr Mbaka has been committed to the on-going 2017 crusade of Awesome Miracles from the Awesome God in the ministry which started last Wednesday where Adoration worshipers have been giving awesome testimonies.

“He has not been seen or heard in any other public or private forum where he could have made such declarations as claimed by the reporter.

“He is such a courageous man of God whose messages are always dubbed in video CDs for all who care to watch and listen no matter whose ox is gored.

“None of those declarations as contained in the said media report was Fr Mbaka’s. We challenge the fabricator of that report to produce the proof or evidence to back up their claim or recant the publication forthwith else he should brace up to face the consequence of his impersonating and mendacious report.”

News In Picture: Pump action rifles hidden in sound systems and exported to Nigeria, intercepted by Police

Mulitple online reports claims that 42 pump action rifles and 200 rounds of ammunition reportedly hidden in sound systems and destined for Nigeria, was reportedly intercepted by Police Authorities in Agadez city, Central Niger  “smuggling capital of Africa”.
Some of those linked to the arm have reportedly been arrested, as the Police command is still carrying out a thorough investigation.

See more photos:

News In Picture: ECOWAS Heads of State summit opens in Abuja

The 52nd ECOWAS Heads of State and Government summit opened in Abuja on Saturday.
President Muhammadu Buhari is scheduled to present a welcome address at the opening of the summit followed by statements of President of the commission, Marcel de Souza.

See more photos below:

Top 12 places to visit in 2018


Fancy a Latino-style Valentine’s Day? Norwegian Airlines will launch its first route to South America on February 14, with a new direct flight from Gatwick to Buenos Aires. Watch a sensual tango in this vibrant capital, enjoy the thunderous Iguazu Falls or venture to remote Patagonia for close encounters with penguins.


Fans of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein should head to Lake Geneva next year – as 2018 marks 200 years since the publication of the horror story. The idea for the iconic book was borne from a challenge posed by Lord Byron during a holiday on the shores of this beautiful Swiss lake.


The South American gem will celebrate 200 years of independence next year. With its deserts, fjords and the spectacular Andes mountains, it’s little wonder this country topped the prestigious Lonely Planet Best In Travel list for 2018. New non-stop flights also means it’s easier than ever to reach.


Expect big celebrations in Mauritius next year, as March 12 2018 marks 50 years of independence, following more than 300 years of colonial rule by the Dutch, the French and the British. New connections to witness these past glories include Air Mauritius and KLM’s service from Amsterdam


This mountainous isle in the Med will be easier to access than ever, thanks to new direct flights from the UK with the country’s national carrier, Air Corsica. It is the first time the airline has scheduled flights in the UK – and its nine weekly flights out of London Stansted will take off in May.


On the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, the Great War came to an end. 2018 will mark the 100th anniversary of this historic moment, when the Armistice finally brought an end to four years’ fighting. The battlefields of Northern France will play host to commemorations throughout the year.


Valletta, the tiny capital of this Mediterranean island, is poised to embark on its run as European Capital of Culture for 2018. Expect film festivals, contemporary art shoes and pop in this laid-back destination filled with sea, sunshine and beautiful beaches.

South Korea:

Come February, all eyes will be upon South Korea – and the city of Pyeongchang in particular – as it hosts the Olympic Winter Games. Some 90 nations will take part, garnering plenty of attention to the landscapes and culture of this beautiful country. In Seoul, the recently-opened Lotte World Tower is now the country’s tallest building.


The world’s largest country will be in the spotlight next year as it plays host to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Russian Embassy has waived visa fees to fans attending the matches. Beyond football, this is a culturally rich destination with everything from idyllic countryside to historic cities to explore.

South Africa:

2018 will see the launch of Nelson Mandela Centenary 2018: Be the Legacy. The official programme of events – some sporting, others devoted to the arts – will honour the legendary leader, who would have turned 100 next year.

The Seychelles:

As if you need any more tempting to visit the tropical archipelago where Wills and Kate had their honeymoon, now British Airways is making it even easier. From March 24, it will be the only airline to fly directly from the UK, with a twice-weekly service between London and Mahé. A host of hotels will open to coincide with this, including the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island


2018 will mark 150 years since the end of the Edo Period and the last era of feudal rule in Japan. The country is now more accessible than ever for UK tourists, thanks to a host of direct flights from Western Europe with carriers including Air France and KLM. Japan Airlines has also recently announced flight increases from London to Tokyo.


Security Guard Takes Over Gang Whose Leader He Helped Convict

The Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command has arrested eight utility cable thieves in Lagos.
But when the suspects were questioned, it turned out that they were led by a 29-year-old security guard, Henry Akpan, who had previously arrested and handed over the former leader of the gang, known as Kingsley to the police.

Akpan was the guard manning the cables. But the police said he had become a lieutenant for Kingsley, leading the gang in his absence.

According to Akpan, he was the one who arrested Kingsley and handed him over to the police when he stole cables in the company he worked for.

He said, “When I handed him over the police, he was convicted and sent to prison. When he came back from Kirikiri Prison, he came to see me. He asked if he could come back for more stealing and he convinced me to join him.

“By this time, the company had disengaged me. Out of the four years I worked for them, they only paid me for four months. They said thieves were still stealing their cables. Because of this, they laid me off.

“I then colluded with Kingsely. I offered to provide him with security anytime he broke into the manholes on Third Mainland Bridge median to steal cables.

“We normally operate late in the night. I do the surveillance while he cut the cable and roll it out. Once the deed is done, and he is out. I collect my money and walk away from the scene.

“For the first operation, Kingsley paid me N40,000. For the second, I got N15,000. The third, N20,000 and so on. I don’t know the length of cables he stole.”

The RRS said Kingsley is now on the run.

Saturday PUNCH learnt that two sledge hammers used for breaking into manholes and a vehicle used to convey stolen goods were recovered.

Akpan and five other members of the gang were arrested in the wee hours of Friday when men of the Decoy Team of Rapid Response Squad ambushed them on the Third Mainland Bridge.

The suspects are Sunday Joseph, Obinna Nnabuenyi, Henry Owuama, John Chinedu and Francis Fidelis.

Also arrested were two regular buyers of the stolen cables- Sunday Francis and Simeon Ezeh.

The police recovered a 168-meter cable the gang had stolen from the Third Mainland Bridge the week before the arrest.

During investigation, the police recovered some cables from a 57-year-old cable dealer in Alaba International, Ojo, Lagos.

He said he bought the cables for N110,000.

The Lagos Commissioner of Police, Mr. Imohimi Edgal, has called for increased surveillance of utility cables. He said operatives should look out for thieves who steal such cables and arrest them for immediate prosecution.

The suspects along with exhibits recovered from them have been transferred to the SCID for further investigation, Saturday PUNCH learnt.

Source: PunchNews

Stoke’s clash with West Ham delayed after power failure

Stoke’s Premier League clash with West Ham was delayed on Saturday after a “major power outage” at the bet365 Stadium.
Stoke City's English goalkeeper Jack Butland manages to prevent Tottenham Hotspur's English striker Harry Kane scoring during the English Premier League football match between Tottenham Hotspur and Stoke City. Photo: AFP
Mark Hughes’ side were scheduled to kick off against the Hammers at 1500 GMT, but with less than half an hour to go before the match, it was announced the start would be delayed.

Parts of the stadium were plunged into darkness, while fans were forced to remain outside while the problem was addressed.

“Kick off will be delayed due to a major power outage. We will make a further announcement after 3.00pm,” a post on Stoke’s official Twitter account said.

“A power surge has affected both club generators and the mains supply.”


Paris club refund: FG releases final tranche to 27 states

The Federal On Saturday confirmed the release of the final tranche of the Paris Club refund to 27 state governments.
Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun
The Director, Home Finance, Federal Ministry of Finance, Mrs Siyanbola Olubunmi, confirmed the release of the fund  to the 27 states while speaking at the end of the Federation Account Allocation Committee meeting held at the headquarters of the ministry of finance.

She  said about ten other states have yet to be paid by the ministry, adding that payments to them was being delayed by some processes.

Olubunmi who did not provide the  amount that was paid said as soon as the processes were sorted out, the fund would be released to the states.

According to PunchNews, it reported exclusively that payments to some states may be delayed as a result of a suit filed by the consultant engaged by the Nigerian Governors Forum.

The Federal Government had in July released the second tranche of N243.79bn, bringing the amount so far disbursed to states as refund under the Paris Club loan to N760.17bn.

A breakdown of the amount showed that five states received the highest amount of N10bn each.

The states are Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Kano, and Rivers.

The total amount of N50bn received by these five states represents 20.5 per cent of the entire amount released under the second tranche.

News in Picture: Serious Fire Outbreak Hits National Art And Culture, Abuja

A fire incident was yesterday recorded at the National Art And Culture centre, Abuja in Abuja with properties worth millions of naira left in ruins.
A social media user named Madu Chimezie is currently thankful to God for saving his arts studio from being torched in yesterday's fierce inferno recorded at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

According to Chimezie who is an artist, invaluable properties were destroyed by the fire with shop owners gnashing their teeth. Much details were not provided as to how the fire broke out.

This is what he has to say;

"All glory be unto your holy name for saving my studio this night. Fire out break in national art and culture, Abuja Nigeria"

See more photos:

Wike Owes No Apology To the Yoruba natio, Senator Ogunlewe speaks

Former Minister of Works, Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe has reacted to recent reports that the South-west was being mistreated by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP following the results of the party's national convention.
Ogunlewe believes that Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike who is alleged to have influenced the emergence of Secondus and accused of making derogatory statements about the South-west, should be left alone. He said that Wike owes no apology to the Yoruba nation. In his words;

"The election has been won and lost and Prince Uche Secondus has emerged the new party chairman. It is a welcome development. In any election, a winner and loser must emerge.

The most important thing is that we politicians must imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship. We should not see or view elections as a do-or-die affair.

Secondus has emerged the winner, my appeal is that everybody should rally round him in the interest of the party, PDP. People should stop crying over spilt milk – let’s forget about the acrimony during the build-up to the election. Now that Secondus has won, we should forget the past and be forward looking. We should all cooperate with Secondus and other members of the new PDP national exco.

Nobody should shed tears for Southwest. PDP Southwest PDP leaders deserved what they got. They were the architects of their own downfall.

What do you expect from a divided house? The Yoruba are too arrogant. We are too full of ourselves. We don’t have respect for leaders. Everybody believes that he is a leader in his own little corner, and it is this arrogance and attitude that cost the Yoruba the PDP national chairmanship position.

They should stop blaming Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike or PDP state governors for scheming the Yoruba out of the PDP national chairmanship race. It is Yorubas that schemed themselves out. Wike should not bother to offer apology to anybody."

LiveScore: English Premiere League Week 18 2017/2018 Result

Wilfred Ndidi got an unwelcome card on his 21st birthday while Crystal Palace secured their first away win in eight months.

Three points for Palace: Roy Hodgson’s team run out worthy and convincing victors, winning their first match away from home in eight months. Christian Benteke ended a 13-match goal drought, before turning provider for Wilfried Zaha.

Bakary Sako rounded off a fine Palace performance with a splendid finish just before the final whistle. Leicester can point to the dismissal of Wilfred Ndidi as a turning point, but they were already two down and looked a beaten docket at that stage.

They were disappointing today, given their recent good form. Palace go 14th, Leicester stay in eighth.


Leicester City 0 - 3 Crystal Palace

Arsenal 1 - 0 Newcastle United

Brighton & Hove Albion 0 - 0 Burnley

Chelsea 1 - 0 Southampton

Watford 1 - 4 Huddersfield Town

Stoke City 0 - 3 West Ham United

Manchester City 4 - 1 Tottenham Hotspur

Woman Who Was In R. Kelly’s Alleged “Sex Cult” Speaks Out On ‘The Real’

During an interview with The Real, one of the women who was held in R. Kelly’s reported “sex cult” revisited disturbing memories that were outlined in Buzzfeed’s recently published article.

Jerhonda Pace, 24, said she had to dress up in “little schoolgirl outfits” and that another unidentified woman “trained” her at the age of 16, Oxygen reports. Pace also became emotional when she said Kelly was allegedly abusive. “He would slap you in your face, and he would physically harm you,” she said. “He would put you in a room and he would lock you in a room for days.”

Written by Jim DeRogatis, the detailed article displayed Pace’s memories of being connected to Kelly as a minor. The mother of three shared that she hopes her story will help other women who are currently in that same situation.

“If I can speak out and I can help them get out of that situation, that’s what I will do. I didn’t have anybody to speak up on my behalf when I was going through what I was going through with him,” she said. “He’s brainwashed them really bad, and it kind of reminds me of Charles Manson.”

View snippets of the interview below where Pace detailed the day she escaped.


Suspect in R. Kelly Robbery Claims To Have Been “Set Up”

According to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, 50-year-old Alfonso Walker, a suspect in the burglary of R. Kelly’s Atlanta homes, was arrested Tuesday (Dec. 5) after claiming to be “set up” and refusing to turn himself in.

The robberies were first reported by Kelly’s housekeeper on Nov. 26 and took place over the course of a week while the entertainer was on tour. As told by Captain Christopher Byers of the Johns Creek Police Department, neighbors noticed vehicles in front of Kelly’s homes but didn’t find it suspicious because “the robbers were doing it in broad daylight and not acting like typical robbers.”

When Walker, who is described by Byers as a former associate of Kelly’s, used to do “odds and ends jobs” for the singer and when asked why he stole from his friend gave authorities several stories.

“The first statement to investigators was that Mr. Kelly owed him money,” Byers stated. “He said things as ‘I’m being set up.’ ”

And while some of the stolen items have been returned to R. Kelly, there still is no official dollar estimate of how much was taken. Following his short evasion of custody, Walker has since been arrested. To which, R. Kelly and his team, have released a statement thanking the authorities for their contributions.

News In Picture: Former Wheelbarrow Pusher Reportedly Gets N15million Record Deal

A young Nigeria upcoming musician is currently elated after repotedly securing a record deal worth about N15million, an elevation from his former menial job.
Chuvano @official_chuvano is a young musical talent from the Southern part of Nigeria who recently shared a touching story of how he completed his University education by secretly travelling out of campus on weekends to earn a living at distant markets, through wheelbarrow pushing.

This story got so many people very emotional and finally earned the young lad a multi million naira record contract with a South African and Nigerian based Record label. @handsum_recordz (Handsum Recordz).

Further chats with Chuvano revealed that, he was discovered at a roadside show where he performed a tune that caught the attention of the CEO of "HANDSUM RECORDZ" who was lodged at a nearby hotel.
Besides his great and amazing talent, the story of how the young boy had gone through his University education on stipends realized from his secret job of pushing people's items around markets in rented wheelbarrows, was also a major reason why he was offered the multi million record Deal.

The label has also revealed that Chuvano's first official single will drop soonest, and he will be collaborating with some A' list arts within the first few months of his contract.

In addition to the multi million naira record deal, is a magnificent duplex for the super comfort of the former wheelbarrow pusher.

Once a wheelbarrow pusher is now a millionaire musician.

NNPC Discovers 144 Truckloads of Diverted Fuel

The leadership of the state-owned oil company in Nigeria, NNPC has discovered a case of massive diversion of fuel by some marketers in the north.
The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, yesterday stated that its monitoring team together with security agencies set up to rapidly end remnants of petroleum products supply gaps in parts of the country has discovered 144 trucks that were not streamed by some marketers in Kano.

The NNPC, in a statement in Abuja, said the products were meant to feed Kano and its environs, adding that the resurfaced trucks had been sent to discharge their products at the designated locations.

According to the NNPC, of the 144 trucks discovered, 26 were scheduled for Katsina, while 118 trucks were made to discharge their products in Kano and its environs.

To this end, the NNPC warns marketers across the country to desist from acts that may heighten supply gaps noticeable in a few remaining parts of the country, stating that security agencies have been detailed to go on the trail of any marketer who may be hoarding products.

It also noted that its monitoring team after combing Abuja had affirmed that fuel queues had disappeared in the Federal Capital City.

Army, Navy Rescue Four Kidnapped Chinese in Ondo

Four Chinese nationals who were earlier kidnapped today grateful to the efforts of security operatives after they were rescued from their abductors.
file photo
Officers and men of the Nigerian Army and Nigerian Naval Forward Operating Base in lgbokoda area of Ondo state have rescued four kidnapped Chinese nationals.

They reportedly sustained gunshot injury from the kidnappers while they were abducted. The victims were said to be on their way to Ogooluwaye in the oil rich Ilaje council area of the state from Lagos when they were abducted.

Saturday Vanguard gathered that their abductors while escaping with the victims were intercepted on the waterway by the security officers who were on joint routine patrol.

The Assistant Director Army Public Relations, Major Ojo Adenegan in his reaction said, “it took the gallantry effort of our men to rescue the four Chinese who have sustained gun shot wounds from the kidnappers.

“The rescued victims are receiving treatment in the hospital.

“During the operation, one of the kidnappers was caught and is undergoing interrogation while other kidnappers fled with gun shot wounds.

“It is worthy to note that youths of Ogooluwayo community led by Mr Job Omogunwa joined our men in the operation which is an evidence of good community relations between the military and members in our area of responsibility.

“We are using this medium to urge the general public especially in the riverine areas of Ondo State to avail us with useful information on the fleeing kidnappers with gun wounds.

Adenegan said: “We are using this medium to inform the general public that the security agencies in Ondo State are at alert to continue protecting lives and properties in Ondo State.

Egypt opens Gaza border for four days

Egypt opened its largely sealed border with Gaza on Saturday for only the second time since the Palestinian Authority took control of the crossing from the territory’s Islamist rulers Hamas.
The Hamas-run interior ministry, which was organising departures from the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Yunis, said the crossing would stay open for four days but, in the Egypt direction, for humanitarian cases only.

Those include people needing medical treatment unavailable in Gaza as well as students enrolled at Egyptian universities and Gazans with jobs abroad.

There were tearful scenes at the makeshift departure point as families said their farewells.

Rafah is Gaza’s only border crossing not controlled by Israel.

Hamas handed control of the Gaza side to the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority on November 1 as the first part of an Egyptian-brokered reconciliation deal designed to end a bitter decade-long split.

That was supposed to have been followed by the handover of full civil control in Gaza by December 1.

But the target date was missed amid differences over the future of tens of thousands of civil servants recruited by Hamas since it seized control of the territory in 2007.

Egypt opened the border for three days last month — the first time it had done so since the reconciliation deal.

Prior to that the crossing had been open for just 14 days this year, according to the Hamas-run interior ministry.

Up to 20,000 Gazans have applied to enter Egypt, far more than are able to cross during the brief openings.

Some 200 people passed through on Saturday morning, 10 of them medical cases, the ministry said.

Both Israel and Egypt have maintained blockades of Gaza for years, arguing that they are necessary to isolate Hamas.


Majek Fashek Shocks Nigerians About Him Becoming A Better President Than Buhari

Nigerian singer, Majek Fashek could likely compete with President Muhammadu Buhari, Atiku Abubakar and others in the forthcoming presidential election.
Majek Fashek
Since his return to the Nigerian music space, veteran reggae music maestro, Majekodunmi Fasheke, popularly known as ‘Majek Fashek’, seems to be hell bent on reclaiming his place as the godfather on the music scene.

Little wonder in a recent exclusive chat with Showtime, he boldly condemned Buhari’s government, boasting that he would be a better president come 2019 when he vies for the presidential seat.

“I will do better than our current people in government; the Nigerian situation is very bad, the people are suffering, companies are folding up; people are living like slaves in Nigeria because the government has failed us. Nigerian children should be taken care of, not just by their parents but by the government because they are the leaders of tomorrow. Education, healthcare and food should be a priority. If government will concentrate on that within a year or six months, there will be transformation”, he said. Speaking further, he lamented the deplorable socio-economic condition of the nation.

“Nigerians are dying of hunger, our girls are on the streets hustling, most girls are turning to prostitution, and this is no joke. If your family member is not a senator, house of reps member, governor or president then you are facing the music. People are suffering, including musicians and it is not good. So, if the current people there don’t know what they are doing I will be there soonest and put the youth and right people in place to handle situations because no Nigerian should be dying in Libya.”

For those who may be quick to say he is not fit to steer the presidential ship of the nation, he has answers for them. “Some may want to say I’m not mentally okay, but I’m very okay and medically fit, with a good message for Nigerians both in my music and intentions.”

Indigenous Rapper, Olamide Speaks on Competition with Phyno

Contrary to rumours making the rounds in the entertainment scene, Olamide has cleared the air on any possible competition between him and his celebrity friend, Phyno.
Phyno and Olamide
The change of venue from the Convention Centre of Eko hotel and Suites to the main bowl of Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, for the 4th edition of Olamide’s annual music concert, OLIC, has since generated series of controversies which has gone viral since its announcement on all media platforms.

The most prominent of all is that Olamide’s decision on changing the venue was borne out of the quest to surpass his fellow artiste and friend, Phyno, who has held two successful, sold out editions of his Phyno Fest concert at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, in Enugu.

However, in an exclusive chat with Showtime, Olamide explained the major reason for the change of venue.

“I’m not competing with Phyno, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and I’m just living my own dream. I’m 100% excited because this is something I’ve been looking forward to for over three years now; it’s always been about doing it big, something beyond the ordinary, giving back to the people and spreading love. Eko hotel is good, we’ve done a lot of stuff there but bringing OLIC4 to Teslim Balogun Stadium is about telling people out there that this is Lagos and Lagos cannot be limited, we can achieve whatever we set out to achieve”, he said.
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