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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Top Happy Photos of Tiwa Savage and Teebillz When the Going was Good

Tiwa Savage and Teebillz may be passing through murky waters currently but one can't deny the celebrity couple had unforgettable moments together in their last three years of marriage.

Tiwa Savae and Teebillz once looked like a heavenly match before the fracas of marriage swept them off their feet. They painted the idea of love as pictured in movies. Tiwa Savage was like a queen while Teebillz with his charming looks was the king.

Nigerian rapper, Ice Prince who probably watched the two love birds from a distance did a song and wished he couid have a union as strong and admirable like that of both stars.

Events might have gone awry, but we should never forget the good moments and chemistry both parties shared in pictures which is deeper than what outsiders can see.

See more photos of the estranged duo together when the going was good:

PHOTOS: The Evil Spirit That Led Me To Steal, Dumped Me Immediately I Was Arrested – UNIZIK Student

Victor Uhoka, 23, has blamed an evil spirit for leading him to break into a cloth store in Benin, Edo State.

Uhoka, who was paraded by the Edo State Police Command, said: “I’m still a student at UNIZIK, Business Administration. I bought the bar hammer and bag with the little money I came with, about N4,000.

My intention was to use it to remove the ceiling of the woman’s shop and collect the clothes but I did not succeed. I was pushed by an evil spirit. I am regretting now.

The spirit that made me to do it, is no longer with me.”.

I feel Bad Playing Wicked Roles…Ebele Okaro

Nollywood actress, Ebele Okaro, is a no nonsense woman either both on and off set which has earned her lots accolades with more scripts at her door step.

The actress is currently on location along with other actors like ken Eric, in Enugu, where she was given a role of bad woman to play.

Sure as an actor, one needs to be versatile and Ebele is good at what she does including playing the roles of a goddess, witch and the likes but she has come out to disclose that she is not always comfortable acting as a bad woman.

“Playing a wicked mother to Ken Erics is not easy act because I feel bad doing it,” she said.

SHOCKING! Woman Beaten To A Pulp By Fiance Over Tiwa Savage And Teebilz

Wow…why oh why? this shouldn’t be but i think people should leave out emotions when discussing any celeb brouhaha at home!..Discuss and move on before it becomes physical
This blog visitor got the beating of her life because the man she is about to marry got upset over their argument whilst watching Tiwa Savage’ interview…

”Dear Admin, I’m writing this with my hands shaking. I am with my fiancée, while I was watching tiwa’s interview, he kept insinuating that tiwa had no right to make the interview.

I was telling him that no matter what, teebillz had no right to go on social media to rant.

 He then said I sleep around like tiwa that’s why I was supporting her. I had to tell him I wasn’t supporting her, I was only weighing what they both said.

Then I told him he was hot tempered, then he said I was comparing him to teebillz, I told him I wasn’t and apologized and said their drama wasn’t our business.

The next thing when I was going to bed,he brought it up again and slapped my face. He said I said it first.i tried explaining that wasn’t what I meant, he hit me again, took my ear piece and beat me..all this happened around 11:28pm last night.

I ran into the other room, he came after me With a broom and started beating me…..”

EFCC Might Go After Tiwa Savage's Hubby, TeeBillz Over N45m Debt

Tunji TeeBillz Balogun might soon get an invitation from the men of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over an unpaid N45m debt.

Going by the revelations made by Tiwa Savage, embattled wife of the ex-artiste manager, the EFCC have information on the alleged unpaid loan.

In the words of the Nigerian songstress, who opened a can of worms on her hubby's financial challenges, 'he went to borrow N45m from someone and he’s lost the money.'

The singer further said her brother called her from the UK to confirm an account allegedly owned by Tunji Ibrahim Balogun and which is currently been investigated by the EFCC.

"The last one that happened that I think really triggered this whole thing was that he went to borrow N45m from someone and he’s lost the money,' she began.

Speaking further, she said, 'I just found out. I was in the studio recording and got a call that EFCC is investigating that TJ is in big trouble that people may hurt him. So in my frantic move to try and suppress the situation no one could help raise the N45m he went to borrow.'

Saturday, 30 April 2016

“Insecurity is what is affecting Tee Billz” Segun Gele’s Vlog Reaction to Tiwa Savage’s Interview [Watch]

Nigerian vlogger and beauty entrepreneur Segun Gele addresses some comments made about Tiwa Savage by social media users and reacts to the video.

Watch His Take!

UNILAG Resumption: Students’ compliance with conditions impresses school management

Lagos, April 30, 2016 (NAN) The management of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka, says it is impressed with the level of student's’ compliance with the conditions laid out for their reabsorption into the campus.

This is contained in a statement by the Deputy Registrar, Information Unit of the institution, Toyin Adebule and issued to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Lagos.

According to the statement, a total of 19,373 students had downloaded the indemnity forms as at 12.30 p.m. on Friday, April 29.

It said that contrary to the resistance put up by the proscribed students’ union leaders of the institution, the students had been besieging their faculties to sign the necessary forms ahead of resumption.

NAN reports that the senate of the University had, on April 25, announced that the institution would resume full academic activities on May 2.

It had earlier been shut on April 7 following students’ unrest due to poor electricity and water supply in the community.

The senate, announcing the reopening, had, however given the students some conditions to comply with.

One of the conditions given to them was to visit the university’s website and download the undertaking and indemnity form.

The students were also asked to submit the forms at the various departments and obtain clearance.

According to the statement, students will only be allowed to participate in the 2015/2016 first semester examination as well as gain access into their respective halls of residence on completion of the process.

Tiwa Savage/Tee Billz: A Marriage Doomed To Fail From The Start, By Ben Bassey

On Thursday, April 28, 2016, Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun set social media agog with some damning revelations about his marriage to pop star wife Tiwa Savage. He had accused her of not caring about his well being, constantly bashing his ego, hinted at infidelity and topped it off by actually trying to commit suicide.

He painted the perfect picture of a man beaten, broken down and battered by his powerful and 'ungrateful' superstar wife, when all he wanted was just a home cooked meal and some 'respeck' on his name.

Though he was bashed by many for 'washing their dirty undies' in a public space, he also garnered some sympathy from the league of 'Successful Women Bashers', who literally camped out on Tiwa’s Instagram page and other social media handles, sending her cooking recipes, calling her hoe, etc.

However, the tables turned the following day, after Tiwa in an exclusive video interview released by Pulse, addressed Tee Billz’s accusations. If Tee Billz washed their dirty undies in public, Tiwa spread it out with the shit and all, for all to gaze upon. I can't say I blame her, the society we live in doesn't always give women a fair hearing and she had a reputation to protect.

The video was well orchestrated. Her dressing, the minimal makeup, head angle and general body posture, will make the hardest of hearts melt. The girl deserves an Oscar and her PR team some props (I wonder if they do Pro Bono work), however if half of what she said is true, then it's a shame, a really big shame.

Tee Billz just provided some dope ammo for the ever growing band of "Feminists", who regularly take shots at anyone that pisses 'standing upright', and sure enough they came after him in droves and took random shots at anyone who opposed their views. I even saw a tweet that said 8 out of 10 marriages in Nigeria are going through the same thing. Really?

This marriage did not fail because of the man and woman involved, it failed because of the motives behind the marriage. It was doomed to fail from the very start. It has all the trappings of the Iyke and Tina Turner marriage which was a sham.

Iyke married Tina solely to protect his investment. He had 'created' her, 'made' her successful and was not about let his investment slip out of his hands, so he married her. She went along with it because she felt she owed everything to him. It was a disaster.
Rather man marry Tiwa, Tee Billz should have built upon the success of the Tiwa brand and developed other upcoming artists who would have given their limbs to work with an icon like him. He should have dropped his commission from 40% to 10% and kept it professional. He should have evolved from the man the upcoming Tiwa looked unto for guidance, to the man the star Tiwa looked up to with respect, great fondness and loyalty.
Instead he chose to play the guilt card, the 'I made you' card. Well there’s a limit to gratefulness, especially when you are paying more for the increasingly less, you are getting. This I believe was the cause of the whole Psquare drama. You can't keep paying one debt for the rest of your life. The fact that you helped someone along their route to success, does not mean you are entitled for life.

This marriage should never have happened and now it's come to a messy end.

Don't ever go to the public to solve a private matter, it will only get worse- Paul Okoye

President Jonathan Has Caused Havoc in Nollywood Already…Nkem Owoh Blows Hot

Nollywood actor, Nkem Owoh, in his opinion has come out to blast the former President Goodluck Jonathan for rolling out funds to the Nollywood industry without putting a structure first which is the most paramount.

The actor claimed that the former president got it wrong by giving out the money but should have help to lay a foundation first before giving out the money.

Nkwm pointed that the said money has caused a lot of problem in the industry already that does not even have good technology and guidelines to noperate with.

According to him, “It was announced that the money was given to the industry. This is a personal opinion, even if the funds were given to the industry, was that the right thing to do to protect the industry? No, you have to lay down a foundation and help us to build the structure first. If we don’t have a structure and you bring that money, you are going to cause chaos.

“This, I think, had caused a lot of damage already. So, I don’t think bringing out that money and then saying ‘it’s for the industry’ makes sense. Who are the ‘industry’? How are you protecting the industry? Where are the technologies? What are the guidelines from the government that protect this industry?

“We want enabling environment, we are not requesting money from the government; nobody has the easy access to bring in technology from outside. I am sure if somebody from outside this country wants to go and make arrangement from abroad for somebody to come in here with technology, he or she is going to go through a lot of hiccups. Minimise some of these things for us then we can forge ahead, we can really feed this country I believe.”

2Baba reacts to the “Distasteful Jokes” being made about Tiwa Savage & Tee Billz

Music star 2Baba has expressed his disappointment at the people who have been making jokes about the unfortunate Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz situation.

He tweeted this evening:

Mass Wedding: Bishop weds 109 couples & gives advice for the perfect marriage

Nasarawa, April 30, 2016 (NAN) Most Rev. Mathew Audu, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Lafia, Nasarawa State, on Saturday in Masaka wedded 109 couples and urged in-laws not to interfere in their affairs.

Audu, who was on his third pastoral visit to St. Martin’s Catholic Church, Masaka, appealed to relatives of the new couples to allow them to build their marriages.

“As newly wedded couples, you must love each other just as Christ Jesus loved the church and died to set souls free.

You must respect each other’s feelings; care for each other, share views and reason together in peace and unity.

You must not allow a third party to come into your matter; always invite God to intervene in your case.

Ensure that you are coordinated in all your dealings and make the word of God your standard, your pillar, your faith and your hope.

If you can keep these entire commandments, your marriage will be perfect and other couples will want to copy from you,” he said.

The Bishop, who also confirmed 1,390 faithful, blessed 56 Eucharistic Ministers and 76 lectors, saying the blessing would strengthen their faith.

He said that the confirmation and the blessings the members received would energise them to evangelise to people and win more souls into the kingdom of God.

Audu said that confirmation in the Catholic Church was the sacrament which reaffirmed a person’s status in the church.

He advised the members who were confirmed to keep doctrines of the Catholic Church and ensure that they carried out responsibilities given to them diligently.

“The Catholic Church sees confirmation as a rite in which grace falls on the person confirmed as they announce their commitment to God and the Church,”he said.

Earlier, Rev. Fr. Jude Maigari, Parish Priest of the parish, said that the mass wedding was a culture imbibed by the church to enable couples with little finances wed in the church.

He encouraged the couples to heed the advice given by the bishop saying it would help them to live in peace and harmony.

Tiwa Savage & Tee Billz: "When you reach your limit you will know" Remi Fagbohun Speaks Out

The hardest thing in the world to do is to keep quiet when your friends are going through something.
Gosh... People have ZERO CHILL!!! The Internet has become an open spot where you can say whatever you want. Say things you know are not right! Be downright RUDE!! Laugh and make jokes at someone else's expense. Create Meme's... It's HARSH, It's cold and it's just wrong on so many levels. But it's the world we live in... A very sad one.
Whatever your personal opinions may be, remember the person you just TORE apart , is HUMAN!! Didn't start that journey thinking it would fail (do any of us do that???). Does anyone get married saying I'm going to give this a few years and see how it goes??? Or let me tie myself to this person knowing that he isn't going to be the man of my dreams?? NO!

Like any other man or woman - you go in giving it your all. You plan and carry out the wedding of your dreams because --- ITS supposed to be the wedding of your dreams!!! The one time you will ever get married. Hoping the journey gets better. Hoping he gets better ... Hoping you have more happy moments than sad ones.

Marriage is by no means an easy road to walk (trust me I KNOW) . For those that decide to stay in it... Kudos. But don't JUDGE those who have reached their limits. Don't start quoting the bible when you're already being hypocritical by casting stones. Everyone has a different limit. When you reach your limit you will know. Try to have a bit of empathy for those going through something and simply imagine yourself going through it. Then ask yourself , how would this comment make you feel if directed at you. Would you like it? Does this seem fair?

I am teaching my son , every single day... When you have nothing good to say, say nothing. I implore others to do the same.
I'm stronger than most , yet today I cried. Cried for my friend and sister. Cried for my brother , cried for my baby. Crying again as I write this , thinking of the world we live in now where it's ok to tear a person apart when they are down! Remember these people aren't ROBOTS!!!!

#tiwasavage #support #love #prayers#welovetiwasavage #westandaswomentogether #strongwomensupporteachother

I Need a Man Who Can Handle Me -- Dayo Amusa

Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa, is one daring entertainer who is ever ready to try her hands on every good thing worth doing just to ensure that she makes good plans for her future.

The actress cum singer has no doubt been doing well for herself in the spheres she has ventured in and despite criticism from some quarters; she has not given up hopes.

Dayo is still single and despite rumours about her dating specimen A or B, she has not allowed that affect the things she wants in her ideal man as she has pointed out that her man should not be intimidated by her status.

“My ideal man is a man that understands my job, who can’t be intimidated irrespective of my status in the society. I appreciate a man that can differentiate me from what I do, a man that loves me for me,” she said.

Dear Tiwa, How are you going to tell Nigerians not to talk about issues you 'used your own hand' to make public? -- Daddy Freeze Writes

Dear Tiwa,

I have nothing but love for you, but after I watched all 45 mins of your interview......Tiwa, I know it hurts when a relationship breaks down, and those accusations T Billz made were extremely hurtful, nonetheless, I believe you could have employed caution when responding, since according to you, he was unstable and suicidal. In law, if for instance, you walk in on your man in bed with another woman and you shoot him on the spot, you could get a lighter sentence, if your legal counsel argues provocation. On the flip side, if you walk out of the scene to get a gun and then launch an attack, it's now considered premeditated.

The fact that you granted a 'pitch perfect' interview, with a flawless visual background and superb audio quality, in my opinion looks a bit premeditated.

If you had denied all his accusations and asked to swear on ayelala or amadioha or sango as against the lie detector test, since on no instance has a polygraph ever been used in Nigeria, and if afterwards you had requested for privacy, as you deal with such a sensitive issue, this matter would have been laid to rest. How are you going to tell Nigerians not to talk about issues you 'used your own hand' to make public? This could only serve to further delay your healing.

Even though my prayer is for your issues to be resolved and for joy to return to your home, the breakdown of a marriage is not the end of the world, I have been through it and my world did not end. However, do you realize that the interview you gave could lead to the end of TJ's world? Who is now going to hire, work with, or have any business dealings with an unstable, adulterous, fraudulent, cocaine sniffer who cannot manage money and has his priorities misplaced? Whether you like it or not, that is what the interview has delineated him to be. In furtherance to this, if he was suicidal before, this interview is only going to make him even more suicidal!

I know you both love Jamil so in all this drama, lets be very careful to shield him, as the Internet never forgets and his friends and classmates will always have his father's tweets along with your interview as points of reference.

Why I Dropped My Degree to Become a Taxi Driver - Abuja-based Female Taxi Driver Reveals

A young woman who is already a university graduate stunned people when she took to taxiing as a profession in Abuja.

While some Nigerian women are today afraid of the car steering wheel, others have decided to earn a living in the male-dominated field of taxi drivers.

One of such ladies is Delta State-born Susan Asakpa.

“I studied Accounting at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I worked in a hotel for about three years. There was nothing new anymore, no challenge and the salary was stagnant. Later on, my boss called me up and told me that he will be reducing my salary by N10,000. I was surprised.”

“Before then, I have been thinking about what business I can do. I had three business ideas (hair dressing, food and taxi business). I prayed
about them after which I chose this one,” the young lady continued.

“I spoke with my dad who happens to be my closest confidant and he quickly got a loan from the bank and bought me this car. He has been so supportive, not a single word of discouragement,” she said.
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